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Title: Downloads
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**Current Version**
The Apache ODF Toolkit (incubating) team is pleased to announce
the release of 0.6.2-incubating on April 10th, 2017.
A full list of changes is available in the [change log]( People interested should also follow the [mailing list]( to track progress.
The ODF Toolkit source release as well as the pre-built binary deployment packages are listed below.
Below is a list of the downloads:
* Source:
* [ ]( ) [[asc](] [[md5](]
* Binaries:
* [ ]( ) [[asc](] [[md5](]
* Documentation:
* [ ]( ) [[asc](] [[md5](]
*Note*: All downloads can be verified using the Apache ODF Toolkit code signing [KEYS](
When downloading from a mirror please check the [md5sum](
and verify the [OpenPGP]( compatible
signature from the main [Apache site]( Links are provided above (next to the release download link). This [KEYS]( file contains the public
keys used for signing release. It is recommended that (when possible) a [web of trust]( is
used to confirm the identity of these keys. For more information, please see the [Apache Release FAQ](
**Older Apache Versions**
Older versions can be found in the [Apache Archive](
**Prior Apache Releases**
Apache ODF Toolkit became an incubator project in August 2011. Prior to that date the ODF Toolkit was a set of projects of [ODF Toolkit Union]( Now, all of the legacy ODF Toolkit Union releases are archived at [](