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// "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#pragma once
/** @file
A CSSProperties object represents a set of name/value pairs, corresponding to the properties
defined in a CSS rule.
When dealing with CSS rules, we make a distinction between **collapsed** and **expanded**
properties. Collapsed properties use shorthand notation to define multiple expanded properties in
a single go; for example, the `border-width` shorthand property actually defines
`border-left-width`, `border-right-width`, `border-top-width`, and `border-bottom-width`
properties. In the expanded representation, each of the latter properties four is represented
individually. The functions CSSExpandProperties and CSSCollapseProperties convert between the
collapsed and expanded representations.
In addition to CSS shorthand rules, we also expand certain properties like `text-decoration`. In
CSS, the `text-decoration` property consists of zero or more decoration values, namely `underline`,
`overline`, and `line-through`. In order to facilitate setting or clearing these values
individually, CSSProperties uses an expanded representation in which `text-decoration` is split
into three distinct properties - `text-decoration-underline`, `text-decoration-overline`, and
`text-decoration-line-through`. When the properties are collapsed using CSSCollapseProperties, the
values of these properties (where set) are all merged into a single `text-decoration` property.
@see CSSSheet.h
@see CSSStyle.h
#include "DFCallback.h"
#include "DFHashTable.h"
typedef struct CSSProperties CSSProperties;
struct CSSProperties {
int retainCount;
DFCallback *changeCallbacks;
DFHashTable *hashTable;
int dirty;
Returns a textual representation of the properties, in collapsed form. The resulting string can be
used as the value of a HTML `style` attribute, to specify direct formatting for an element.
The string returned by this function is newly-allocated, and must be freed by the caller.
char *CSSPropertiesCopyDescription(CSSProperties *properties);
Retrieve a NULL-terminated array of all the property names set on this object. This array can still
be used safely after changes to the object, as it contains its own copy of the names.
The returned array is newly-allocated, and must be freed by the caller. The strings are allocated
in the same block of memory as the array itself, so a single call to `free` is sufficient.
@see DFHashTableCopyKeys()
const char **CSSPropertiesCopyNames(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSPropertiesIsEmpty(CSSProperties *properties);
Retrieve the value of the property with the specified name. If the property is not set, this
function returns NULL.
const char *CSSGet(CSSProperties *properties, const char *name);
Set or clear a property. If the value is non-NULL, then the property is set, replacing any previous
value that might have been present. If the value is NULL, then the property is removed.
void CSSPut(CSSProperties *properties, const char *name, const char *value);
Replace all properties in this object with those from the `raw` hash table, which contains
collapsed properties. This function first expands the properties, as described above, and then
sets the individual expanded properties on this object.
void CSSPropertiesUpdateFromRaw(CSSProperties *properties, DFHashTable *raw);
int CSSGetBold(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSGetItalic(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSGetUnderline(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSGetLinethrough(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSGetOverline(CSSProperties *properties);
int CSSGetDefault(CSSProperties *properties);
void CSSSetBold(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSSetItalic(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSSetUnderline(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSSetLinethrough(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSSetOverline(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSSetDefault(CSSProperties *properties, int value);
void CSSPropertiesPrint(CSSProperties *properties, const char *indent);
CSSProperties *CSSPropertiesNewWithExtra(CSSProperties *orig, const char *string);
CSSProperties *CSSPropertiesNewWithRaw(DFHashTable *raw);
CSSProperties *CSSPropertiesNewWithString(const char *string);
CSSProperties *CSSPropertiesNew(void);
CSSProperties *CSSPropertiesRetain(CSSProperties *properties);
void CSSPropertiesRelease(CSSProperties *properties);