Release Notes of v1.12.1

This is a patch release. We strongly recommend you to upgrade to this version instead of using v1.12.0.

What's new in this version

  • fix: fix log bug in fmt logging (XiaoMi/rdsn#346)
  • feat: optimize tcmalloc release memory (XiaoMi/rdsn#343)
  • feat: update config for tcmalloc release memory optimization (#433)
  • feat: add a interface to get perf-counters info of all partitions of all apps (#417)
  • feat(collector): add statistics for estimate key number of partition (#435)

Upgrade from the previous version

- mem_release_interval_ms
+ mem_release_check_interval_ms = 3600000
+ mem_release_max_reserved_mem_percentage = 10