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# Tests that mod_pagespeed can fetch HTTPS resources. Note that mod_pagespeed
# does not work like this by default: a flag must be specified in
# pagespeed.conf:
# ModPagespeedFetchHttps enable
echo Testing that HTTPS fetching is enabled and working in mod_pagespeed.
echo Note that this test will fail with timeouts if the serf fetcher has not
echo been compiled in.
this_dir="$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )"
if [ ! -e "$PAGESPEED_CODE_DIR" ] ; then
source "$PAGESPEED_CODE_DIR/automatic/" || exit 1
echo Test that we can rewrite an HTTPS resource from a domain with a valid cert.
fetch_until $TEST_ROOT/https_fetch/https_fetch.html \
'grep -c /https_gstatic_dot_com/1.gif.pagespeed.ce' 1