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Pony Mail Foal - Backend UI Server

This is the (as of yet incomplete) backend server for the Foal UI.


What works

  • The “phone book” (front page)
  • Browsing threads on a list
  • Viewing single threads, emails and sources
  • Searching with keywords, quotes, +/- inclusion/exclusion
  • Rudimentary AAA (logged in with an authoritative OAuth gives read access to everyting)
  • Persistent user sessions across restarts of the server
  • OAuth logins (Google, Github + Generic for now)
  • Composing replies
  • Mbox downloads

What doesn't work

  • Preferences
  • Notifications/favorites

While rudimentary AAA works, the backend should not yet be used for private email archives unless restricted behind some form of external/parent authentication mechanism.

How to run:

See the Installation documentation for instructions on how to install Foal.

Once followed, this should fire up a backend server on You can then proxy to that using a web server of your choice. The /api/ URL of your online archive should be passed straight to the backend, while the rest should be served from the webui/ directory in this repository.

An example Apache HTTPd configuration could be (for plain-text HTTP):

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
    DocumentRoot /var/www/foal/webui/
    # PathInfo is needed for threads
    AcceptPathInfo On
    ProxyPass /api/ http://localhost:8080/api/
    <Directory /var/www/foal/webui/>
        Require all granted
        # MultiViews means you can shorten threads to https://localhost/thread/blablabla
        Options +MultiViews