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import os
from twitter.common import log
from twitter.common.concurrent import deadline, Timeout
from twitter.common.fs import HDFSHelper
from twitter.common.quantity import Amount, Data, Time
from .fetcher import Fetcher
HADOOP_CONF_DIR = '/etc/hadoop/conf'
class HDFSFetcher(Fetcher):
NOTE: Specify custom config directory using the environment variable 'HADOOP_CONF_DIR'.
def __init__(self, timeout=Amount(5, Time.MINUTES)):
if not isinstance(timeout, Amount) or not isinstance(timeout.unit(), Time):
raise ValueError("'timeout' must be an Amount of Time")
self._timeout = timeout
def fetch(self, uri, directory):"Fetching %s from HDFS" % uri)
if "JAVA_HOME" in os.environ:"Using JAVA_HOME '%s' for HDFS commands" % os.environ["JAVA_HOME"])
config = os.environ.get("HADOOP_CONF_DIR", HADOOP_CONF_DIR)
h = HDFSHelper(config, heap_limit=Amount(256, Data.MB))
f = lambda: h.copy_to_local(uri, directory)
deadline(f, timeout=self._timeout, propagate=True, daemon=True)
except HDFSHelper.InternalError as e:
raise self.Error('Unable to fetch HDFS package: %s' % e)
except Timeout as e:
raise self.Error("Failed to fetch package from HDFS within : %s" % (self._timeout, e))