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Title: Some of our contributors
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Apache ODF Toolkit (Incubating) is a community developed project. The list below
is a partial list of contributors to the project, for a complete list you'd have
to look at all contributors to our issue tracker, mailing list and version control.
| Apache ID | Name # {.w160}| Home # {.w180}| Skills/Interests |
| wave | David Fisher | San Francisco, CA, USA | Document Generation and Workflow, Java, Postscript, PDF, Apache POI, Web Services |
| dpharbison | Don Harbison | Chelmsford, MA USA | Trademark, Branding, Communications, Community Development |
| robweir | [Rob Weir]( | Westford, MA, USA | C/C++, Java, Python, XML, ODF, Performance tuning |
| orcmid | [Dennis E. Hamilton]( | Seattle, WA | C/C++, Java, Interoperability, ODF, security, architecture, web |
| therabi | Andy Brown | Dublin, GA, USA | User |
| devinhan | Biao Han | Beijing, China | Java, XML, ODF, HTML5, Mobile |
| liudali | Da Li Liu | Beijing, China | Java, ODF, Content Management, System integration |
| daisyguo | Ying Chun Guo | Beijing, China | Java, XML, ODF |
| jsc | Juergen Schmidt | Hamburg, Germany | User, Java, XML, ODF, API |
| svanteschubert | [Svante Schubert]( | Berlin, Germany | ODF and all the rest |
| olira | Oliver Rau | Pirmasens, Germany | Java, XML, ODF and a lot more |
| fhopf | [Florian Hopf]( | Karlsruhe, Germany | Java, ODF, Content Management, Information Retrieval |