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We recommend downloading the signed source release that follows ASF Release Policy:

To verify the integrity of the release, check the following:

  • Verify the checksum by downloading the Package and the Checksum file, and running the following command:
    • On Linux: sha512sum -c
    • On MacOS: shasum -a 512 -c
  • Verify the signature by downloading the Package and the Signature file, and doing the following:
    • Import the KEYS file to the GPG keychain by running gpg --import KEYS
    • Run gpg --verify
NamePackageSignatureChecksumRelease Notes
Apache Pegasus 2.1.0Sourceascsha5122020-11-30
Apache Pegasus 2.2.0Sourceascsha5122021-06-27
Apache Pegasus 2.3.0Sourceascsha5122021-11-26