Optiq-csv release history

For a full list of releases, see github.

0.3 / 2014-03-21

  • Upgrade to optiq-0.5.
  • Add workaround to jline2 #62 to sqlline.bat (windows) and sqlline (windows using cygwin).
  • Fix classpath construction: sqlline.bat copies dependencies to target/dependencies; sqlline constructs target/classpath.txt.
  • Build, checkstyle and tests now succeed on windows (both native and cygwin).
  • Models can now contain comments.
  • Fix #2, “Update tutorial to reflect changes to Optiq's JDBC adapter”.

0.2 / 2014-02-18

  • Add test case for optiq-112.
  • Add sqlline.bat, Windows SQL shell. (Based on fix for DRILL-338.)
  • Upgrade to optiq-0.4.18, sqlline-1.1.7.
  • Return a single object for single-col enumerator (Gabriel Reid)
  • Enable maven-checkstyle-plugin; fix checkstyle exceptions.

0.1 / 2014-01-13

  • Add release notes and history.
  • Enable maven-release-plugin.
  • Upgrade to optiq-0.4.17, linq4j-0.1.12, sqlline-1.1.6.
  • Upgrade tutorial for new Schema and Table SPIs.
  • Fixes for optiq SPI changes in optiq-106.
  • Enable oraclejdk8 in Travis CI.
  • Fix bug where non-existent directory would give NPE. Instead print warning.
  • Add an example of a planner rule.
  • Add CsvTableFactory, an example of a custom table.
  • Add a view to tutorial.
  • Split into scenario with a “simple” schema that generates tables (CsvTable) that just execute and a “smart” schema that generates tables (CsvSmartTable) that undergo optimization.
  • Make CsvEnumerator a top-level class.
  • Implement the algorithms to sniff names and types from the first row, and to return an enumerator of all rows.
  • Read column types from header of CSV file.