fixed formatting issues in cookbook
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-Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
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 <strong><a href="../index.html">Documents</a></strong> > <strong><a href="index.html">Cookbook</a></strong> ><strong><a href="Forms.html">Forms</a></strong>
 <div class="navigation">
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   <li><a href="#">top</a></li>
+<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="cookbook.css"/>
diff --git a/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/cookbook/Text Document.mdtext b/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/cookbook/Text Document.mdtext
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--- a/content/odftoolkit/simple/document/cookbook/Text Document.mdtext
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@@ -52,11 +52,9 @@
 		<span class='javaclass'>TextDocument</span> src = <span class='javaclass'>TextDocument</span>.loadDocument("SourceDocument.odt");
 		<span class='javaclass'>TextDocument</span> target = <span class='javaclass'>TextDocument</span>.loadDocument("TargetDocument.odt");
 		<span class='javaclass'>Paragraph</span> p1 = target.getParagraphByIndex(0, <span class='basic'>true</span>);
-	    <span class='comments'>	// insert contents before p1 and copy styles</span>
+<span class='comments'>	       // insert contents before p1 and copy styles</span>
 		target.insertContentFromDocumentBefore(src, p1, <span class='basic'>true</span>);
-	   <span class='comments'>	// insert contents after p1 and don't copy styles</span>
+<span class='comments'>	       // insert contents after p1 and don't copy styles</span>
 		target.insertContentFromDocumentAfter(src, p1, <span class='basic'>false</span>);
 <br/><br/><strong><a href="#Paragraph" >Paragraph</a></strong>