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Publishing the Apache Pekko web site requires:

  1. Clone https://github.com/apache/incubator-pekko-site into a local directory.
  2. Check out the asf-staging branch.
  3. In incubator-pekko repo, run
sbt unidoc docs/paradox
# next line requires Java 11 or above
sbt -Dpekko.genjavadoc.enabled=true Javaunidoc/doc 
  1. Go back to your local copy of incubator-pekko-site and run
cp -r <path>/incubator-pekko/docs/target/paradox/site/main/ content/docs/pekko/current
cp -r <path>/incubator-pekko/target/scala-2.13/unidoc/ content/api/pekko/current
cp -r <path>/incubator-pekko/target/javaunidoc/ content/japi/pekko/current
  1. Perform git add on the affected files and git commit.
  2. Perform git push.
  3. After a few minutes review https://pekko.staged.apache.org and make sure the appropriate changes are present.
  4. Once the site has been approved checkout the asf-site branch.
  5. Perform git rebase asf-staging followed by git push.
  6. After a few minutes verify that https://pekko.apache.org has the correct changes.

This approach is based on the support for publishing sites provided by INFRA team. See .asf.yaml features documentation.

This approach is based on the Apache Flume process, see How to Release - Update the Web Site.