1. 0202964 Create RETIRED.txt by Christian Grobmeier · 5 months ago master
  2. 93e6c1a Merge pull request #2 from jimmycasey/master by Joshua Marantz · 5 years ago
  3. 3f4391c Fixed Spelling. by Jimmy Casey · 5 years ago
  4. c2448de Use system gyp, not bundled one. This mostly involves hand-adding the flags the gyp_chromium wrapper does, but the change also manually sets SHARED_INTERMEDIATE_DIR --- otherwise it seems to be relative in a manner that makes it tricky to get protoc.gypi to work. by Maks Orlovich · 7 years ago
  5. cf40cf5 Also package pagespeed_js_minify binary, our docs suggest using it. by Maks Orlovich · 7 years ago
  6. ffdf10d Fix the Vcs- headers to point to the debian/ repo, not the upstream repo. by Maks Orlovich · 7 years ago
  7. 37b0470 Add missing Build-Depends; of these ca-certificates is needed for tests only. Now sbuild -d unstable goes through. by Maks Orlovich · 7 years ago
  8. 3cc61cb Imported Debian patch by Jeff Kaufman · 7 years ago debian/
  9. 16b4981 Imported Upstream version by Maks Orlovich · 7 years ago upstream upstream/