Linq4j release history and change log

For a full list of releases, see github.

0.4 / 2014-05-28

  • Fix #27, “Incorrectly inlines non-final variable”.
  • Maven build process now deploys web site.
  • Implement Enumerable methods: any, all, contains with EqualityComparer, first, first with predicate.

0.3 / 2014-04-21

  • Move optimizer visitor from optiq to linq4j; add ExpressionType.modifiesLvalue to avoid invalid inlining.
  • Fix #17, “Assign constant expressions to ‘static final’ members”; add @Deterministic annotation to help deduce which expressions are constant.
  • Multi-pass optimization: some of the variables might be avoided and inlined after the first pass.
  • Various other peephole optimizations: Boolean.valueOf(const), ‘not’ expressions (!const, !!a, !(a==b), !(a!=b), !(a>b), etc.), ‘?’ expressions coming from CASE (a ? booleanConstant : b and a ? b : booleanConstant).
  • Implement left, right and full outer join.
  • Clean build on cygwin/Windows.

0.2 / 2014-04-11

  • Fix #8, “Javadoc generation fails under JDK 1.8”.
  • Fix #15, “Expressions.ifThenElse does not work”.
  • Use HashMap for searching of declarations to reuse; consider both optimizing and optimize flags when reusing.
  • Implement equals and hashCode for expressions. Hash codes for complex expressions are cached into a field of the expression.
  • Add example, com.example.Linq4jExample.
  • Fix optimizing away parameter declarations in assignment target.
  • Support Windows path names in checkstyle-suppresions.
  • Support Statement.toString via ExpressionWriter.
  • Use AtomicInteger for naming of ParameterExpressions to avoid conflicts in multithreaded usage
  • Cleanup: use Functions.adapt rather than new AbstractList
  • Add NOTICE and LICENSE files in generated JAR file.
  • Optimize select() if selector is identity.
  • Enable checkstyle.

0.1.13 / 2014-01-20

  • Remove spurious “null” generated when converting expression to string.
  • Allow a field declaration to not have an initializer.
  • Add Primitive.defaultValue.
  • Enable oraclejdk8 in Travis CI.

0.1.12 / 2013-12-07

  • Add release notes.
  • Fix implementation of Enumerable.asEnumerable in DefaultQueryable (inherited by most classes that implement Queryable).

0.1.11 / 2013-11-06

  • Lots of good stuff that this margin is too small to contain.