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0.1.0 2007-03-09 Gregory Nutt <>
* Initial Release
* Support for Linux user mode simulation and TI
TMS320C5471 (Arm7) provided
0.1.1 2007-03-14 Gregory Nutt <>
* Corrected an error in interrupt level context switching
for C5471
* Added fgets() and gets() logic; verified c5471 console read.
* Corrected error in reading from the C5471 serial port:
Improper use of semaphore can cause deadlock.
* Fixed an error in the memory cleanup: The idle task
cannot take semaphores (because it must always be ready
to run).
* Tasks can now accept a configurable maximum number of
input parameters (argc)
* _task_init() was divided into separate functions that
require fewer parameters. This was necessary to keep
the stack usage down for the 8051/2 (which has only
256 bytes of stack).
* Attempts to use C5471 console from interrupt handlers
can cause errors. Added a special path for this case.
* Refuse calls to sem_wait and sem_trywait from interrupt
handlers. This was happening because interrupt handlers
were calling printf-like functions.
* Added strtok() and strtok_r()
* Added a simple shell called nsh (see examples/nsh).
* Platform support for 8052 is complete but not stable
when the timer interrupt is enabled. Seems to be an
issue when SP enters indirect address space.
* Documentation updates
0.1.2 2007-03-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add dirent.h, opendir(), readdir(), closedir(), etc.
* Add strerror()
* Added 'ls' command to nsh
* Added C5471 watchdog driver
* Fixed another bug where free() is called from IDLE task.
Can't do this; the caller must be able to wait for access
to memory.
* Fixed bugs associated with debug output:
Cannot do dbg() in middle of context switch logic.
because it may require use of semaphores and cause
additional context switches. lldbg() is safe.
* Interrupt must be disabled throughout all context switches.
* Separated C5471 serial driver; a shareable part is
in drivers/. ; the C5471 specific part is in arch/C5471.
serial.h defines the interface.
* Fixed mq_receive() and mq_send(): bad memcpy()
* Fixed C5471 signal deliver logic: use of dbg() and
other actions by use signal handler can alter errno.
need to protect errno during signal handling.
* Fixed uninitialized variable in filesystem that could
cause various problems
* Added a test for roundrobin scheduler.
0.2.1 2007-03-22 Gregory Nutt <>
* Fix error in handing signed decimal in vsprintf().
* Major restructuring of header files to get closer to
POSIX compliance.
* Eliminate compilation warnings that crept into recent check-ins
* Add kill()
* Added support for POSIX timers
* Some Documentation updates
* Added support for the Neuros OSD / DM320
0.2.2 2007-03-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* Created the configs/ directory; separated board configuration
from processor architecture logic
* Add memory leak detection test to examples/ostest
* Corrected memory leak in OS pthread join logic
* Corrected memory leaks in examples/ostest due to failures
to join or detach from pthreads.
* Added pthread_once(), pthread_kill(), pthread_sigmask()
* Added pthread_barrierattr_*() APIs
* Added pthread_barrier_init(), pthread_barrier_destroy(), and
* Added pthread barrier test
* Added protection so that errno cannot be modified from
interrupt handling.
* sched_setparam(), sched_setscheduler() now correctly set
errno; pthread_setscheduler() now returns the correct errno.
* Added pthread_setschedprio().
* Added directories to hold board-specific header files
* Added directories to hold board-specific drivers
0.2.3 2007-03-29 Gregory Nutt <>
* mq_receive and mq_send now return errno's appropriately
* mq_receive and mq_send are now correctly awakened by signals.
* Fixed an unmatched sched_lock/unlock pair in task_delete().
* sched_lock must be called in _exit() because operation of
task_delete() can cause pending tasks to be merged and a
context switch to occur.
* Added mq_timedreceive() and mq_timedsend()
* signal mask is now inherited by both child tasks and threads.
* Improved sharebility of stdout among pthreads (only). Nothing
was broken, but by moving the mutual exclusion logic to a
higher level, the printf output is more readable.
* Fixed a bug in file system cleanup: A list was being deleted
before the buffers contained in the list.
* Fixed a bug in the wait-for-message-queue-not-empty logic.
* Added a test of timed mqueue operations; detected and corrected
some mqueue errors.
* Identified and corrected a race condition associated with
pthread_join. In the failure condition, memory was being
deallocated while still in use.
0.2.4 2007-04-28 Gregory Nutt <>
* Verified c5471 build under Cygwin on WinXP
* Makesystem changes to better support different SoCs.
* Made arch/c5471/include and arch/dm320/include identical in
preparation for merging into arch/arm
* Logic from arch/c5471 and arch/dm320 combined into arch/arm.
arch/c5471 and arch/dm320 are deprecated and will be removed
when the new c5471 and dm320 logic is verified.
0.2.5 2007-05-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Corrected some build/configuration issues introduced with the
last release.
* Added support for the NXP 214x processor on the lpc214x
development board (untested)
* Added support for block devices.
* Simulated target now exports a VFAT filesystem
* Begin support for VFAT filesystem (missing functionality)
* Added mount() and umount()
* Fix bug in memcmp return value
* Fix errors in timeslice calculation (several places)
* Added missing irqrestore() in timer_deleteall().
* close() was not closing the underlying device.
* Added fsync()
* Added strspn() and strcspn()
0.2.6 2007-05-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added unlink(), mkdir(), rmdir(), and rename()
* Fixed several serious FAT errors with oflags handling (&& instead of &)
* Added FAT support for unlink(), mkdir(), rmdir(), and rename
* Added FAT support for opendir(), closedir(), readdir(), seekdir(),
telldir(), rewindir().
* Fixed ARM compilation errors introduced in 0.2.5 (that is what I get
for only testing on the simulation).
0.2.7 2007-06-09 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added stat() to fs layer and to FAT
* Fixed reference counting errors associated with mounted filesystems
* Added fat_getattrib() and fat_setattrib()
* Added statfs() to fs layer and to FAT
* Correct file name extension in tools/
* Fix error in dependencies in 8051/2 Makefile
* sched/Makefile: Don't build sleep() or usleep() if signals are disabled
* sched/sched_setparam.c: Remove redundant disabling of interrupts
* sched/usleep.c: Fixed nsec calculation
* lib/lib_strcspn.c: Function incorrectly named strspn().
* examples/ostest/main.c: Errors in SDCC version of a memcpy() call
* examples/ostest/sighand.c: Don't call fflush() if streams are disabled
* include/limits.h, include/time.h, sched/clock_internal.h: A support for
using selectable system timer frequency.
* Fixed error in mountpoint related conditional compilation introduced
in 0.2.5
* Restructured some Makefiles to better handle enabling and disabling
NuttX features without having so much conditional compilation in the
source files.
* tools/mkconfig.c: No longer depends on asprintf() and _GNU_SOURCE and
so should now build in non-GNU, non-GLIBC environments.
* include/nuttx/compiler.h: Fix for using SDCC with the Z80.
* include/assert.h & arch/pjrc-8051/src/up_assert.c: SDCC does support
__FILE__and __LINE__ (not tested)
* examples/ostest/barrier.c: Don't call usleep() when signals are
0.2.8 2007-07-02 Gregory Nutt <>
* tools/Makefile.mkconfig: Under Cygwin, executable has a different name
* tools/ & arch/arm/src/Makefile: Corrected a problem makeing dependencies
* tools/ Force directory name to be nuttx-xx.yy.zz
* fs/fs_opendir.c: Correct errors in semaphore usage that can cause deadlock.
* lib/lib_getopt.c: Added getopt() support
* examples/nsh/: NSH now supports cat, mount, umount, and mkdir. ls supports
-l -s, and -R
* Added basic OS support to manage environment variables: environment
storage, cloning on task creation, sharing on pthread creation, destruction
on thread/task exit.
* Add environment variables APIs: environ, getenv, putenv, clearenv, setenv,
* Correct an error in realloc() when the block is extended "down" in memory.
In this case, the old memory contents need to be copied to the new location
and an allocated bit was not being set.
* examples/ostest/: Added an environment variable test.
* examples/nsh/: Break into several files.
* lib/: Added strrchr, basename, dirname
* examples/nsh/: Add cp, rm, rmdir, set, unset commands. echo will now print
environment variables.
0.3.0 2007-11-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* Imported uIP into the tree (see
* Adding socket(), bind(), connect()
* Added snprintf()
* Added send() and sendto(); integrate write() and close() with socket descriptors.
* Added recv() and recvfrom().
* Added getsockopt() and setsockopt()
* Documentation updated to address socket interfaces.
* Implemented receive timeouts via setsockopt(SO_RCVTIMEO).
* Provide support for multiple network devices
* Implement socket ioctl() calls to set addresses
* Added listen() and accept()
* Added DM90x0 Ethernet driver
* ARP timer is now built into the network layer
* Basic client functionality verified: TCP socket(), bind(), connect(), recv(), send().
0.3.1 2007-11-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Separated net/uip/uip.c into several functions in several files.
* Corrected a TCP problem where packets were dropped because there was no
recv() in place but the packet was being ACKed. There are still TCP
recv buffering issues, but this is part of a larger buffering issue.
* Basic server functionality verified: TCP listen(), accept()
* Fix DM90x0 driver problem that caused TX overruns
* Add strncmp()
* Added TCP/IP read-ahead buffer to minimize failed ACKs and packet loss.
0.3.2 2007-11-23 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add strcat() and strncat()
* Integrated uIP micro webserver
* Corrected a serious bug in TCP queue management
* Fix leak in socket close logic
* Add TX notification to driver so that it can respond faster to
the availability of TX data.
* Moved urgent data info into device structure.
* TCP and ICMP protocols can now be disabled.
* Added UDP test in examples/udp
* Verified/debugged UDP socket(), bind(), sendto() and recvfrom() logic
using examples/udp
* recvfrom() and accept() now correctly return the remote address.
* Fixed computation error in ntohl().
0.3.3 2007-11-28 Gregory Nutt <>
* Removed unused uIP files
* sched/, mm/, and net/ subsystem debug can now be selectively enabled/disabled
* Correct socket close logic: needs to disconnect TCP socket on close
* uIP webserver now seems to be fully functional
* fs/ and lib/ subystem debug can now be selectively enabled/disabled
* Added vsnprintf
* Integrated uIP telnetd
* Add missing logic to read-ahead buffer logic
* examples/nettest uses larger buffers
* Improved ACK handling in send() to better handler deferred acknowledgements
and polling intervals. Greatly improves send performance.
0.3.4 2007-12-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added and partially verified DHCP server logic (netutils/dhcpd)
* Fix BROADCAST=y compilation problems
* Fix UDP recvfrom timeout bug
* Correct processing of input UDP broadcast packets.
* Verfied basic DHCP client functionality (netutils/dhcpc)
* Implemented send() timeout logic
* Added and verified a TELNETD front end to NSH (examples/nsh)
* Add a skeleton Ethernet device driver (drivers/net/skeleton.c)
* Added C5471 Ethernet device driver (arch/arm/src/c5471/c5471_ethernet.c)
* Found and fixed several problems in uIP when compiled for ARM with optimization.
0.3.5 2007-12-18 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added inet_ntoa() and ether_ntoa()
* Added netdev_foreach() to support traversal of registered network devices
* Added support for 'ifconfig' command to NSH (examples/nsh)
* Moved MAC and Ethernet definitions to net/ethernet.h
* Fix sim and DM90x0 compilation errors introduced in 0.3.4
* Fixed errors in C5471 configuration files for examples/uip
* Modified DHCPC (netutils/dhcpc) so that it should work in environments where
there are more than one DHCPD server.
* NSH ifconfig command now shows uIP status as well (examples/nsh)
0.3.6 2008-01-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* Changes for use with SDCC compiler
* Added a simulated z80 target
* Fix deadlock errors when using stdio but with no buffering
* Add support for Pascal P-Code interpreter 2008-01-07 Gregory Nutt <>
* The initial 0.3.6 release including an error that prevented
building successfully if the Pascal add-on was
was not present.
0.3.7 2008-01-31 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added support for the Zilog Z16F using the Zilog Z16F2800100ZCOG
Development Kit.
* Add support toolchains that do not support making of dependencies
* Fix Cygwin build with spaces in directory names
* Name make system changes to deal with non-GNU toolchains (i.e., Zilog)
* Add support for Windows native toolchains that cannot follow Cygwin soft links
* Modified serial driver interface to handle hardware with non-16550A-like
interrupt architecture (like the Z16F)
* Added a "dumb" serial console driver to simplify OS bringup
* Corrected a bug that caused the errno value of one task to be clobbered
when a different task exits. Affects all architectures.
0.3.8 2008-02-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added a test case to verify the Pascal P-Code interpreter
* Added /dev/zero
* 'errno' is now defined to be *get_errno_ptr() with no name conflicts
* Added lseek() and fseek()
* Integrated Pascal interpreter test case on the simulation platform. Needs
* Add Pascal test case on the z16f platform. Needs pascal-0.1.2 (does not
yet work due to some tool issues).
* C buffered I/O fixes:
- Fix fflush() return value,
- Add correct fflush behavior when the FILE argument is null.
- Add logic to a correctly handle read/write access on the same FILE
- fseek() flushes read/write data when before moving the file pointer
- When read data is flushed, reposition the file pointer to account for
buffered, but unread data
* Pascal P-Code files are now standardized to big-endian for portability
* Fix a build problem with z80 and SDCC 2.7.0 (format of a map file changed)
(see bug 1887170)
* Pascal P-Code runtime now compiles with the SDCC toolchain.
* Added a generic CAN driver. This driver is untested as of this writing.
* Corrected DM320 UART configuration problem
0.3.9 2008-03-09 Gregory Nutt <>
* Began adding support for the ZiLOG Z8Encore! microcontroller for the Z8Encore000ZCO
development board and the Z8F6403 part.
* Fix broken 'clean' target on z80sim configurations
* Re-structure arch/z80 to provide support for all ZiLOG 8-bit microcontrollers (ez8
in particular for now).
* Add support for TRS80-Model 3 based on the xtrs emulation (
Per patch from Jacques Pelletier.
* In all shell scripts, change #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash to resolve problems in
Ubuntu where /bin/sh is a link to dash.
* Z8Encore! port verified on ZDS-II instruction set/chip simulator.
0.3.10 2008-05-15 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add support for the ZiLOG EZ80Acclaim microcontrooler (EZ80F91 chip).
* Add configuration for the ZiLOG z8f64200100kit development kit, Z8F6423 part.
* Add configuration for the ZiLOG ez80f0910200kitg development kit, EZ80F091 part.
* Correct critical list handling errors in task shutdown logic: One in timer
deletion logic (timer_delete.c) and one in stream logic (lib_init.c) reported
by kwonsk.
0.3.11 2008-06-01 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add support for recursive mutexes.
* Eliminate a memory leak: contained watchdog instance was not being
deleted with a POSIX timer was deleted reported by kwonsk.
* Eliminate a deadlock condition in opendir() reported by kwonsk.
* Fix several FAT filesystem problems reported by kwonsk (Changes not yet
* Host simulator no longer uses Linux system calls directly; Now works with Cygwin.
* Fix an error that occurs when a POSIX timer is deleted by the timer signal handler.
* Add logic to allow the examples/ostest to be run repetitively as an endurance test.
* Add a ramdisk block driver
0.3.12 2008-08-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* Improved solution to POSIX timer lifetime controls bug fixed in 0.3.11.
* Add test for recursive mutexes
* Correct bug in recursive mutex logic
* Add mkfifo()
* Add pipe() and test for both pipes and fifos
* Attempts to open a FIFO will now block until there is at least one writer
* Add test/Fixed errors in FIFO reader/writer interlocks
* Removed limitation: task_create() was only dup'ing 3 file descriptors (now
dups all open file descriptors).
* Added a test for redirection of stdio through pipes
* Fixed error in dup and dup2: Must call open/close methods in fs/driver so that
driver can correctly maintain open reference counts.
* Same issue on closing file descriptors in exit()
* Fixed in error in stdio flush logic. Needed ssize_t vs size_t for error
* Moved all FAT related files from fs to fs/fat
* Implemented mkfatfs(), a non-standard API to create a FAT filesystem on a
block device (not yet tested).
* Added a test for mkfatfs() on a RAM disk in examples/mount and verified
basic mkfatfs functionality for FAT12.
0.3.13 2008-09-01 Gregory Nutt <>
* NSH: Added mkfatfs, mkfifo, sleep, usleep and nice commands
* Fixed problem with console input in Cygwin-based simulator; NSH now works
with simulator.
* NSH will now execute commands in background
* sched_get_priority_max/min returned error on SCHED_RR
* Removed duplicate getenv() implementation in /lib
* Correct detection of End-of-File in fgets
* NSH: Implemented sh and crude script handler
* Fix prototype of read() and write(). Need to use ssize_t and size_t, not
int and unsigned int.
* NSH now supports redirection of command output
* NSH can now use both telnet and serial front ends together
* NSH: $variable can be used for any command value
* Fixed an error in opendir() that could cause an assertion to fail
* Correct an error in the FAT that caused files opened for writing with
O_APPEND to fail. The file was not being properly positioned to the
end of the file in that case.
* NSH now supports last exit status $?
* NSH now supports if-then[-else]-fi construct
* NSH now supports comments beginning with '#'
* NSH now supports commands to inspect and modify memory
* NSH cat command now supports multiple files on command line
* Add chdir() and getcwd()
* Fix error in getopt() when called with argc==1
* Fix error in stat() when used on the root directory
* NSH: Add cd and pwd commands and current working directory to all NSH
commands that refer to paths.
* Fix errors and warnings introduced into Linux sim build because of recent
Cygwin-based sim changes
* NSH: Add mem command to display heap usage
* Added telnet NSH configuration for Neuros OSD.
* Basic integration of concurrent telnet/serial NSH functional on Neuros
* Fixed a critical bug that affects the way that environment variables are
shared amongst pthreads.
* uIP port enhance to support multi-threaded, concurrent socket access. So,
for example, one thread can be reading from a socket while another is
writing to the socket.
0.3.14 2008-09-08 Gregory Nutt <>
* FAT FS now uses position variable in struct file. This simplifies operations
like ftell().
* fseek() needs to discard bytes buffered by ungetc().
* Corrected ftell() return value.
* Added fsetpos() and fgetpos().
* NSH: Now supports 'test' and '[' commands
* Correct error in send() timeout logic.
* Correct error in multi-threaded socket handling in send() and sendto().
Outgoing data could overwrite incoming data.
* Add support to uIP for application access to ICMP protocol stacks; Add
ping request logic.
* NSH: Add ping command
* Correct IP checksum calculation in ICMP and UDP message send logic.
* NSH: Created an HTML document and a more detailed README file describing NSH.
* Added basic TFTP client logic (netutils/tftpc).
* NSH: Add get and put commands to support TFTP get and put operations.
* NSH: Added a mkrd command that will create a RAMDISK that can be formatted
and mounted.
* Corrected a critical bug that prevent recvfrom from receiving packets from
any remote UDP port.
* NSH: Add hexadecimal dump command (xd)
* Fixed several critical bugs with regard to fat reading and writing and FAT12
accesses. Basically the FAT FS only worked with my tiny test files and test
cases. A lot of stronger FAT tested is needed!!
* Fixed another FAT bug in implementation of FAT lseek; this prohibit correct
random access to large files.
0.3.15 2008-09-20 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added support for ROMFS filesystem.
* Added a simple test the ROMFS filesystem (examples/romfs)
* NSH: Use ROMFS to provide an option for a start-up script at /etc/init.d/rcS
* Add definition of BIOC_XIPBASE ioctl and implement in RAM disk block driver.
This is a low level requirement for eXecute In Place (XIP) support.
* Add a FIOC_MMAP to perform memory mapping of a file and implemented the
ioctl command in the ROMFS filesystem. This is a requirement for eXecute
In Place (XIP) support.
* Add mmap() API with restricted capability (only for XIP support)
* Extend ROMFS test at /examples/romfs to verify mmap() and XIP support.
* Add support for Intel Hex format output using objcopy
* Completed the basic port of the NXP LPC2148 on the board.
The basic port includes successful booting, timer interrupts, serial console,
succesfully passing the examples/ostest, and a NuttShell (NSH) configuration.
* ARM architectures now support drivers/lowconsole.c
0.3.16 2008-10-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added header files defining a common USB device controller architecture
* Added USB device side driver for the LPC214x
* Correct the frequency of system timer interrupts in the NXP LPC214x port
(off by 20x in nuttx-0.3.15)
* Add an option to set aside a separate stack for interrupt handling (ARM only).
This is useful when memory is constrained, there are multiple tasks, and
the interrupt stack requirement is high (as when USB is enabled).
* Added USB serial class device side driver (emulates Prolific PL2303
serial-to-USB adaptor)
* Add LPC214x USB serial configuration; Add examples/usbserial test
* Added USB device side driver for the DM320 (untested at initial release)
* Fixed an error in a previous (post 0.3.15) check-in that broke the LPC214x
system timer.
* Fixed serial driver bugs related to (1) open counts and (2) recognizing
O_NONBLOCK on read.
* Fixed an error in read(); it was not setting the errno on errors returned
from the driver.
0.3.17 2008-10-28 Gregory Nutt <>
* Incorporate patch "[2164503] nuttx-0.3.16 does not build for ARM with USB disabled"
* Reduced the amount of memory reserved for USB serial control requests. It
was unnecessarily large.
* Added LPC214x SPI1 driver to interface with MMC on board.
* Added a simple SPI-based MMC/SD block driver
* NSH: Add LPC214x-specific support to NSH; NSH now mounts any SD cards in the slot.
* FAT: Fix access to unaligned 32-bit values in partion table (start sector & size)
* Fixed a problem with a un-initialized variable in the USB serial driver.
* Added USB storage NXP LPC214x configuration
* Added a test for USB storage under examples/usbstorage
* Fixed a bug in the LPC214x USB driver: It was not properly clearing a HALTed
endpoints (other than EP) on receipt of CLEAR FEATURES request.
* Added USB storage class device side driver (BBB)
* Fixed a bug in the LPC214x USB driver: It was not properly handling request buffers
larger then the endpoint's max packet (DM320 driver also fixed, untested)
* Added logic to the USB device interface: A bit is needed to force the driver to
to terminate an IN transfer with a short packet (zero-length if necessary).
* Fix an error in the NXP LPC214x USB device driver that was causing corruption of
the request queue (M320 driver also fixed, untested)
* Correct another error in the NXP LPC214x USB device driver that caused read failures
when the request buffer size was larger than maxpacket.
* Numerous corrections/extensions to the USB tracing logic included in 0.3.16 (but
not integrated until 0.3.17)
* Fixed another bug in the NXP LPC214x USB device driver: After a stalled endpoint
is resumed (view CLEAR FEATURE), we must restart the IN (outgoing) queue.
0.3.18 2008-11-16 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added port for the STMicro STR71x processor and configuration for the Olimex STR-P711
board (STR71x testing is stalled because I have been unable to get OpenOCD to
communicate with my JTAG wiggler on Linux).
* Fix race condition workaround delay in LPC214X SPI logic. This was also the cause of the
very bad MMC/SD performance.
* Began port of the Hitachi SH-1 using the SH-1/US7032EVB1 board
* Re-built all configurations that use SDCC and Zilog toolchains to make sure they still
build (they didn't, but they do now).
* Fixed several erroneous "list empty" checks in the CAN driver.
* Hitachi SH-1 passes (reduced) examples/ostest; the examples/nsh test still fails.
There are remaining instabilities that make the port un-usable. The nature of these is
not understood; the behavior is that certain SH-1 instructions stop working as advertised.
This could be a silicon problem, some pipeline issue that is not handled properly by the
gcc 3.4.5 toolchain (which has very limit SH-1 support to begin with), or perhaps with the
CMON debugger. At any rate, I have exhausted all of the energy that I am willing to put
into this cool old processor for the time being.
only controls the size of the stack for the IDLE thread. Added CONFIG_USERMAIN_STACKSIZE:
This is the size of stack used with the user_start() thread is created. The two stacks
no longer have to be the same.
* Add a loop device that converts a file into a block device.
* Each NSH command can now be disabled through a configuration setting. All of these
settings make the configuration of NSH potentially complex but also allow it to squeeze
into very small memory footprints.
* Added a block to character (BCH) driver. This is kind of the reverse of the loop
device; it allows you access a block device like a character device.
* Added strcasecmp() and strncasecmp()
* NSH: Added the 'dd' command
* NSH: Added the 'losetup' command
* Fixed a FAT bug: After recent changes, it would mount a (invalid) FAT file system
even if the medium is not formatted!
* Corrected two important errors in FAT lseek implementation: (1) the sectors-per-cluster
value was being reset to "1" and (2) important lseek logic was omitted when the seek
position was zero.
* Fixed a bug in getopt(). It would fail if on certain combinations of terminal argument
0.3.19 2008-11-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add poll() and select() APIs (in the initial check-in, these work only with character devices)
* Add poll() methods to /dev/null, /dev/zero, pipes, fifos, and serial drivers.
* Add examples/poll for testing poll() and select()
* Fix hostile behavior of getc, fgetc, getchar, etc.: the serial driver was waiting for a
full buffer of read data before return. This means that getc would stall when it needed
to refill the input buffer. The old behavior (read full blocks) might be useful in other
contexts, so it is still available within the driver as a configuration option.
* Implement poll() and select() support for TCP/IP sockets
* Fixed an important bug in the TCP/IP buffering logic. When TCP/IP read-ahead is enabled
and not recv() is in-place when a TCP/IP packet is received, the packet is placed into
a read-ahead buffer. However, the old contents of the read-ahead buffer were not being
cleared and old data would contaminate the newly received buffer.
* Implemented support for connection backlog. The size of the backlog is specified by the
second argument of the standard listen() API. Hooks are provided to support poll()/select()
waiting for connections, with a subsequent call to accept() to use the backlogged connection.
* Fixed a minor bug in accept(). It should allow the address and addresslen values to be NULL
* Added first-cut definition for a framebuffer interface (and simulated framebuffer for testing
purposes only)
* Added fixed precision math support
* Added some color converson routines into what may become a real graphics library someday.
* Added a framebuffer driver for the DM320 (untested on initial check-in)
* Network: Add support for outgoing multicast addresses
* Added some rasterizers to the graphics library
0.4.0 2008-12-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* Initial release of a tiny windowing system for NuttX
* Add fixed precision sin() and cos() (not well tested at initial check-in)
* Add an X11-based simulated framebuffer driver
* The simulated target now has an option (CONFIG_SIM_WALLTIME) that will let the simulation
run in more-or-less realtime.
* Added more extensive window support: frames, toolbars, etc.
* Added support for bitmap fonts
* Integrated the new font support with a font test in examples/nx
* Add documentation for NX graphics subsystem
0.4.1 2009-02-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* Added board support for the ZiLog eZ80Acclaim! ez80f910200zco Development Kit.
* Fixed several compilation errors in fixed precision math library when built
against toolchains that do not support 64-bit type 'long long'.
* Fix errors in some function prototypes in dirent.h
* Add eZ80F91 EMAC driver
* Fix recvfrom() compilation error: only noted under ZDS
* Updated all ARM Make.def files to work with gcc 2.4.2 (However, there are
still some build issues associated with that toolchain in use of arm-elf-objcopy
-- see the TODO.txt list for details)
* Fix problems with Z16F and eZ80 compilation introduced with recent changes.
0.4.2 2009-02-28 Gregory Nutt <>
* M16C: Add support for the Renesas M16C MCU and the SKP16C26 StarterKit. However,
the target cannot be built because the GNU m16c-elf-ld link fails with
the following message:
m32c-elf-ld: BFD (GNU Binutils) 2.19 assertion fail /home/Owner/projects/nuttx/buildroot/toolchain_build_m32c/binutils-2.19/bfd/elf32-m32c.c:482
Where the reference line is:
/* If the symbol is out of range for a 16-bit address,
we must have allocated a plt entry. */
BFD_ASSERT (*plt_offset != (bfd_vma) -1);
No workaround is known at this time. This is a show stopper for M16C.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fix interrupt vectors positioning; they were being positioned
wrong by 64 bytes (Kevin Franzen).
* eZ80Acclaim!: Corrected some stack handling errors during interrupt handling
context save and restore (Kevin Franzen).
* eZ80Acclaim!: Corrected vector initializeation logic (Kevin Franzen).
* eZ80Acclaim!: Corrected overflow problem in the calculation of UART baud rate
divisor, the system timer divisor, and the EMAC poll timer.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed GPIO pin configuration get serial output
* eZ80Acclaim!: Correct stack overflow in ostest example configuration
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed restoration of interrupts state on interrupt level context swith.
0.4.3 2009-03-04 Gregory Nutt <>
* z8Encore! and eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed the serial driver initialization sequence
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed error in vector table: Missing space set aside for the
"unused" vectors. As a result, all vectors above timer4 were skewed.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed logic error in UART interrupt handler.
* Many fixes in FAT file system and in NSH for correct compilation with ZDS-II
* eZ80Acclaim!: Added and verified a NuttShell (NSH) configuration.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Correct endian-ness; defconfig files said BIG endian.
* Restructured parts of the uIP port for correct compilation with ZDS-II
* eZ80Acclaim!: Complete basic integration of the eZ80F91 EMAC driver. The
driver is basically functional and should mature prior to the 0.4.3 release.
* Implemented priority inheritance logic for POSIX semaphores. Because the pthread
mutexes are built on semaphores, they will have this property as well.
0.4.4 2009-03-29 Gregory Nutt <>
* examples/nsh: A debug option was left on that can (and does) cause
infinite loops and stack overflows.
* net/uip: Correct calculation of checksum on ICMP ping response.
* examples/dchpd: Added a tiny DHCP server example
* net/uip: Correct UDP bind behavior. It should select a valid port number
if it receives a port number of zero.
* netutils/dhcpd: correct for ZDS compiler. Fix issue with re-use of a
port number. Fixed a number of broadcast-related problems.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Add a tiny webserver configuration
* eZ80Acclaim!: Fixed an important bug in the EMAC Tx timeout logic. It was
always timing out when the load was heavy and worse, for some reason,
resetting the Tx function caused unexpected registers to be reset in
the Rcv function was well.
* Z80: Patch incorported: "[2696648] Z80: interrupt flag stored in parity bit"
(submitted by JPelletier). The is the same fix that was needed for the
eZ80 and fixed in 0.4.2.
* netutils: Added logic to support a simple wget() function
* examples/wget: Added a test for wget() (untested -- see NOTE)
* lib/strncasecmp: Fix cut'n'paste error in function name.
* NSH: Added wget command (untested -- see NOTE).
* examples/sendmail: A simple sendmail example (untested -- see NOTE)
NOTE: Features related to wget and sendmail are not tested on the target platform
in this release and, hence, most likely have problems. I don't have the correct network
setup to perform that testing now (I'm in a hotel).
0.4.5 2009-04-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add an enumeration argument to the SPI chip select and status methods so
that the interface can handle more than one device.
* eZ80Acclaim!: Add a generic SPI driver for all eZ80 boards.
* Add a setmode() method to the SPI interface to handle parts with differing
mode requirements.
* include/nuttx/i2c.h: Defined a standard I2C interface
* eZ80Acclaim!: Add an I2C driver.
* eZ8Encore!: Add an I2C driver.
* Add support for the Freescale i.MX1/L architecture and a configuration for
the Freescale MX1ADS development board.
* examples/helloxx: Added a simple C++ hello world example
* include/css: Added std header files
* libxx: New C++-only directory provides support for minimal C++ applications
0.4.6 2009-05-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Change SPI interface so that is can accomodate interfaces where the
number of bits per word is greater an 8 (such as with many 9-bit display
interfaces). -- this might have broken a few things which will need to
be retested!
* arch/arm/src/imx: Added i.MX SPI driver
* SPI: Add a method to set the number of bits per word. Also add an
alternative interface for so that (eventually) I can phase the sndblock
and recvblock methods and replace them with a single exchange method
* Build: objcopy fails with toolchains that use newer GCC and binutils. The
following arguments need to be included in the objcopy command line "-R .note
-R -R .comment" This has been fixed in arch/arm/src/Makefile,
but other architectures may have the same problem. Thanks to Dave Marples
for verifying this.
* configs/eagle100/ostest: Added support for the MicroMint Eagle100 board.
This board has a Luminary LM3S6918 Cortex-M3. Added a configuration to build
* arch/arm/src/lpc214x: Add configuration option to enable fast GPIO (vs.
legacy, "slow" GPIO) for LPC214x.
* arch/arm: Restructured the arch/arm directory structure to better support ARM
and Cortex-M3.
* sched/: pthread_create() must return a (non-negated) errno value on failure.
* configs/eagle100/nsh: Add a NuttShell (NSH) configuration for the Eagle-100
0.4.7 2009-05-29 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/lm3s: Added an Ethernet driver for the LM3S6918
* configs/eagle100/nettest: Added an examples/nettest configuration for the
Micromint Eagle100 board.
* Documentation/NuttxPortingGuide.html: Added a section on NuttX device drivers.
* configs/eagle100/httpd: Added an examples/uip configuration for the
Micromint Eagle100 board.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s: Added an SSI driver for the LM3S6918
* examples/nsh: Added MMC/SD support for the LM3S6918
* arch/arm/src/lm3s: Fix logic for setting and clearing output GPIOs (critical
* drivers/mmcsd: Found numerous errors in current MMC/SD SPI driver. Bad frequency
calculation based on CSD settings, inappropriate timeouts, odd code that looks like
a bad search and replace. Also needs support for SDHC ver 2.x. New MMC/SD is
largely redesigned and probably non-functional in the first check-in.
* drivers/mmcsd: Changes verified on 4Gb Kingston microSHDC card and on a 2Gb
SanDisk microSDC card on the Eagle100 platform.
* fs/fat: With the 4Gb card, the first tests of FAT32 were (finally) performed.
Found and corrected a problem that prevented use of FAT32: It was not updating
the sector cache before checking the FAT32 FSINFO sector.
* configs/eagle100/*/Make.defs: Added configuration options that should make
it possible to build NuttX for the Eagle100 using CodeSourcery 2009q1 toolchain
and the devkitARM GNU toolchain.
* configs/mcu123-lpc214x/src: Corrected some logic in the LPC2148 SPI receive block
logic. Re-verified SDC ver1.x support with 1Gb Toshiba SDC, 1Gb PNY SDC, and
4Gb Kingston SDHC. There are CMD0 issues with the 2Gb SanDisk SDC on this board.
* fs/fs_mount.c: Corrected error handling that could cause a deadlock on certain
mount() failures.
0.4.8 2009-06-13 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/lib_*stream.c: Extend internal stream logic to support incoming streams.
* arch/arm/src/str71x: Serial output is now correct and timer interrupts are
working. The test at configs/olimex-strp711/ostest passes. This means that
the basic STR-P711 port is complete.
* configs/olimex-strp711/nsh: Add and verified a NuttShell (NSH) configuration
for the STR-P711.
* arch/arm/str71x/str71x_serial.c: The STR711 interrupt driven serial driver
finally works after some extradinary measures to handle missed interrupts.
NSH is fully functional on the Olimex STR-P711 board.
* example/nsh: Moved architecture specific files from NSH directory to board-
specific directories.
* config/olimex-strp711/src/up_nsh.c: Add an NSH board specific directory for
for the Olimex STR7P11 board.
* Fixed build of LM3X6918 using the CodeSourcery Windows native toolchain. There
were lots of issues with Cygwin paths and Cygwin symbolic links. These changes
may work with the devarmKIT as well, but that remains untested.
* The NXP LPC2148 and STR711 targets can now also be built using the CodeSourcery
or devkitARM Windows native toolchains.
0.4.9 2009-06-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* Add strtoll() and strtoull(); Add macros for atol() and atoll().
* dup() and dup2() will now clone socket descriptors
* All socket descriptors are now cloned when a new task is started via
* Add configuration options to suppress or eliminate cloning of file
and/or socket descriptors when a new task is started by task_create():
* Use of C++ reserved word 'private' in C header files causes problems
for C++ that include them.
* Added 'binfmt' support to allow execution of programs in a file system,
binding to NuttX symbols. A custom format call NXFLAT is used; this
derives from At present is supports on
XIP execution from ROMFS file systems. Initial check-in is untested
and probably breaks many builds.
* examples/lib: Added qsort()
* examples/nxflat: Added support for symbol tables
* Correct logic that creates compiler include paths. On Cygwin, the
include paths for Cygwin-based GCC were being converted to windows
native paths. That causes many problems -- breaking dependencies
for one.
* Fixed an important bug in ROMFS. The initial XIP offset was set
incorrectly so if sector zero was read first, there was a bad read.
I don't know how it worked before.
* arch/arm/src/common/up_use_stack.c. Fixed a fatal stack setup error.
This file has been around for a long time, but I don't think it has
every been used before (i.e., prior to the NXFLAT logic)
0.4.10 2009-08-08 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/: Added some basic regex-subset, pattern matching functions
* lib/: Greatly simplified mktime() and gmtime_r(). The Gregorian and
Julian time calculations were interesting, but not necessary in the
typical embeddd system.
* sched/: Added gettimeofday(). This implementation is simply a thin
wrapper around clock_gettimer().
* lib/: Add gmtime(), localtime(), and strftime()
* binfmt/: Add exec(). This is just a wrapper that executes both
load_ and exec_module() in a more familiar manner. It is not consistent
with more standard exec() functions, however, because (1) it returns
and (2) it requires symbol table arguments.
* lib/: Add fileno()
* examples/ostest: Several of the tests used a big, hard-coded stack size
when creating test threads (16K stacksize). The stack size should
be controlled by the .config file or the OSTest won't work on platforms
with memory constraints.
* netutils/thttpd: An initial port of Jeff Poskanzer's THTTPD HTTP server.
* examples/thttpd: A basic test program for THTTPD
* configs/eagle100/thttpd: A build configuration for THTTPD on the Micromint
Eagle-100 LMS6918 (Cortex-M3) board.
* configs/ntosd-dm320/thttpd: A build configuration for THTTPD on the Neuros
DM320 platform.
* lib/: Added strstr() and strpbrk().
* net/recvfrom.c and net/accept(): Sockets now support some non-blocking
operations, specifically for (1) TCP/IP read operations when read-ahead
buffering is enabled, and (2) TCP/IP accept() operations when TCP/IP
connection backlog is enabled.
* fs/fs_fcntl.c and net/net_vfcntl.c: Minimal support provided for fcntl().
It can, at least, be used to mark sockets as blocking or non-blocking.
* net/net_close.c: Fix bug in close(). If reference count not set to zero
then uip_tcpfree() will assert when DEBUG is enabled.
* net/accept.c: Fix bug in accept(). The logic expected parts of the
return address structure to be initialized or it would return an error.
0.4.11 2009-09-16 Gregory Nutt <>
* fs/fs_read.c and fs/fs_write.c. read() and write() to socket is the
same as recv() and send() with flags = 0. Fixed!
* net/recvfrom.c: Fix errors in return value from non-blocking socket read.
* lib/lib_strcasecmp.c and lib/lib_strncasecmp.c. Use of post-incremented
argument to macro caused strcasecmp() and strncasecmp() to fail.
* lib/lib_strstr.c: Length of substring off by one causes false alarm
sub-string matches.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_ethernet.c: Fix errors in LMS6918 FIFO length
handling. (1) The incorrect size of the Ethernet header was being
subtracted on outgoing messages (4 vs 14), which caused outgoing messages to
be a little too long. (2) The size of incoming FIFO messages is 6 bytes
larger than it expected (2 for the length and 4 for the FCS). The unhandled
extra two bytes of length cause the driver to sometimes read one too many
words from the received FIFO (corrupting the next queued receive packet,
if any).
* net/net_poll.c and net/uip/uip_tcpbacklog.c. Fixed an important race condition
bug in polling for connections. The logic worked if the poll was inplace
before the connection was received; but the poll failed to awaken if the
connection was already pending in the backlog when poll() was called.
* net/net_close.c. Fixed another important TCP/IP race condition bug: If
the host closes the TCP connection just before the target calls close(), then
the close operation may hang indefinitely!
* net/net_tcppoll.c. Removed an unnecessary check for outstanding, un-ACKed
data. The NuttX socket layer keeps track of ACKs and doesn't need this check;
removing the check should improve write throughput
* Add DEBUG configuration option to enable debug console output without disabling
optimization (and vice versa)
* Changed lots of occurrences of debug macro dbg() to lldbg(). dbg() uses
stdout to output debug data. That works fine unless (1) the dbg() macro
is interrupt logic and the interrupted task has redirected stdout! Most
changes were in uIP.
* net/uip/uip_tcpinput.c. Connection reference count was not being set correctly
when a socket is created by accepting a new connection. Since the reference
count is bad, such sockets are not successfully duplicated when being passed
to new tasks.
* net/net_clone.c. Similarly, after a socket is cloned, its reference count
was not being initialized.
* lib/lib_strstr.c. Improperly incremented pointer could cause comparison
* net/. Connection reference count must always be set to zero before calling
uip_tcpfree() or it could trigger a DEBUGASSERT that verifies that the
reference count is zero before freeing a connection structure.
* net/uip/uip_listen.c. uip_accept() consulted the wrong list to find the
listener on a socket. The previous logic worked most of the time, but
occasionally picked the wrong listener.
* net/net_close.c and net/net_sockets.c. Sockets were not being closed
when a task exits. If many server tasks are created and exit without closing
sockets (such as with CGI tasks), then eventually, you will run out of sockets.
* netutils/thttpd. Basic functionality of THTTPD is complete. This includes
serving up files from a file system and executing NXFLAT-based CGI programs
and pipe the stdout back to the HTTP client.
0.4.12 2009-10-17 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/stm32 and configs/stm3210e-eval. Added basic support for the
STMicro STM32, Cortex-M3 MCU. The specific port is to the STMicro STM3210E-EVAL
development board based around the STM32F103ZET6 MCU.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/RIDE. Added a basic STMicro RIDE7 project that can be
used to perform basic STM32 board bring-up (due to RIDE7 size limitations, it
cannot be used for the full NuttX bring-up).
* configs/stm3210e-eval/ostest. The STM32 now passes the basic NuttX OS test
at examples/ostest. The rest should be a piece of cake.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nsh. Added NuttShell (NSH) example.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/stm32102e-internal.h. Fix on-board LED GPIO definitions.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/src/stm32/stm32_dma.c. Added DMA channel support for the STM32
* arch/arm/src/stm32/src/stm32/stm32_spi.c. Added a DMA-based SPI driver for the STM32.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/src/stm32/stm32_serial.c. Finished interrupt-driven,
USART console driver. This makes NSH work perfectly.
* Things left to do for the STM32 deferred to the 0.4.13 release: USB device driver,
LCD driver and NX bringup on the eval board's display and MicroSD support. An SPI
driver was included in the 0.4.12 release, but is not yet tested.
0.4.13 2009-11-04 Gregory Nutt <>
* include/nuttx/mtd.h. Added a simple interface definition to support some
FLASH, EEPROM, NVRAM, etc. devices.
* driver/mtd/m25px.c. Added a driver for SPI based FLASH parts M25P64 and M25P128.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/usbserial. Add a USB serial configuration for the STM32.
Depends on the STM32 USB driver.
* arch/arm/src/cortexm3/up_switchcontext.S & up_svccall.c. Made an improvement
to context switching. There are two types of context switches: interrupt
context switches and background/user context switches. This change should
improve the performance of those background/user context switches by a factor
of about two.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/: Fix several typos in the serial logic. It turns out
that these typose don't make any difference as long as you use only one
serial port and all uarts are configured the same. But the typos are bugs
waiting to happen in any other configuration.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/: You have to configure CTS/RTS function pins for USART
2 and USART 3 even if you are not using flow control.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbdev.c: Added a USB device-side driver for the
STM32. NOTE: This is an early release of the USB driver. There is at least
one known issue. The examples/usbserial test only executes correctly under
certain conditions (see the full bug description in the TODO list).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_rcc.c: Fixed an error in clock initialization.
On some boards (none of mine), the HSE (high speed external clock) delay
loop times out if the optimization level is high. The STM32 then falls
back to the HSI (internal clock), and the system clock is too slow by a
factor of 11.1%. This was fixed by simply add the volatile storage class
to the timeout loop counter
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_irq.c: Fixed a critical bug in the interrupt
control logic. The wrong register was being used for interrupts in a
certain range. Worked fine until you try to use an interrupt in that
4.14 2009-12-02 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_gpio.c: Add support for configure an input GPIO
to generate an EXTI interrupt.
* config/stm3210e-eval/src/up_buttons.c: Add support for on-board buttons.
* include/nuttx/rwbuffer.h: Add generic support for read-ahead buffering
and write buffering that can be used in any block driver.
* include/nuttx/wqueue.h: Added a generic worker thread that can used to
defer processing from an interrupt to a task.
* include/nuttx/sdio.h: Defines a generic SD/SDIO interface can can be
bound to a MMC/SD driver to provide SDIO-based MMC/SD support.
* drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_sdio.c: Provides an SDIO-based MMC/SD driver.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_sdio.c: Provides an STM32 implementation of
the SDIO interface defined in include/nuttx/sdio.h.
* fs/fs_mount.c: Correct error handling logic. If the bind() method
fails, then a reserved node is left in the tree. This causes subsequent
attempts to mount at the location to fail (reporting that the node
already exists). This is a problem for block drivers for removable
media: The bind method could fail repeatedly until media is inserted.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip.h & stm32_dma.c: Fixed several definitions
that can cause compilation errors when DMA2 is enabled.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_dma.c: Integrated and debugged STM32 DMA
functionality that was added in 0.4.12.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/usbstorage: Add a configuration to exercise
the STM32 with the USB mass storage device class example
* configs/mcu123-lpc214x/up_usbstrg: Move LPC-specific code from
examples/usbstorage to configs/mcu123-lpc214x.
* configs/stm321e-eval/up_usbstrg: Add STM32-specific logic for the
examples/usbstorage test.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbdev.c: Fix bugs in STM32 USB device-side
driver: (1) Need to disconnect after reset received, (2) Status setup
to recover from stall on TX endpoint.
5.0 2009-12-21 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/hc: Adding framework to support m68hc11/12
* configs/demo9s12ne64: Configuration to support Freescale DEMO9S12NE64
development board (MC9S12NE64 m68hcs12 processor).
* drivers/mtd/ftl.c: A FLASH translation layer (FTL) has been implemented.
This layer will convert a FLASH MTD interface into a block driver that
can be used with any file system. Good performance of this layer will
depend upon functioning write buffer support!
NOTE: FTL support is untested as of the initial check-in.
* Numerous minor changes for m68hc12 to eliminate compilation errors and
warnings due to the fact that it uses 16-bit integer types and for casts
between uint32 (32-bits) and an mc68hc12 pointer (16-bits).
* sys/types: Size of off_t and blkcnt_t should not depend on size of
int in the architecture; Removed non-standard type STATUS
* include/: Added header files stdint.h, stdbool.h, cxx/cstdint, and
* Changed ALL references to non-standard fixed-size types (like uint32,
ubyte, etc.) to standard types (like uint32_t, uint8_t, etc.) from
stdint.h. Use type bool and {true, false} from stdbool. This effected
most of the files in the system! Almost all configurations have been
re-built and many have been re-verified in order to get confidence in
these changes.
* graphics/ and examples/nx: Fix numerous build errors that have been
introduced lately. NXGL has suffered some bit-rot from not being used
in some of the most recent ports.
* The misc/pascal NuttX add-on package has been updated to use the new
standard types from stdint.h and stdbool.h and re-integrated with NuttX.
The released pascal-2.0 will be the first version that contains the
compatible changes.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_ethernet.c: Fixed an important bug in the LM3S
Ethernet driver: If full packet is received, the packet-too-big check
will fail because it needs to subtract 6 from the packet size (to
account for the 2-byte packet length and the 4-byte packet FCS in the
* net/accept.c: Fixed a bad assertion (only happens when debug is enabled).
* net/send.c net/uip/uip_tcpseqno.c: Fixed a critical error in the TCP/IP
logic. The NuttX port of uIP imcludes logic to send data ahead without
waiting for ACKs from the recipient; this greatly improves throughput.
However, the packet sequence number was not being updated correctly and,
as a result, packets were not be ACKed by the recipient and transfers
would sometimes stall. This is a very important bug fix (in fact, I
don't understand how TCP/IP worked at all without this fix???)
* include/nuttx/arch.h and arch/*/common/up_udelay.c: Change argument
of up_udelay() to type useconds_t to avoid warnings when sizeof(int)
is 16-bits.
* drivers/mmcsd/*: Add casts in constant expressions to avoid warnings
when sizeof(int) is 16-bits.
5.1 2010-01-30 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x and arch/arm/include/lpc313x: Added framework
to support the NXP LPC3131.
* Add configs/ea3131. The LPC3131 port for the Embedded Artist EA3131
(LPC3131) is code complete and waiting for me to get hardware in
* arch/arm/src/sam3u, arch/arm/include/sam3u, and configs/sam3u-ek -
Added the basic framework needed to begin a port for the SAM3U-EK
development board.
* lib/lib_crc32.c: Add CRC32 logic by Gary S. Brown to lib/. This is
the larger (but faster) table look-up version of the CRC32 algorithm.
* configs/ea3131/tools: Added a tool to create a image suitable for
use with the LPC313x bootloader.
* configs/sam3u-3k/ostest: Completed verification of the basic NuttX
OS test for the SAM3U.
* arch/arm/src/common/up_createstack: stack was always been cleared
when it was allocated. This is a good feature for monitoring the
stack during debug, but really hurts thread start-up performance.
Clearing is now done if CONFIG_DEBUG=y only. Changes was only made
for arm, but really should be made for all architectures.
* configs/sam3u/nsh: Added NSH configuration for SAM3U
5.2 2010-03-18 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/sam3u/sam3u_pio.c: Fix an address calculation error
that caused ports B & C to get mapped to the PIOA base address.
This is an important bugfix! (a patch is available)
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/lpc313x_boot.c: Fix an error in the vector
initialization was causing a memory fault.
* lib/lib_strtod.c: Add strtod()
* lpc3131/ea3131: Several bring fixes submitted by David Hewson. The
lpc3131 is almost there! Thanks David!
* arch/arm/src/arm/up_head.S: Corrected backward conditional compilation
that selects if vectors are located at 0x0000:0000 or 0xffff:f000.
This fixes the last show stopper bug in the lpc313x bring-up.
* configs/ea3131/nsh: Added a NuttShell (NSH) configuration for the
5.3 2010-04-11 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/lpc313x_usbdev.c: USB driver for the LPC313x
contributed by David Hewson.
* configs/ea3131/src/up_ubstrgc.c, configs/ea3131/usbserial,
configs/ea3131/usbstorage: USB storage and USB serial example support
contributed by David Hewson.
* Several important compilation error fixes in lpc313x and (dualspeed) USB
code also contributed by David Hewson.
* arch/arm/src/sam3u/sam3u_dmac.c: DMA support for the AT90SAM3U.
* arch/arm/src/sam3u/sam3u_hsmci.c: SD memory card support for AT90SAM3U
(Neither the DMA nor the HSMCI driver are functional on the initial checkin).
* drivers/usbdev: Several important fixes to the USB mass storage driver
submitted by David Hewson.
* configs/olimex-lpc2378, arch/arm/include/lpc2378, and arch/arm/src/lpc2378 -
Basic port of the NXP 2378 on the Olimex board contributed by
Rommel Marcelo.
* arch/arm/src/sam3u/sam3u_internal.h: Fixed a critical bug in the AT91SAM3U
PIO decoding. No PIOs greater than 15 could be used on any port! Obviously,
no one has been using this port.
5.4 2010-04-23 Gregory Nutt <>
* include/nuttx/lcd.h: Defines an LCD interface.
* graphics/nxglib/fb and lcd: Support LCD and framebuffer rasterizers for NX.
* configs/sam3u-ek/src/up_lcd.c: LCD driver for LCD on SAM3U-EK development
* configs/sam3u-ek/nx: NX graphics configuration for the SAM3U-EK
5.5 2010-05-09 Gregory Nutt <>
* drivers/net/enc28j60.c: Microchip ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet chip driver.
(untested on original check-in).
* configs/olimex-str7p11/nettest: examples/nettest configuration using
the ENC28J60 driver on the Olimex STMicro STR-P711.
(unverified on original check-in)
* configs/olimex-str7p11/src/up_enc28j60.c: Add ENC28J60 initialization
* configs/olimex-str7p11/src/up_spi.c: Fixed some bugs; added support
for ENC28J60.
* arch/arm/src/str7x/str7x_xti.c: Add basic XTI support (external
* arch/arm/src/lm3s and arch/arm/include/lm3s: Add definitions for
* configs/lm3s6965-ek: Add configuration for Stellaris LM3S6965
Evaluation Kit (including basic examples/ostest configuration)
* lib/lib_dtoa.c and lib/lib_dtoa.c: printf will not print floating
point values if you select CONFIG_LIBC_FLOATINGPOINT in your
configuration file. Contributed by Yolande Cates. NOTE: these
floating point operations have not been well tested and may not
be portable to all floating point implementations.
* configs/lm3s6965-ek/nsh: Added NuttShell (NSH) configuration for
the LM3S6965 Evaluation Kit. Includes both serial and telnet
* net/net_close.c: Correct a UDP reference counting error
5.6 2010-06-05 Gregory Nutt <>
* drivers/lcd/p14201.c: Driver for RiT P14201 series 128x96 4-bit OLED.
* configs/lm3s6965-ek/nx: NX graphics configuration for the LM3S6965
Ethernet Evaluation Kit.
* graphics/: Numerous fixes to get the P14201 4-bpp grayscale display
working (there may still be some minor issues .. see the TODO list).
* arch/arm/include/lpc17xx and arch/arm/src/lpc17xxx: Began port for
NXP LPC1768. As of the 5.6 release, there is a complete set of
LPC17xx header files defining all bits in all LPC17xx registers,
but little else (I still do not have hardware in hand).
* drivers/mtd/m25px.c: Add support for M25P1 flash part (See NOTE)
* include/nuttx/i2c.h: Extended I2C interface definition to handle
multiple transfers (See NOTE).
* include/nuttx/usbdev.h: Corrected an important macro definition
needed to correctly handle USB null packet transfers (See NOTE).
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x: New drivers: I2C and SPI. Plus several
important LPC313x USB bug fixes (See NOTE).
NOTE: Contributed by David Hewson.
5.7 2010-06-22 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/nucleus2g: Add ostest configuration for the Nucleus 2G
LPC1768 board from 2G Engineering (
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx: Added basic LPC17xx boot-up logic,
interrupt handling, and GPIO configuration.
* configs/nucleus2g/ostest: Completed bring-up of LPC1768 on
the Nucleus2G board using the examples/ostest
* configs/nucleus2g/nsh: Added and verified a NuttShell (NSH)
configuration for the LPC1768 on the Nucleus2G board.
5.8 2010-07-18 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/nucleus2g/src/up_nsh.c and up_ssp.c: Add support
for SPI-based MMC/SD cards and integrate into the NSH example.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_vectors.S: Correct vectors for GPIOC & D
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_clockconfig.c: Power was not being
provided to GPIO module. This is a critical bugfix!
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_serial.c: Improved logic to handle
missed TX interrupts.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_ssp.c: Fix a hard fault during SSP
* configs/nucleus2g/src/up_led.c: Change how LEDs are controlled
so that they can be used both for NuttX instrumentation and
by application software.
* include/net/uip/igmp.h and uip-igmp.h: Add header files ini
preparation for NuttX IGMP support
* net/uip/uip_igmp*.c: Add IGMP support (untested on initial
* examples/igmp: Add a trivial test for IGMP (much more is needed)
* configs/nucleus2g/usbserial and usbstorage: Add USB configurations
for testing purposes.
* arch/arm/src/common/up_internal.h, cortexm3/up_assert.c,
*/*_vectors.S: Correct compilations errors when CONFIG_ARCH_INTERRUPTSTACK
is enabled (feature still not tested)
5.9 2010-08-25 Gregory Nutt <>
* examples/nsh/nsh_telnetd.c: Fix compilation errors that happen
when both DHCPC and TELNETD are enabled in the Nuttshell.
* graphics/nxglib/fb/nxglib_moverectangle.c: Fix a logic error
that caused an uninitialized variable warning. I still don't
have a test to prove that the changes are correct.
* configs/olimex-lpc2378: Add support for the CodeSourcery toolchain
under Linux (contributed by Alan Carvalho de Assis).
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_gpio.c: Fix an important GPIO configuration
bug: When attempting to set no pull-up or pull-down (floating),
it would, instead, select pull-down.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_gpioirq.c: Fix warning for returning a value
from functions returning void (contributed by Tiago Maluta).
* netutils/dhcpc/dhcpc.c: lease_time was not in host order
* examples/uip/main.c: if DHCPC is selected, this example now shows
the assigned IP address.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s and arch/arm/include/lm3s: Definitions for the
TI LM3S9B96 contributed by Tiago Maluta.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_gioirq.c: Fix a logic error in the address
table lookup.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_gioirq.c: Also needs to enable the global
GPIO interrupts.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_internal.h and lm3s_gpio.c: Fixed the encoding
of GPIO port number that limited support for GPIO ports to 8
* sched/pg_*.c and *.c and include/nuttx/page.h: Implemented the
common, core logic for on-demand paging. See for details.
* drivers/usbdev/usbdev_serial.c: Correct compilation errors that
occur if CONFIG_USBDEV_DUALSPEED is selected.
* configs/ea3131/pgnsh: Add an NSH configuration with on-demand paging
enabled. This is not expected to be a functionality configuration (at
least not yet); it was created in order to debug the on-demand paging
* configs/ntosd-dm320/*/Make.defs: Codesourcery and devkitARM toolchains
now supported for the Neuros OSD.
* configs/ntosd-dm320 and arch/arm/src/dm320: Add support for the
Neuros production OSD (changes contributed by bf.nuttx).
5.10 2010-09-07 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/ea3131/locked: Create logic to support a two pass build
process: The first pass forces critical logic into the locked text
region, the second pass builds the NuttX executable more-or-less as
* Makefile, arch/arm/src/Makefile, configs/ea3131: Add logic to
support a two-pass final link. This logic is only in place in
the arch/arm/src/Makefile for now.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_internal.h: Add missing parentheses in
macros definitions (patch submitted by Tiago Maluta).
* Documents/NuttxPortingGuide.html, configs/README.txt, etc. -
Replaced CONFIG_EXAMPLE with CONFIG_APP_DIR (see documents for
description). This allows NuttX application code to be built
outside of the examples/ directory.
For people who have their own configurations and/or Makefiles,
you will need to make a couple of changes:
- Replace all occurrences of CONFIG_EXAMPLE=foobar with
CONFIG_APP_DIR=examples/foobar in all of the configuration
- Replace any occurrences of examples/$(CONFIG_EXAMPLE) with
- Replace any occurrences of lib$(CONFIG_EXAMPLE)$(LIBEXT)
with libapp$(LIBEXT) in your Makefiles.
- Check any other occurrences of CONFIG_EXAMPLE.
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/lpc313x_spi.c: Fix compilation error when
when CONFIG_DEBUG is enabled.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s and arch/arm/include/lm3s: Support for the
lm3s8962 contributed by Larry Arnold.
* configs/lm328962-ek: Support for the TI/Stellaris EKC-LM3S8962
board (also contributed by Larry Arnold).
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/lpc313x_boot.c: The call to lpc313x_boardinitialized()
should not be conditioned on CONFIG_ARCH_LEDs being defined!
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/: APB0 and APB1 cannot lie in different
sections; they are too close together.
* arch/arm/src/lpc313x/lpc13x_boot.c: Resetting all of the clocking
had a side effect of wiping out the first 6 words of memory where the
interrupt vectors are located (and also not resetting the fractional
dividers). This is not usually noticeable because the IRQ vectors
are after this point, but really causes problems if you want to handle
data and prefectch aborts which are within this zeroed region.
5.11 2010-10-01 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/ea3131/src/up_fillpage.c: Added new configuration item
is the full path to a file on a mounted file system that contains
a binary image of the NuttX executable. Pages will be filled by
reading from offsets into this file that correspond to virtual
fault addresses. up_fillpage.c implements logic to perform page
files using the CONFIG_PAGING_BINPATH file.
* configs/mbed: Add configuration to support the LPC1768
board (Contributed by Dave Marples).
* sched/sem_wait.c and sem_waitirq.c: Eliminate a race condition
that can occur when a semaphore wait is interrupt by a signal.
(see email thread:
* drivers/mtd/at45db.c: Add a driver for the Atmel AT45DB161D 4Mbit
SPI FLASH part (untested on initial check-in).
* arch/arm/src/lm3s and arch/arm/include/lm3s: Corrections for the
lm3s8962 port contributed by Larry Arnold. That port is purported
to work correctly with these changes in place.
* examples/ostest/prioinherit.c: Need to reinitialize globals if
test is ran repeatedly in a loop.
* configs/ez80f910200zco: Updated to used ZDS-II 4.11.1
5.12 2010-10-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/avr: Add a place to support AVR family processors.
* arch/avr/include/avr32 and arch/avr/src/avr32: Add support for AVR32
(all of the AVR32 is a work in progress).
* arch/avr/include/at32uc3 and arch/avr/src/at32uc3: Add support
for the AVR32 UC3A/B family of AVR32 MCUs.
* configs/avr32dev1: Add support for the Atmel AVR32DEV1 board featuring
the AT32UC3B0256 MCU. This board is produced by
* include/stdlib.h, lib/Makefile, lib/lib_abs.c, lib/lib_labs.c,
lib_labs.c, lib_llabs.c, lib_imaxabs.c: Add abs(), labs(), llabs(), and
* Add include/inttypes.h
* arch/hc/src/mc9s12ne64: This hcs12 port grew a few more files. But it
is still a long way from complete.
* arch/*/src/*/*_sigdeliver.c: Fixed a serious error in the signal
trampoline logic. Essentially, interrupts are re-enabled while the
signal handler executes, but the logic to re-disable the interrupts
before returning from the signal handler trampoline was missing. Under
certain circumstances, this can cause stack corruption. This was
discovered by David Hewson on an ARM9 platform, but since the code
has been leveraged, the bug has been propogated from ARM to Cortex-M3,
AVR32, M16C, SH1, ZNEO, eZ80, Z8, and Z80 -- almost every architecture.
The correction has been incorporated for all architectures but only
verified on a few.
5.13 2010-11-09 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/lib_strnlen.c: Added POSIX 2008 strnlen() function. Contributed
by Michael Hrabanek.
* Fix wild, consistent naming error. For some reason, I called the at32uc3*
parts at91uc* everywhere. Fixed by changing lots of files and directories.
* configs/avr32dev1/ostest: The AVR32 port now successfully passes the
examples/ostest. We have a good AVR32 port!
* configs/avr32dev1/nsh: Added a configuration to support the NuttShell
(NSH). As of this writing, here is a problem receiving serial data (this
is, very likely, my hardware setup).
* lib/lib_open.c: Fix an error in fdopen when a valid file descriptor does
not refer to an open file.
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk: Add support for the Olimex LPC1766-STK
development board. The OS test and NSH configurations (only) have been
5.14 2010-11-27 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/nettest: Add examples/nettest configuration to
verify the LPC17xx Ethernet driver currently under development.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17xx_ethernet.c/.h: Began development of
the LPC17xx Ethernet driver. Driver in CVS functional after 2010-11-23.
* sched/timer_settime.c: Fix an error in set-up of a one-shot POSIX timer. It
was using the repititive timer value (which is zero in the one-shot case),
always resulting in a 10Ms timer! Found and fixed by Wilton Tong.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_vector.S, stm32/stm32_vector.S, lm3s/lm3s_vector.S,
sam3u/sam3u_vector.S: Fixed a hard fault problem that can occur if certain
types of interrupts are pending at the time another interrupt returns
(SYSTICK). This has not been verified on all plaforms, but is a critical
fixed that is needed by all Cortex-M3 NuttX users.
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/thttpd: Add a THTTPD configuration for the
Olimex LPC2766-STK board. Verified successfully.
* net/uip/uip_tcpappsend.c: Correct an important logic bug in some uIP state
data the is used to manage retransmissions. The uIP logic was incompatible
with the retransmission logic of net/send.c in one place. The final error
was that the final packet in a sequence of packets was too large! In the
THTTPD example, this would leave some garbage at the bottom of the display
(or worse). I don't know why I haven't see this bug before???
* net/uip/uip_tcpinput.c: The change to uip_tcpappsend.c unmasked an
additional error in the TCP sequence number handling. This sympom was that
the send() function would hang with outstanding, unacknowledged data (with
no re-transmit requests). The was due to differences in sequence number
handling in send() and in uip_tcpinput.c; uip_tcpinput.c thought (incorrectly)
that all of the bytes were acknowledged; send.c knew that they were not.
5.15 2010-12-12 Gregory Nutt <>
* net/uip/uip_tcpaddsend.c and net/send.c: Another place where the TCP sequence
number problem "fixed" in 5.14 might occur.
* net/send.c: Check if the destination IP address is in the ARP table. If
not, then don't consider the packet sent. It won't be, an ARP packet will go
out instead. This improves behavior, for example, on the first GET request
from a browser.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_emacram.h and lpc17_allocateheap.c: The Ethernet
logic was using all of AHB SRAM Bank0 for Ethernet packet buffers (16K). An
option was added to limit the amount of SRAM used for packet buffering and to
re-use any extra Bank0 memory for heap. configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/nettest
now uses only 8K at the beginning of Bank0; the 8K at the end of Bank0 is
included in the heap
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_ssp.c: Fix compilation errors when SSP1 is
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/nsh: Enable network and SD/MMC card support in
NSH. Networking and telnetd interface as well as SPI-based microSD are
now functional.
* examples/nsh/nsh_netinit.c: Fix NSH bug. If CONFIG_NET is selected, but
CONFIG_EXAMPLES_NSH_TELNETD is not selected, then the network is never
initialized and bad things happen if you try to ping.
* drivers/lcd: Add header files for the Phillips PCF8833 LCD controller and
for the Epson S1D15G10 LCD controller. A driver for the Nokia 6100 LCD is
* include/nuttx/spi.h and almost all other SPI files: Added an optional
cmddata() method to the SPI interface. Some devices require an additional
out-of-band bit to specify if the next word sent to the device is a command
or data. This is typical, for example, in "9-bit" displays where the 9th bit
is the CMD/DATA bit. The cmddata method provides selection of command or data.
* drivers/lcd/p14201.c: Now uses the cmddata() method of the SPI interface.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_usbdev.c: LPC17xx USB driver now appears to
to be fully functional. examples/usbstorage configuration verified (the
examples/usbserial configuration is untested).
* drivers/usbdev/usbserial.c and usbstorage.c: All USB class drivers need
to call DEV_CONNECT() when they are ready to be enumerated. That is,
(1) initially when bound to the USB driver, and (2) after a USB reset.
* drivers/lcd/nokia6100.c: A driver for the Nokia 6100 LCD. This driver
has not be verified as of the initial check-in.
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/nx: A NX graphics configuration for the Olimex
LPC1766-STK board using the Nokia 6100 LCD driver. This configuration has
not been verified as of the initial check-in.
* include/nuttx/spi.h: the SPI_SETBITS macro was calling the setmode method.
This is a very important bug-fix in some usages.
5.16 2011-01-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* include/nuttx/usb: Created new directory. Moved all usb-related header
files to this new directory. Created a skeleton for a new USB host header
* drivers/usbhost: Add USB host "registry" where connect devices can be
matched with the correct USB class driver.
* arc/arc/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_usbhost.c: Add a simple USB host driver for
the NXP lpc17xx.
* drivers/usbhost: Add generic USB device enumeration logic.
* drivers/usbhost: Add a USB host class driver for the (Bulk-Only) USB
Mass Storage Class.
5.17 2011-01-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* include/nuttx/usb: rename usb_storage.h to storage.h.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_usbhost.c: Add support for low-speed devices.
* drivers/usbhost/usbhost_skeleton.c: Template for new class drivers
* include/nuttx/usb/hid.h and drivers/usbhost/usbhost_hidkbd.c: New
files for HID keyboard support.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_usbhost.c: Will now handle multiple
concurrent transfers on different endpoints (still only one TD per
endpoint). All methods are protected from re-entrancy; lots of re-
structuring in preparation for interrupt endpoint support.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_usbhost.c: Add support for periodic
interrupt transfers.
* examples/hidkbd: Added a simple test for the USB host HID keyboard
class driver.
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/hidkbd: Added a configuration to build the
USB host HID keyboard class driver test for the LPC17xx.
* Ran the tool CppCheck ( and
fixed several errors in the code identified by the tool.
5.18 2011-02-27 Gregory Nutt <>
* Incorporate several uIP patches from;a=summary.
- Lost SYNACK causes connection reset
- Fix missing UDP stats for sent/received packets
- Added support for Cygwin as development/test platform.
* configs/demo9s12ne64: Integrate new buildroot-1.9 m8s12x toolchain.
* 'uname -o' is used throughout the build logic in bash scripts and also in
Make.defs files in order to distinguish between Cygwin and Linux. However,
the -o option is not standard and is not supported under, for example, OS-X or
Solaris. This was solved by changing all 'uname -o' references to the more
complex: 'uname -o 2>/dev/null || echo "Other"'
* drivers/usbhost/usbhost_enumerate.c: Add logic to get the VID and PID. This
is necessary in order to support vendor-specific USB devices.
* examples/wlan, configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/wlan, drivers/usbhost/usbhost_rtl8187.c,
Add infrastructure to support RTL18187 wireless USB.
* configs/nucleus2g: backed out USB host changes... wrong board.
* Renamed arc/hc/include/mc9s12ne64 and src/mc9s12ne64 to m9s12. That name is
shorter and more general.
* The NuttX repository has been converted to SVN and can now be found here
* configs/mbed/hidkbd: Added USB host support for the mbed LPC1768 board; add
a USB host HID keyboard configuraion.
* drivers/usbhost/hid_parser.c: Leverages the LUFA HID parser written by
Dean Camera.
* examples/nsh: Correct an usage of getopt(): If you stop calling getopt()
before all parameters are parsed, you can leave getopt() in a strange state.
* include/nuttx/video/fb.h: Restore missing RGB type that was accidentally removed
when Nokia 6100 support was added.
* Rename arch/pjrc-8051 to arch/8051
* configs/ne64badge: Add a configuration for the Future Electronics Group
NE64 Badge development board (Freescale MC9S12NE64)
* Changes contributed by Uros Platise:
- Add support for the STM32F103RET6
- configs/vsn: Support for the ISOTEL NetClamps VSN V1.2 ready2go sensor
network platform
* arch/hc, configs/ne64badge: Development is complete for the Freescale
mc9s12ne64 on the Future Electronics Group NE64 /PoE Badge board. Howeve,
this port remains untested until I figure out this BDM / Code Warrior
and paged build thing
* Added a new 'kill' command to NSH that will support sending signals to
running NuttX tasks.
5.19 2011-03-12 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/stm32/stm32_idle.c: During idle times, the STM32 now uses the
WFI instruction to sleep in a reduced power mode until the next interrupt
occurs (Contributed by Uros Platise).
* NSH: 'mem' command renamed to 'free'. Output is now more similar to the
Linux 'free' command.
* NSH: Correct a redirection bug in NSH. The following would not work; it
resulted in a hang after the 'cat /dev/fifo':
nsh> mkfile /dev/fifo
nsh> cd /tmp # /tmp is a mounted RAM disk
nsh> cat /dev/fifo > test.txt &
nsh> echo "This is a test" > /dev/fifo
The error was caused because (1) there was a path that resulted in stdout
being closed (the "hang") and also (2) the 'cat' command was always outputting
to stdout, not to the redirected file descriptor. Now:
nsh> cat test.txt
This is a test
* drivers/pipes/pipe_common.c: Driver open method was not returning an EINTR
error when it received a signal. Instead, it just re-started the wait. This
makes it impossible to kill a background pipe operation from NSH.
* include/stdint.h: Correct some errors in conditional compilation (submitted
by Johannes Hampel).
* arch/arm/lpc17xx/lpc17_idle.c: Uses the same logic as the STM32: uses the
WFI instruction to sleep in a reduced power mode until the next interrupt
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk: Added an LED encoded to indicate if the LPC1766
is in sleeping.
* examples/mm: This is a simplified version of the "built-in" memory manager
test of mm/mm_test.c. It is simplified because it does not have access to
the internals of the memory manager as does mm/mm_test.c, but it has the
advantage that it runs in the actual NuttX tasking environment (the
mm/mm_test.c only runs in a PC simulation environment).
* drivers/mmcsd_sdio.c/h: Several corrections submitted by Uros Platise.
* arch/x86: Provide support for x86 architectures. Support for the i486
architecture under QEMU is provided under arch/x86/include/i486,
arch/x86/include/qemu, arch/x86/src/i486, and arch/x86/src/qemu.
* configs/qemu-i486: "Board" support configurations for verifying the QEME
i486 port.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_spi.c: Correct base address of SPI3 (reported by
Uros Platise).
* drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_sdio.c: Correct a loop termination condition (also
reported by Uros Platise).
* drivers/mtd/ramtron.c: Driver for SPI-based RAMTRON NVRAM devices FM25V10
(and others). Contributed by Uros Platise.
* examples/nsh and tools/ Add support for platform-specific
ROMFS-based NSH start-up scripts.
* drivers/serial/uart_16550.c and include/nuttx/serial/uart_16550.h: Support
for a generic 16550 UART.
* configure/qemu-i486/nsh: QEMU NSH example.
* ../apps: The apps directory add-on was created by Uros Platise. It
supports a set of end-user applications than can be executed on top of
NSH. Think of it this way: In a buckled-up embedded application, your
end-user programs will probably have their own dedicated start-up logic.
But, during development, you might want to have you applications
available and executable from the NSH command line. This apps/ addon
(and NSH hooks) was contributed by Uros to accomplish just that.
* sched/sched_waitpid() and include/sys/wait.h: Provides a simple and
very incomplete implementation of waitpid(). waitpid() is only available
if CONFIG_SCHED_WAITPID is defined in your configuration file.
* sched/atexit.c and sched/exit.c: The atexit function is not frequently
used. In order to save a few bytes, it is now conditioned on
CONFIG_SCHED_ATEXIT. It your application is currently using atexit(),
you will need to add CONFIG_SCHED_ATEXIT to your configuration file.
* drivers/net/slip.c: Add a SLIP driver (untested on initial check-in).
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/slip-httpd: An example that uses SLIP to
provide a serial-port based THTTPD web server.
6.0 2011-03-21 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/lib_fopen(): fopen() was not returning the correct errno value
when the underlying open() failed.
* include/net/uip/uip-arch.h: The uIP interface has been extended
slightly so that drivers can be concurrenly filling and sending
packet buffers. This capability was needed by the SLIP driver.
* drivers/net/slip.c: Several corrections and some re-design of
of the driver.
* apps/ChangeLog.txt: the apps/ directory now has its own ChangeLog.
* configs/vsn:
- IDLE LED blinking fix
- Added board power off function
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_gpio.c and stm32_internal.h: Fixed
PullUp/Down Input Configuration.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_serial.h: Now supports Auto-RTS and
Auto-CTS modes. This is needed to support SLIP.
* drivers/net/slip.c: SLIP is now basically functional on the
LPC17xx with some caveats as described in the TODO list under
* arch/x86/include/i486/irq.h: Fix irqrestore() macro... it was not
correctly re-enabling interrupts.
* arch/x86/src: Fix numerous problems with i486/QEMU context
switching. Basically, the logic was missing the cases to handle
the differing stack frames when a priority change occurs and when
no priority change occurs.
* configs/qemu-i486/ostest and nsh: The QEMU i486 port is complete.
it now passes the OS test and supports the NuttShell (NSH).
* misc/drivers: Created a new directory to hold non-BSD licensed
drivers that may be added into NuttX via an installation script.
* drivers/usbhost/usbhost_rtl8187.c: A decision was made to
incorporate code taken from the Linux kernel. That changes the
licensing on this module to GPL. To avoid licensing contamination,
this driver was moved to misc/drivers/rtl8187x *prior* to adding
any of the GPL logic. There is an script at the location
where the GPL driver(s) can be re-installed into the NuttX source
tree. By re-installing the driver, you agree to the GPL licsensing
and all of its implications.
* Makefile, apps/Makefile, tools/ Add logic to copy
configs/<board>/<config>/appdir to apps/.config and to simply the
application configuration logic.
* examples/nsh and apps/nshlib: Move the core NuttShell (NSH) logic
out of the exemples directory and into the apps/ directory where
it belongs.
* apps/Makefile and configs/*/appconfig: Use '=' as the delimiter
instead of '/' so that sub-directories in apps/ can be used.
* apps/vsn: Move all VSN apps to apps/vsn.
* nuttx/examples moved to apps/examples
6.1 2011-04-11 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/include/lpc17xx/irq.h and arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_gpio*.c:
Fix several bugs in the GPIO interrupt logic. Submited by
Decio Renno.
* Initialization for the CONFIG_APPS_DIR is now supported during the
earlier, 'context' build phase.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17_gpioint.c: Finish coding of the LPC17xx GPIO
interrupt logic.
* net/netdev_unregister.c: Add capability to un-register a network
* drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_sdio.c: extra effort to correctly handle cases
without the SDcard (but one issue still exists in STM32)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_tim.*: Added basic timer support TIM1..TIM8
with output PWMs and interrupt logic
* config/vsn/src: Added basic support for Sensor Interface (GPIO and
PWM Power Output, and the sif utility program)
* fs/: Reorgnize header so that file systems can be built outside
of the nuttx source tree
* apps/namedapp/binfs.c: Create a tiny filesystem that can be used
to show the internal named apps under /bin.
* fs/fs_opendir.c: Correct an error that occurs when a file system is
mounted in the root directory. This was discovered while mounting
the named app's /bin directory.
* lib/: Move all source files into a subdirectory of lib/ named after
the header file in which the library function is prototyped.
* sched/ and lib/pthread/: Move pthread attribute-related interfaces
from sched/ to lib/pthread where they more appropriately belong.
* sched/ and lib/semaphore/: Move some semaphore-related interfaces
from sched/ to lib/pthread where they more appropriately belong.
* syscall/: The beginnings of an optional syscall Kernel interface.
* tools/mksyscall.c: Add a tool that will auto-generate syscall proxies
and stubs from a comma-separated-value (CSV) data file.
* arch/arm/src/cortexm3/mpu.h: Add a header file describing the Cortex-M3
MPU registers.
* Numerous modifications to the build system. Various people have reported
build problems since the re-organization and release of NuttX-6.0. I am
unable to replicate the build problems in my environment, but the changes
have be incorporated in hope of correcting the build issues in other
* drivers/i2c/st_lis331dl.c: I2C-based driver for the LIS331DL MEMS
motion sensor. Contributed by Uros Platise.
* Makefile: The NuttX build system will now supported building NuttX as two
separately linked images: (1) a kernel-mode RTOS image, and (2) a user-
mode application image that communicates to the RTOS kernel via system
calls. A lot more still must be done.
* user_initialize(): Eliminated the user_initialize() initialization hook.
It is difficult to maintain and redundant: Board level initialization
an up_initialize() provide the same kind of capability.
* arch/*/include/*/type.h: On some compilers, char defaults as unsigned.
Explicitly add signed to integer types if signed is what is required.
* arch/*: For all architectures -- Global register state save structure
(usually called g_current_regs) should be marked volatile; Added general
capability to support nested interrupts (not fully realized for all
* sched/task_create.c: Add support for starting kernel-mode thread.
* drivers/usbdev/usbdev_serial.c: Fix reported by Sheref Younan. USB
was being reset after serial driver was closed. As a result, you could
no reopen the serial driver.
* configs/lpcxpresso-lpc1768: Add a board configuration for the Embedded
Artists LPCXpresso LPC1768 board.
6.2 2011-05-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_gpioint.c: Correct errors in logic that maps
and IRQ number into a register bit number.
* Makefile: Fix an error introduced in the top-level Makefile in NuttX-6.1.
This error only shows up if you have a /tftpboot directory. Then the
make will fail with an obscure error about not being able to stat pass2.
* configs/lpcxpresso-lpc1768/nsh: Add an NSH configuration for the
LPCXpresso board.
* configs/*/ld.script: Removed 'sh_link not set for section .ARM.edix' for
a few of the builds. In you have this warning, it can be removed with the
following change to the ld.script file:
+ __exidx_start = ABSOLUTE(.);
.ARM.exidx : {
- __exidx_start = ABSOLUTE(.);
- __exidx_end = ABSOLUTE(.);
} >sram
+ __exidx_end = ABSOLUTE(.);
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx: Correct some typos/bugs in configuration of LPC17xx
UART2 and UART3.
* nuttx/clock.h: Replace all references to the global variable g_system_timer
with clock_systemtimer() (currently just a macro that that returns g_system_timer).
* lib/string/strrch.c: Would fail if the searched-for character were the first
character in the string.
* tools/ and mkversion.c: Tools to manage a NuttX version number
* sched/clock_getutc() and lib/time/lib_time.c: Add support for 1 second UTC
* net/net_dup2.c and include/nuttx/net.h: The conditional compilation for
'#if CONFIG_NFILE_DESCRIPTOR > 0' was wrong in both of these files. It should
be '#if CONFIG_NFILE_DESCRIPTORS > 0'. This causes a dup2() failure in THTTPD
and a failure to get a CGI page. The consequence can be a very serious bug!
* configs/lpcxpresso-lpc1768/usbstorage, thttpd, and dhcpd: Add an USB storage,
THTTPD web server, and DHCP server configurations for the NXP LPCXpresso board.
* drivers/lcd/ug-9664hswag01.c and ssd1305.h: Add support for Univision UG-9664HSWAG01
OLED with Solomon Systech SD1305 LCD controller.
* configs/lpcxpresso-lpc1668/nx: Add a NX graphics configuration for the LPCXPRESO
* graphics/nxglib/nxglib_nonintersecting.c: Fix some single bit errors in
calculation of non-intersecting regions. This was causing an anomaly
in examples/nx in column 0.
* drivers/mtd/rammtd.c: Added a RAM based MTD driver. This RAM driver simulates
FLASH and is useful for testing purposes.
* arch/arm/src/arm/up_head.S: Fix backward conditional compilation. This cause
the configs/mx1ads configuration to fail to build but does not appear to affect
any other ARM9 build.
* fs/nxffs: Adding a tiny, wear-leveling FLASH file system for NuttX. This
file system is intended to be small and will have some limitations. The
implementation is incomplete on initial checkin.
* apps/examples/nxffs and configs/sim/nxffs: Add a test a a configuration that
will be used to verify NXFFS.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32.c and fs_fat32util.c: Incorpated two bugs with fixed provided
by Sheref Younan. Thanks!
* fs/nxffs: After a couple of weeks of testing and bug fixes, NXFSS appears
stable and functional.
6.3 2011-05-15 Gregory Nutt <>
* Remove clock_getutc(). It is replaces with clock_gettime(CLOCK_ACTIVETIME).
Add other RTC related changes provided by Uros Platise.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_flash.c: Add support for access to on-chip STM32
FLASH; beginning of integration with NXFFS (Uros Platise).
* arch/mips: Added directory structure for PIC32 support
* configs/pcblogic-pic32mx: Add directory structure for PCB Logic PIC32MX board
* apps/include: Move include/apps to apps/include. A symbolic link is created at
build time
* Makefile: Removed support for Pascal pcode interpreter. Support for that
interpreter has been moved to apps/interpreter/Makefile.
* tools/ Should not report an error if there are no files on the command
line. This happens normally in certain configurations.
* drivers/usbhost: Sheref Younan reported an error in the error handling when
connection to a USB device fails. In certain fail cases, the logic would try
to free the device class instance twice, the first was okay, but the second
caused a crash.
* graphics/nxbe/nxbe_colormap.c: Fix error noted by Bassem Fahmy. The function
nxbe_colormap was change to nxbe_configure... apparently "search-and-replace"
error. This error was not noticed before because most NX platforms do not use
* arch/rgmp and configs/rgmp. Add architecture support and build
configuration for RGMP. RGMP is a project for running GPOS and
RTOS simultaneously on multi-processor platforms. See for further
information about RGMP.
* lib/stdio/lib_fclose.c: Must flush all buffered data when the file is closed.
Instead, it was discarding the buffered data.
* lib/stdio: All output stream logic was modified to support CONFIG_STDIO_LINEBUFFER.
If standard C buffered I/O is enabled (CONFIG_STDIO_BUFFER_SIZE > 0), then this
option may be added to force automatic, line-oriented flushing the output buffer
for putc(), fputc(), putchar(), puts(), fputs(), printf(), fprintf(), and vfprintf().
When a newline is encountered in the output string, the output buffer will be
flushed. This (slightly) increases the NuttX footprint but supports the kind of
behavior that people expect for printf.
6.4 2011-06-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/drivers/cc1101: Add initial, functional CC1101 wireless driver
(contributed by Uros Platise)
* arch/mips and configs/pcblogic-pic32mx: The MicroChip PIC32MX port is now
code complete and ready to begin testing. Unfortunately, it looks like
testing will be delayed due to tool issues (My PICkit 2 will not work the
the MPLAB debugger on PIC32; I will need to get a PICkit 3).
* drivers/net/e1000.c/h: A PCI-based E1000 Ethernet driver submitted
by Yu Qiang.
* lib/net/lib_inetaddr.c: An implementation of the inet_addr() function
submitted by Yu Qiang.
* arch/arm/src/lpc31xx and arch/arm/include/lpc31xx: Renamed from lpc313x
to make name space for other famiy members.
* arch/arm/*/lpc31xx: Added support for the LPC315x family (untested).
* sched/task_exithook.c: Functionality performed when a task exits or is
deleted has been moved to a common file task_exithook.c. Now exit()
functionality (like flushing I/O and calling registered atexit()
functions, etc.) will be performed when a task is deleted as well.
* mm/: Added support for CONFIG_MM_SMALL. Each memory allocation has a
small allocation overhead. The size of that overhead is normally
determined by the "width" of the address support by the MCU. MCUs
that support 16-bit addressability have smaller overhead than devices
that support 32-bit addressability. However, there are many MCUs
that support 32-bit addressability *but* have internal SRAM of size
less than or equal to 64K. In this case, CONFIG_MM_SMALL can be
defined so that those MCUs will also benefit from the smaller, 16-
bit-based allocation overhead.
* lib/string/lib_strndup.c: Add standard strndup() library function.
* net/getsockname.c: Added standard getsockname() to return the local
address associated with a socket.
* lib/stdio/lib_asprintf.c: Add asprintf()
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/ftpc: Add a configuration to support
testing of the FTP client shell.
* fd/fs_fdopen.c and net/net_checksd.c: Add support so that fdopen may
be used with socket descriptors.
* net/recvfrom.c: Fix an error found in receiving small files via FTP:
The small file is received a buffered in the readahead buffer, then the
socket is disconnected. When the app calls recvfrom, the socket is
already disconnected and the buffered data is stranded. Now, recvfrom
will continue to return success after the socket is disconnected until
the readahead buffer is drained.
* olimex-lp1766stk/ftpc/defconfig: Many configurations have the MTU
(CONFIG_NET_BUFSIZE) set to very small numbers, less then the minimum
MTU size that must be supported -- 576. This can cause problems in
some networks: CONFIG_NET_BUFSIZE should be set to at least 576 in
all defconfig files. This has only been fixed in this defconfig file.
6.5 2011-06-21 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/avr/src/avr and arch/avr/include/avr: Adds general support for
the Atmel 8-bit AVR family.
* arch/avr/src/atmega and arch/avr/include/atmega: Adds support for the
Atmel AVR ATMega family.
* arch/avr/src/at90usb and arch/avr/include/at90usb: Adds support for the
Atmel AVR AT90USB family.
* configs/micropendous3: Adds a board configuration for the Opendous
Micropendous 3 board. This board may be populated with several different
members of the Atmel AVR AT90USB family.
* configs/amber: This is a placehold for the Atmel ATMega128 Amber Web
Server from SoC Robotics. Not much present in this directory on initial
* configs/teensy: Adds a board configuration for the PJRC Teensy++ 2.0 board
that features an Atmel AT90USB1286 MCU.
* fs/fat: Offsets, sector numbers, etc. need to be off_t, not size_t. size_t
is intended to be the maximum size of a memory object, not a file offset. This
does not make any difference except on systems (like the AVR) where size_t
is only 16-bits.
6.6 2011-07-11 Gregory Nutt <>
* drivers/mtd/ramtron.c, net/net_checksd.c, fs/fs_fdopen.c, and include/nuttx/mii.h:
Several structural changes made to get a clean compile under the eZ80 ZDS-II
toolchain (no design changes).
* drivers/usbhost/usbhost_storage.c: Incorpated bugfixes reported by Sheref H.
Younan: (1) Read capacity logic read largest block, not the number of blocks
and was, therefore, off by one, and (2) Some devices stall of get Max LUN request
if they support only a single LUN. Logic now assumes a single LUN if the get
Max LUN request fails.
* include/nuttx/arch.h, lib/stdio/lib_libvsprintf.c, lib/stdio/lib_fputs.c: Add
a new configuration option to support extracting strings from FLASH or EEPROM
or other memories where the string data cannot be accessed by simply de-referencing
a string pointer.
* arch/sim/src/up_romgetc.c: Used to test the basic logic to access strings
without directly de-referencing a string pointer.
* arch/avr/src/avr/up_romget.c: Used to access strings that lie in the first
64K of FLASH (But I still haven't figured out how to get strings to reside in
FLASH without using the PROGMEM attribute).
* configs/teensy/src/up_spi.c: Correct reading of SD CD and WP pins (was reading
the wrong register. AVR SPI now appears to be functional.
* arch/avr/src/at90usb/at90usb_usbdev.c: Correct USB initialization. Interrupts
were being enabled BEFORE the interrupt handler was attached.
* configs/sure-pic32mx: Add a configuration for the Sure Electronics, "Advanced USB
Storage Demo Board," Model DB-DP11215 (
This board features the MicroChip PIC32MX440F512H MCU. (Untested on initial
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nsh2: Add another NSH configuration for the STM32 with
some different properties.
* CONFIG_NSH_CONDEV: Add a configuration option to allow using a different character
device (such a a different UART) for the NSH interface. This allows, for example,
debug output to come from the console device while using another device for NSH.
There are some issues on initial check-in: NuttX doesn't have termios and the
console device has special properties that make using NSH awkward. Examples:
No CR-LF expansion, no character echoing, no command line editting.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_lowputc.c and stm32_serial.c. Correct several bugs
involving serial port configuration. These bugs are only critical if you
are trying to using multiple UARTs on STM32.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_lcd.c: Add a driver for the STM3210E-EVAL's LCD.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nx: Add NX configuration for the STM3210E-EVAL.
* configs/nuttx/arch.h (and arch/arm/src/stm32, configs/*/src/up_buttons.c):
Standardize interfaces exported for button support and button interrupts.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_buttons.c: Add interrupting button support.
Also fixes a few errors in STM3210E-EVAL button decoding.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/buttons: Add a configuration to exercise STM3210E-EVAL
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_gpio.c: GPIO interrupt handling for pin
numbers were being aliased: 5-9 together and 10-15 together. Extended
the logic to peform decoding of GPIO interrupts and unique dispatching
for all 16 pins.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nxtext: Add a configuration for the apps/examples/nxtext
example. This example focuses on placing text on the background while
pop-up windows occur. Text should continue to update normally with or without
the popup windows present.
* arch/arm/src/common/up_checkstack.c: ARM stack overflow checking submitted
by Hal Glenn.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx: Changes to compile successfully with no serial console
(also submitted by Hal Glenn).
* graphics/nxfonts/nxfonts_convert.c: Fixed a critical bug that caused
when renderer some fonts with bits-per-pixel > 8
* graphics/nxbe/nxbe_move.c: Fixed an error in the graphics move logic (This
was a previously untested interface). Basically, there is some confusion
between use of (x,y) as a relative offset or as an absolute position.
* graphics/nxbe/nxbe_close.c: Fixed an important graphics system bug:
When a window is closed, the display was not being updated. The old
window graphic was left on the display for a time.
6.7 2011-08-02 Gregory Nutt <>
* Makefile: Added a export target that will bundle up all of the NuttX
libraries, header files, and the startup object into an export-able
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.h: Correct some typos in the CAN
register definitions.
* drivers/serial/serialirq.c: Correct an error that can occur if the
serial RX buffer becomes full. Data is now discarded in that case;
before, leaving data in the hardware would cause infinite interrupts
one most MCUs since you must read the data in order to clear the
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.c: Added a CAN driver contributed by
Li Zhuoyi (Lzyy).
* include/stddefs.h and sys/types: Added type wchar_t.
* fs/fat/fat_fat32dirent.c: Move all FAT directory operations to this
new file; Implement VFAT long file name support.
* fs/fat/fat_fat32dirent.c: The configuration CONFIG_FAT_LCNAMES has
been around for some time but never tested until now. This setting
will mimic the NT 8.3 file name behavior: File names or extensions
may be all upper or all lower case (but not mixed). If
CONFIG_FAT_LCNAMES is not selected, all filenames are strictly upper
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nsh2: Console is back on UART1; Added
examples/nx as an NSH "built-in" command as a demonstration.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32dirent.c: Fix an important bug in the directory
allocation (fat_allocatedirentry()). I looks like it could be
initializing the wrong sectors! NOTE: This function was in
fs_fat32utils.c in earlier releases.
* arch/arm/src/stm32_sdio.c: Correct an important DMA-related bug;
SDIO transfer completion events and DMA completion eventes were
not being coordinated correctly.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nsh2: Enable FAT long file name support
* sched/sem_timedwait.c: Add the standard sem_timedwait() interface.
* graphics/nxfonts/nxfonts_getfont.c, nxfonts_bitmap.c,
Makefile.source, and include/nuttx/nxfonts.h: Support for multiple
fonts included. A new interface, nxf_getfonthandle() takes a font
ID and returns a handle that is now used at all other font interfaces
to specify which of the multiple fonts to use.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_syscon.h: Fix typo (reported by Li Zhuoyi).
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nsh2: Extended to support two new commands:
'msconn' will connect the USB mass storage device; 'msdis' will
disconnect the USB storage device.
* tools/bdf-converter.c. This C file is used to build the bdf-converter
program. The bdf-converter program be used to convert fonts in Bitmap
Distribution Format (BDF) into fonts that can be used in the NX graphics
* include/nuttx/nx: Move all NX header files from include/nuttx to
* drivers/usbdev/usbdev_usbstorage.c and arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbdev.c:
Correct a memory leak when the USB mass storage driver is connected and
then disconnected from the target. The write requests were not being
freed. NOTE that the unregister logic in the STM32 needed to call
stm32_reset() in order to return the write requests to the USB mass
storage driver; it is possible that a similar but could exist for other
* graphics/nxfonts/nxfonts_*.h: Add serveral more new fonts
* arch/z80/src/eZ80/ez80_serial.c: Fix some errors in serial driver
setup for UART1 (submitted by Paul Osmialowski).
* drivers/input/tsc2007.c and include/nuttx/input/*: Add a generic NuttX
touchscreen interface. Add a driver for the TI TSC2007 touchscreen
* graphics/nxglib/lcd and fb: Add low level routines to set single pixels.
* lib/math/lib_b16atan2.c: Add a fixed precision atan2() function
* graphics/nxglib/nxglib_splitline.c: Add logic to divide a wide line into
trapezoidal components.
* graphics/nxmu/nx_drawline.c, graphics/nxsu/nx_drawline.c,
graphics/nxtk/nxtk_drawlinewindow.c, graphics/nxtk/nxtk_drawlinetoolbar.c:
Add new line drawing interfaces (untested).
6.8 2011-08-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/chip.h: Fix some chip memory configuration errors
for the LPC1764, LPC1756, and LPC1754 (submitted by Li Zhuoy (Lzyy))
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.h: Revised CAN driver submitted by
Li Zhuoy (Lzyy). The driver now supports both CAN1 and CAN2.
* arch/arm/sim/up_lcd.c: Add a simulated LCD driver.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nxlines: Added a configuration to build
* arch/graphics: Used apps/examples/nxlines to (finally) verify the NX
trapezoid drawing functions and (wide) line drawing functions.
* arch/rgmp and configs/rgmp. Yu Qiang has ported RGMP to the OMAP4430 (arm)
pandaboard and release the new RGMP 0.3 version. The main changes are: (1)
Separate configs/rgmp/x86 and configs/rgmp/arm configuration directory, and
(2) Extract architecture dependent code in arch/rgmp/include and
arch/rgmp/src into corresponding x86/ and arm/ directories.
* arch/arm/src/kinetis, arch/arm/include/kinetis, configs/kwikstick-k40:
Add a directory structure to support the port to the Kinetis KwikStik-K40.
There is no real substance in the initial check-in; only the directory
structure and skeleton files (Code complete on 8/15/11).
* arch/arm/include/armv7-m, arch/arm/src/armv7-m, etc.: Rename all cortexm3
directories and files to armv7-m; Change name of of all CORTEXM3 constants
to ARMV7M. This is a major namespace change needed to cleanly support the
ARM Cortex-M4 which is also in the ARMv7 M Series (specifically, ARMv7E-M).
* sched/sig_initialize.c, sig_received.c, and mq_waitirq.c. Fixed several
critical bugs related to signal handling initialization and for signals
the wake up tasks that are waiting to send or receive message queues. In
the first two files, errors would prevent proper allocation of signal-related
structures from interrupt handlers. In the second, there was missing
"clean-up" logic after a signal occurred, leaving the message queue in
a bad state and resulting in PANICs. All are important. (submitted by
* arch/arm/src/kinetis: Added header files defining all Kinetis registers
and bit fields within all Kinetis registers.
* configs/twr-k60n512: Add support for the Kinetis K60 Tower board
* drivers/can.c: Fixed a semaphore overflow problem in the CAN driver
(reported by Li Zhouy (Lzyy)).
* 8/18/2011: The basic port to the FreeScale Kinetis TWR-K60N512 board is
now functional.
* configs/twr-k60n512: Add Kinetis TWR-K60N512 NSH configuration.
* drivers/analog and include/nuttx/analog: Add ADC driver infrastructure
and TI ADS1255 driver developed and submitted by Li Zhouy (Lzyy)).
* arch/arm/stm32/stm32_sdio.h and drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd.c: Add logic to
multiplex usage of the GPIO pins (contributed by Uros Platise).
* configs/twr-k60n512/nsh: Added and verified a NuttShell (NSH)
configuration for the Freescale, Kinetis TWR-K60N512 board.
6.9 2011-09-11 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/kinetis/kinetis_sdhc.c: SDHC driver for Kinetis parts.
Initially check-in is just a crude port of the STM32 SDIO driver.
Much more work is needed.
* graphics/, include/nuttx/nx: Add new NX interfaces for drawing
circles -- both circular outlines and filled circles.
* graphic/nxglib/nxglib_spitline.c: Add a "fudge factor" that eliminates
some problems for rendering nearly horizontal, wide lines. Hmm...
but I suspect this fudge factor also leads to new problems rendering
very thin, nearly horizontal lines. More tuning is needed.
* drivers/analog, include/nuttx/analog, arch/arch/src/lpcxx: (1) Add
updates to the ADS1255 driver, (2) fix errors from my last merge (sorry),
(3) Add DAC infrastructure, (4) add AD5410 DAC driver, and (5) add
LPC17xx ADC and DAC drivers. All contributed by Li Zhuoyi (Lzyy).
* tools/ Extended the script that implements the top-level
'make export' logic. The script now also finds and bundles up all of
the architecture-specific header files as well.
* drivers/arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Add a reset to the I2C
initialization logic to prevent spurious interrupts when the I2C
interrupts are enabled (submitted by Uros Platise).
* Scripts/makefiles/documents. Several adjustments, corrections and
typo fixes so that NuttX will build correctly on FreeBSD using the
ASH shell (submitted by Kurt Lidl).
* drivers/mtd/flash_eraseall.c: Add a callable function that accepts
the path to a block driver and then erases the underlying FLASH memory
(assuming that the block driver is an MTD driver wrapped in the FTL
layer). Hmmm... this is probably not the best long term solution;
flash_eraseall() should be a user-callable function that operates
one driver interfaces; not an internal, OS function that operates
on directly on block drivers.
* drivers/bch: Fixed some important bugs in the BCH driver (noted by
Li Zhuoyi (Lzyy)). This would have effected any large reads or writes
(larger than the hardware sector size).
* arch/*/src/Makefile: Use of -print-libgcc-file-name to get path to
libgcc.a may select the wrong libgcc.a if a multilib toolchain (like
CodeSourcery) is used. This can be a serious problem and can cause
crashes on Cortex-M3 if the ARM libgcc is used, for example. The fix
is to include ARCHCPUFLAGS on the gcc command line when asking it to
* lib/time/lib_gmtimer.c: Correct several calculations that could lead
to errors in dates.
* drivers/pm: Add the beginnings of a NuttX power management sub-system.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_irq.c: Fix a error introduced in 6.8.
Timeout calculation uses clock_settime() instead of clock_gettime().
Pretty gross error, but actually it works with the side effect of setting
a bad time.
* drivers/mtd/at24xx.c: Driver for I2C-based at24cxx EEPROM submitted by
Li Zhuoyi (Lzyy).
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_i2c.c: I2C driver for the NXP LPC17xx family
submitted by Li Zhuoyi (Lzyy)
* arch/arm/src/stm32_i2c.c: Correct two issues with the STM32 I2C driver:
(1) Clocking needs to be based on PCLK1, not HCLK and fast speed settings
need some additional bits; and (2) Correct a hang that will occur on
I2C1 if FSMC is also enabled.
* drivers/sensors/lm75.c and include/nuttx/sensors/lm75.h: Add an LM-75
temperature sensor driver.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_lm75.c: Add support for the LM-75 on the
STMicro STM3210E-EVAL board.
* sched/clock_gettime.c: Correct an error in the tv_nsec calculation
that happens only config CONFIG_RTC is enabled.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Correct some bugs related to waiting
for the I2C STOP condition to be cleared.
6.10 2011-10-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* lib/stdio/lib_fopen.c: Fix an error in fopen(); the file pointer was not
being positioned at the end of the file when the "a" and "a+" modes are
used. There are other issues with the "a+" modes (see the top-level TODO
* drivers/usbdev/cdc_serial.c and include/nuttx/usb/cdc.h and cdc_serial.h:
Add support for the CDC ACM serial device class.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32.c: Fix a critical bug in the write logic: It a tiny write
cross a sector boundary, then two sector writes will occur. The first part
in the first sector may be written to the wrong sector number.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32util.c: Fix a stray write into the FAT (always sector 964 on
FAT32). This bug will cause some lost chains. I'm sure this bug could
corrupt files but at present, the only thing I have seen is that before
fixing this bug, the Windows chkdsk utility would report these lost chains.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Driver can now operate in a faster polled
mode (at the expense of using more cpu cycles).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Add trace debug capability. Enabled with
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Fix another bug where I2C conflicts with FSMC
being enabled. That time at the tail end of the transaction where there is
an unfinished stop condition.
* sched/mq_timedreceive.c and sched/mq_timedsend.c: The count of threads
waiting on the message queues was not being decremented after a timeout.
This would cause the accounting logic to become out of sync and the, perhaps,
an assertion to be triggered. This is an important bug and fixes a
potential crash when using mq_timedreceived() and mq_timedsend().
* sched/mq_sndinternal.c: Related to the above, the send logic was incrementing
the wrong counter when it waited as part of the mq_timedsend.c logic.
* fs/fat: Fix an error in the long file name logic: If the long file name
is an even multiple of 13 bytes in length, then it should not include a
NULL terminating character. Fix contributed by Kaushal Parikh.
* configs/sim/nx11: Created a separate configuration to build the NX
example using the a simulated framebuffer driver on an X11 window. This
example has been verified on Ubuntu 9.09 (it does not work on Cygwin).
* arch/sim/src/up_touchscreen.c and up_x11eventloop.c: Adds support for a
simulated NuttX touchscreen device using mouse/pointer feedback from an
x11 window.
* configs/sim/touchscreen: Adds a configuration to verify the simulated
touchscreen driver (Does not work on Cygwin).
* configs/sam3u/touchscreen: This is the configuration that I plan to use
to verify the SAM3U-EK touchscreen driver. However, as of this writing,
there is no touchscreen driver for the board.
* CONFIG_RTC_HIRES: Add an option to support either a high-resolution RTC
that completely replaces the system timer tick but may overflow and lose
time when the MCU is off and also for a low-resolution (1 sec/tick) RTC
that can run until 2106 with no overflow. But in this latter case, higher
resolution time must come from the system timer.
* CONFIG_SYSTEM_UTC: Removed support for the UTC system timer. It just
doesn't do enough to be worth the CPU cycles or the complexity.
* CONFIG_SYSTEM_TIME16: Added support for an optional 64-bit system timer.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32util.c: Add support for FAT date/time stamps; Enabled via
* arch/arm/src/sam3u/sam3u_spi.c: Add an SPI driver for the AT91SAM3U.
* drivers/input/ads7843e.c and include/nuttx/input/ads7843e.h: Add a
driver for the TI ADS7843E touchscreen controller.
* fs/nxffs/nxffs_open.c: Fix an error when a file is open for writing; since
the file will get deleted it is already exists, there must be a check if
there are other open references to the file.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_sdio.c: Fixed an error where during SDHC
initialization interrupts were not being re-enabled. Caused more subtle
errors than you would think.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Fixed an error where I2C timeouts appeared
to be successful transfers.
* configs/sim/nsh2: Add another simulated NSH configuration. This one
supports X11 graphics, C++, and exercises graphic functions as built-in
6.11 2011-11-12 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/stm32/Make.defs: Don't build stm32_rtc.c if CONFIG_RTC is not
selected. Doing so will cause errors if other configuration dependencies
are not met.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_lcd.c: Color corrections for SPFD5408B LCD
do not work with R61580 LCD.
* configs/pic32-starterkit: Beginning of a configuration for the Microchip
PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit. Hmmm.. I don't have a clue how to test this
with no serial port?!
* lib/stdio/lib_fclose.c: fclose() always returns an error (EOF) when it
closes a read-only file. This is because it calls flush() which will
fail on read-only files. No harm is done other that a bad value is
* arch/sim/src/Makefile: Correct build issue for sim/nsh2 target. Old
libboard.a was not being cleaned.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx-gpio*.c: Add GPIO support for the PIC32MX.
* configs/sure-pic32mx/src/up_leds.c and up_buttons.c: Add button and LED
support for the Sure Electronics PIC32MX board.
* configs/ea3152: Add a configuration for the Embedded Artists LPC3152
daughter board (with the same base-board used with configs/ea3131)
* graphics/nxmu/nx_getrectangle.c, graphics/nxsu/nx_getrectangle.c,
graphics/mxtk/nx_getwindow.c, graphics/nxmu/nx_gettoobar.c: New
interfaces to read from graphics memory
* graphics/nxbe/nxbe_bitmap.c: Fix an error in the error handling that
can cause valid bitmaps to fail to render.
* include/nuttx/video/rgbcolors.h: Fix errors in some 16- and 8-bit color
conversion macros.
* tools/ Fix issues when g++ is used as the compiler. It was
not being recognized and handled properly.
* graphics/nxsu/nx_releasebkgd.c: Fix a bad cast that was causing
problems with the background window was released.
* fs/nxffs/nxffs_pack.c: Correct a critical bug in the NXFFS file system:
When repacking the filesystem, there was a missing check to see if an
inode structure would fit at the end of a block. This is a rare case
if the block size is large, but can be common for tiny block sizes
and results in a crash and file system corruption.
* fs/nxffs/nxffs_initialize.c: Fix an initialize error. If the FLASH
is full on power-up, NXFFS will fail to initialize correctly.
* fs/nxffs/nxffs_write.c and nxffs_pack.c: Fix an error that can occur
when attempt to write to FLASH volume that is completely full but
has no value inodes on it.
* drivers/mtd/at24xx.c: Now supports a configurable block size that
supports using "clusters" of AT24 pages as blocks. This allows bigger
block sizes and more efficient use of EEPROM when the AT24 is used to
support a file system (such as NXFFS). (Contributed by Hal Glenn).
* include/nuttx/video/rgbcolors.h: More fixes to RGB color conversion
* arch/arm/src/common/up_createstack.c and up_usestack.c: For ARM EABI
the stack must be aligned to 8-byte boundaries. This is necessary for
passing aligned floating point values under EABI. Fix contributed by
David Sidrane.
* Numerous changes and fixes to the PIC32 interrupt handing logic. The
PIC32 port is almost complete but still not ready for prime time.
6.12 2011-12-06 Gregory Nutt <>
* fs/fat/fs_fat32util.c and fs_fat32.h: Logic extended to look in up to
four partitions for a valid FAT file system.
* drivers/input/tsc2007.c: Add support for 8-bit conversions; make sure
that A/D converters are active before requesting conversions.
* drivers/mmcsd0/mmcsd_sdio.c: Increase capacity variable from size_t
to uin64_t (if available) so that SD cards with capacities greater
than 4Gb can be supported.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32dirent.c: The root directory structure is different
from other directories. When formatted by Windows, it is not initialized
at all. Some additional special handling is required to initialize the
root directory entry to interoperate correctly with windows.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32util.c: In fat_systime2fattime(void) should be
clock_gettime() and not clock_gettime(). Also, there is a place where
FAT date is used instead of FAT time. (Thanks to David Sidrane).
* arch/arm/src/stm32 and arch/arm/include/stm32: Add support for the
STM32F40xxx family of MCUs.
* configs/stm3240g-eval: Add framework for the STMicro STM3240G-EVAL
* include/sys/types.h: wchar_t is a builtin type in C++ and its
declaration can cause errors with certain C++ compilers.
* sched/sig_timedwait.c: Fix signal handling when the returned info
is NULL. Before this change, it would derefence a NULL pointer
in this case.
* graphics/nxfonts/nxfonts_sans17x22.h and nxfonts_sans20x26.h: Add
some very small sans serif fonts.
* graphics/nxfonts/nxfonts_sans17x23b.h and nxfonts_sans20x27b.h: Add
corresponding sans serif bold fonts.
* drivers/input/ads7843e.c and tsc2007.c: Fix some errors in the poll
setup error checking that was cloned into both drivers.
* sched/mq_notify.c: Set errno appropriately on failures. There are
still several message queue functions that do not set errno!
* arch/arm/src/stm32: Fixes to several STM32F40xxx files (contributed by
Mikhail Bychek).
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_lcd.c: Fix banding problem on the R61580
* configs/stm3240g-eval/ostest: The basic STM32F40xx bringup is functional
(11/12/06) for the STM3240G-EVAL board and passes the OS test.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nsh: Adds a NuttShell (NSH) configure for the
STM3240G-EVAL board.
6.13 2011-12-26 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32f40xxx_dma.c: Add DMA support for the STM32 F4
family (untested on initial check-in)
* arch/arm/src/armv7-m/up_fpu.c: Add logic for saving an restoring VFP
floating point registers on context switches (but also disable the FPU
because CodeSourcery doesn't support hard flowing point!)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip/stm32_eth.h: Add Ethernet register definitions
for the STM32 F4.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32_eth.c: Adds an Ethernet driver for the STM32 F4.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32_dac.c and stm32_adc.c: "Skeleton" files for STM32
DAC and ADC drivers. The actual logic will come later.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32_eth.c: There may be a few more lurking bugs, but
the STM32 Ethernet driver appears to be fully functional on the STM3240G-EVAL.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32_eth.c: Fix an error in clearing abnormal interrupt
* configs/stm3240g-eval/dhcpd: Add a DCHP daemon configuration for the
STM3240G-EVAL board.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nettest: Add a network test configuration for the
STM3240G-EVAL board.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32_rtc.c, stm32f10xxx_rtc.c, and stm32f40xxx_rtc:
Broke out separate drivers to handle the very different RTC implementations
in the STM32 F1 and F4 family.
* arch/arm/srcm/stm32/stm32f10xxx_rtc.c: STM32 F4 RTC is functional (12/14/2011)
* net/uip-arp.c: Fix compilation issue with CONFIG_NET_ARP_IPIN
* include/nuttx/pwm.h and drivers/pwm.c: Add an interface definition and a
"upper half" driver for PWM output.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_pwm.c: Added a PWM "lower half" driver for the
STM32. The initial check-in is little more than a framework for the driver.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbdev.c: Corrected two CRITICAL errors in the USB
device-side driver: (1) Handling of data overrun condition was wrong. When
there was no further memory to accept further OUT endpoint data, the driver
would hang with infinite interrupts; (2) the logic in setting toggle bits
was not correct. However, this driver has functioned for a long time until
the particular condition that revealed the bug occurred. My impression is
that this latter bugfix also fixes some STM32 USB performance problems.
* configs/hymini-stm32v: A configuration for the HY-Mini STM32v board contributed
by Laurent Latil. These changes also include support for the STM32F103VCT6.
* arch/configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_pwm.c: Add hooks needed to use the new
apps/examples/pwm test of the STM32 PWM driver.
* drivers/mtd/mp25x.c: Add ability to use different SPI modes and different
manufacturers codes. Fix a error in the wait for not busy (submitted by
Mohammad Elwakeel.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_can.c: Add a low-level STM32 CAN driver. (Initial
check is incomplete). Add loopback support to the driver.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_adc.c: The ADC is now functional. A more complete
driver would require DMA support. I have some questions still about the
accuracy of the timer-driven sampling.
* configs/sure-pic32mx/nsh: The PIC32 port is (finally) functional. Add an
NSH configuration for the Sure PIC32MX board.
* configs/sure-pic32mx/*/defconfig. Calibrated all PIC32 delay loops.
* configs/pcblogic-pic32mx/nsh: Add an NSH configuration for the PCBLogic
PIC32 board.
* Both PIC32 OS test and NSH configurations have now been verified.
6.14 2012-01-15 Gregory Nutt <>
* tools/Makefile.export,, and Changes submitted
by Mike Smith to support configuration and 'make export' on MAC OS.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_gpio.c: Disabled interrupts while configuring
GPIO pins so that we have exclusive access to the GPIO configuration
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx_usbdev.c: Add a USB device-side driver
for the PIC32MX family.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_gpio.c: Correct an error in some of the GPIO
initialization logic. Fix submitted by Mike Smith.
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/src/up_leds.c: Add new interfaces so that is
CONFIG_ARCH_LEDS are not set, the LEDs may be controlled from application
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/src/up_buttons.c: Add support for the buttons
on the Olimex LPC1766-STK board.
* Makefile: Added 'apps_clean' and 'apps_distclean' target to simplify
managing the state of the application directory while in the NuttX directory
* Documentation/NuttXGettingStarted.html: Added a "Getting Started" Guide
for NuttX. At present, this is just a stub and it refers to the NuttX
top-level README.txt file which is the only, real "Getting Started" Guide
that exists at the time being.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_gpioint.c: Correct an value used as the lower
end of an IRQ number range test.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_gpio.c: Fix a integer flow problem in shift.
This error would prevent pins > 15 from being used as interrupt sources.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_can.c: The CAN driver has been verified in
loopback mode on the STM3240G-EVAL board.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_adc.c: Complete coding of ADC support for the
potentiometer on board the STM3240G-EVAL.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17_can.c: Several CAN driver improvements. Adds support for
testing in loopback mode. now uses all three transmit buffers for better
* configs/olimex-lpc1766stk/nsh: Now supports the CAN loopback test as an
optional "built-in" application.
* sched/irq_attach.c: Fix an issue with disabling interrupts when they are
detached. For the PIC32, this can't be done because there is a 1-to-many
relationship between vector numbers and interrupt numbers or different.
Added a new configuration option CONFIG_ARCH_VECNOTIRQ to at least flag
the architectures that have this issue and to (at least) avoid doing
something too wrong.
* drivers/can.c: Fix a test for buffer full in the generic, "upper half",
can driver.
* arch/arm/src/lm3s: Add support for the LM3S6432S2E (Contributed by Mike Smith)
* configs/lm3s6432-s2: Add support for the TI RDK-S2E (LM3S6432S2E) board
(Contributed by Mike Smith)
* configs/stm3240g-eval/src: Add APIs support to support user access to the
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.c: Add logic to change the CAN bit rate based
on the NuttX configuration.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.c: PCLK divisor is now a configuration
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_serial.c and stm32_lowputc.c: Support for
UART4-5 and USART6 added by Mike Smith. Also includes a more flexible
way of managing UART pin configurations.
* include/nuttx/pwm.h, drivers/pwm.c, arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_pwm.c: Add
support for pulse count in order to better support stepper motors.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_dumpgpio.c: Checking wrong register to see if
GPIO is enabled. Also not adding the GPIO base address to several offsets.
* configs/stm32f4discovery: Port to the STMicro STM32F4Discovery board
(Contributed by Mike Smith).
* fs/fat/fs_fat32util.c: On a failure to recognize a FAT file system, the
mount logic should return -EINVAL, not -ENODEV.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_tim.c: Support for STM32 F4 32-bit timers
(Contributed by Mikhail Bychek)
* lib/stdio/lib_vsprintf.c: Add support for fixed-size fields with floating
point numbers (Contributed by Mikhail Bychek)
6.15 2012-02-12 Gregory Nutt <>
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_pwm.c: Pulse count was limited to 128; now is
(essentially) unlimited.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/include/board.h: Input frequencies wrong for all but
one APB2 timer.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx-ethernet.c: The PIC32 Ethernet driver is
code complete, but still untested.
* configs/sim/*/Make.defs and arch/sim/src/Makefile: Add support for building
a 32-bit executable on a 64-bit Linux target.
* configs/sure-pic32mx/src/up_leds.c: Correct GPIOs used for LEDs. The wrong
pins were being used.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip/stm32f10xxx_gpio.h: Correct offset to one AFIO EXICR
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.c: Added "advanced" configuration options
to specify the CAN TSEG1 and TSEG2 clock counts specifically.
* include/nuttx/can.h and drivers/can.c: Add support for extended (29-bit)
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_can.c: Add support for extended (29-bit) CAN IDs.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_can.c: Add support for extended (29-bit) CAN IDs.
* include/nuttx/power/pm.h: Move include/nuttx/pm.h into a sub-directory named
* drivers/power: Rename the drivers/pm directory to power
* include/power/battery.h and drivers/battery.c: Add the interface definitions
for an upper and lower half battery driver. Add the implementation of the
common upper half battery driver.
* drivers/power/max1704x.c: Add a driver for MAX17040x battery "fuel gauge"
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Add support for I2C3
* drivers/usbdev/: Lots of name changes: cdc_serial->cdcacm, usbstrg->usbmsc,
* drivers/usbdev/composite: Fleshed out support for a composite USB device.
* drivers/stm3210e-eval/composite and drivers/stm3210e-eval/src/up_composite.c:
Add a configuration test the USB composite device.
* include/nuttx/usb/usb.h, drivers/usbdev/composite_descriptors.c, and
drivers/usbdev/cdcacm_descriptors.c: Add support for the USB Interface
Association Descriptor (IAD)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Correct a typo in STM32 I2C3 support
(submitted by Mike Smith)
* arch/*/src/Makefile: Candidate solution for dependency issue in the board
sub-directory: By making libboard.a a "phony" target, libboard.a should
always rebuilt (the end result is worth the small increase in build time)
(submitted by Mike Smith).
* include/net/psock.h: Added a new low level socket interface that allows the
OS to use the socket interface without having a socket descriptor.
* include/net/psock.h: Removed psock.h. The new interfaces are moved into
nuttx/net.h which already has similar logic.
* include/nuttx/usb/usb.h: Can't use 'class' as a field name in USB structures.
This upsets C++ if usb.h is included. 'class' -> 'classid' in this header
file and all places that referenced 'class'
* drivers/usbdev/usbmsc.c: Fixed some backward conditional compilation.
* sched/on_exit.c: Add support for the on_exit() function.,
* sched/exit.c, task_exithook.c, task_delete.c, sched_releasetcb.c: Move
the logic that closes file descriptors sooner in the task shutdown sequence.
When drivers are closed, they may need to do things that require a fully
up-and-running task. Some things cannot be done later when the task is
* lib/dirent: Moved readdir_r() and telldir() from lib/misc to this new
directory where they belong.
* lib/termios. Implemented tcsetattr() and tcgetattr().
* lib/stdio/lib_fgets.c: The old fgets includes some terminal related
functionality: It handles VT-100 commands, includes a command line editor
and echo characters back to the terminal. This old, overloaded fgets()
was renamed readline() and moved to apps/system/readline. The version
of fgets() in lib/stdio was them simplified and stripped down so that it
*only* gets a string -- as its description implies.
* arch/arm/src/lpc214x/lpc214x_usbdev.c: Add corrections suggested by
David Hewson many, many months ago.
* configs/mcu123-lpc214x/composite and configs/mcu123-lpc214x/src/up_composite.c:
Add a configuration to test the USB composite device.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/Telnetd: Add a configuration for testing the
Telnet daemon.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nsh2: This is another NSH configuration. It differs
from the original nsh configuration because it does not have an RS-232
console (only a Telnet console) and SDIO is enabled. This configuration is
required because the STM3240G-EVAL board cannot simultaneously support
RS-232 and SDIO due to pin conflicts.
* lib/string/lib_strcasestr.c: Add strcasestr().
* lib/stdio/lib_avsprintf.c: Add avsprintf().
* lib/net/lib_inetntop.c: Add inet_ntop().
* lib/net/lib_inetpton.c: Add inet_pton().
* include/pthread.h: Correct PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER.
* fs/fat/fs_fatfs.c: Fix an error in the FAT statfs() implementation that
was causing some block counts to be reported incorrectly (reported by
David Sidrane).
* drivers/ramlog.c: Add a character driver that can substitute
for /dev/console and or be used for logging debug output when there
is no serial port available (such as when a Telnet console is used).
* lib/stdio/lib_syslogstream: Add a stream object that will be used to
re-direct all debug output to the RAM log if CONFIG_SYSLOG and
* lib/misc/lib_dbg.c: Add an interface enabled with CONFIG_DEBUG_ENABLE that
can be used to turn debug output on and off.
6.16 2012-03-10 Gregory Nutt <>
* drivers/sensors/qencoder.c and include/nuttx/sensors/qencoder.h: Add an
implementation for a quadrature encoder upper half driver.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_qencoder.c/.h: Add a initial implementation of
a lower-half quadrature encoder driver for the STM32. On initial check-in,
this is little more than a "skeleton" file.
* Various files: CAN ISO-11783 support contributed by Gary Teravskis.
* net/recv.c and net/recvfrom.c: Correct a bug in return value: The the peer
gracefully closes the connections, needs to return zero and not ENOTCONN.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_eth.c: Fix an error in the STM32 ethernet driver.
The received buffer size must be two bytes larger to account for the two byte
checksum that is appended to the packet. Otherwise, the last two bytes of
real data in the packet will get clobbered.
* arch/arm/src/stm32f40xx_dma.c: The STM32 F4 DMA has (finally) been verified
* arch/arm/src/stm32_sdio.c: STM32 F4 SDIO DMA is now supported
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nsh/defconfig: This configuration now supports SDIO
with DMA (see configs/stm3240g-eval/README.txt for some issues).
* arch/arm/src/armv7-m/up_vectors.S and arch/arm/src/armv7-m/up_vectors.S: New,
streamlined Cortex-M exception handling (with FPU supported). Contributed byh
Mike Smith
* net/accept.c, connect.c,and net_monitor.c: Correct an error in the accept
logic. After a new connection is made via accept(), monitoring for losses
of TCP connection must be set up (just as with connect()). The new file
net_monitor.c holds the common TCP connection monitoring logic used by both
the accecpt() and connect() logic. Contributed by Max Nekludov.
* net/recvfrom.c and net/uip/uip_tcpcallback.c: Fix a leak in the TCP
read-ahead logic. This is a *critical* bug fix!
* net/uip/uip_tcpinput.c: Correct an error in the TCP stack. It was
incrementing the received sequence number BEFORE determining if the
incoming data could be handled. If the data was dropped (usually because
there is insufficient buffering space), then no ACK will be sent and the
sequence number will be wrong. The end consequence of the bad sequence
number was that the when the dropped packet was re-transmitted, it was
was ignored because its sequence number looked wrong. Fix was, obviously,
to only increment the recevied sequence number if the TCP data was
* configs/stm3240g-eval, configs/stm32f40discovery, and arch/*/src/Makefile:
Add changes to support building with the Atollic "Lite" toolchain.
* fs/fs_select.c: Correct select(), in the case of loss of network
connection (POLLHUP), select() must report a read-ready event. This
is how the standard select() interface is supposed to work: In the case
of loss-of-connection, select() reports read-ready. The next time you
read from the socket, you detect the end-of-connection event. Change
submitted by Max Nekludov.
* arch/arm/src/armv7-m/up_fpu.S and arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_vectors.S: Fix
lazy FPU register saving with CONFIG_ARCH_FPU is set in the configuration.
* arch/arm/src/armv7-m: Lazy saving of floating point registers on context
switches now seems to be functional.
* net/uip/uip_tcpinput.c: Fix a TCP protocol error reported by Max Nekludov.
* configs/stm3240g-eval, configs/stm32f40discovery: Add changes to support
building with the Atollic "Pro" toolchain.
* Makefile: Use the more common .hex extension for Intel hex files instead of
more precise .ihx extension. This change has ripple effects to many build-
related scripts and programs and could cause some short-term problems.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/, arch/arm/src/stm32/up_allocateheap.c: Add support
for the 16-mbit SRAM on-board the STM3240G-EVAL board.
* drivers/usbdev/cdcacm.c and include/nuttx/usbdev/cdcacm.h: The CDC/ACM
driver can now be dynamically connected and disconnected from the host
under software control.
* include/nuttx/arch.h, configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_cxxinitialize.c, and
configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_cxxinitialize.c: Add support for C++ static
* net/setsockopt.c, net/getsockopt.c, net/bind.c, net/socket.c: Add more
low level, thread-independent socket interfaces for use within the OS.
Some of these are currently used by the FTP controlling terminal. More will
be used to support the NFS file system currenly underwork.
* include/nuttx/net/: Major re-organization of networking headerf files.
Moved all non-standard, NuttX-specific header files from include/net and
include/nuttx into include/nuttx/net.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx_usbdev.c: The PIC32 USB driver now appears to
be fully functional.
* configs/sure-pic32mx/usbnsh and configs/sure-pic32mx/src: Add support for
NSH using only USB serial I/O to support the console. This is useful on
devices that have USB, but no serial port.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx_spi.c: Add a PIC32 SPI driver. Initial
checkin is primitive, incomplete (lacks interrupt logic), and untested.
* configs/pic32-startkit/nsh: Completed verification of the PIC32 Ethernet
Starter Kit port. Added and verified the NuttShell (NSH) on the PIC32
Ethernet Starter Kit. I can now (finally) claim to have complete the
basic port to this board.
* configs/pic32-startkit/nsh/up_usbdev, up_nsh.c, and up_usbterm.c: Verified
the USB (device) driver on the PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx_ethernet.c: Verified the PIC32 Ethernet
driver on the PIC32 Starter Kit. Status: It is occasionally functional
but not stable enough for use.
* arch/arm/include/stm32, arch/arm/src/stm32: Add general support for
the STM32 F2 family. Contributed by Gary Teravskis,
* configs/stm3220g-eval: Add support for the STMicro STM3220G-EVAL board.
Contributed by Gary Teravskis,
6.17 2012-04-14 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/sure-pic32mx: Add support for the Sure DB-DP11212 PIC32 General
Purpose Demo Board
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbhost.c/.h: Add files that will (eventually)
hold an STM32 USB host driver (the initial check-in is the NuttX LPC17
USB host driver with name changes only).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip/stm32_otgfs.h: STM32 USB OTG FS register
definitions (not complete on initial check-in).
* net/connect.c: Add another low level, thread-independent socket interface
for use within the OS.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx_ethernet.c: The PIC32 Ethernet driver
is now stable on the PIC32 Starter Kit.
* configs/pic32-starterkit/nsh2: Add a PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit NSH
configuration that has no serial console; all interaction is done via
* net/netdev_sem.c: Correct a deadlock condition by making a seamphore
recursive. To my knowledge this deadlock only occurs when running the
NSH command ifconfig over Telnet. In that case the function netdev_foreach
takes the network device semaphore, but so does the telnet logic causing
the deadlock.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_pm*.c: Add basic STM32 power management logic
that will eventually be used to implement low power states.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32f*0xx_rcc.c: In order to use CAN2, both CAN1 and
CAN2 clocking must be enabled.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/picm32mx-usbdev.c: Several stall-related fixes so that
the USB device driver can used the mass storage class (which does a LOT
of stalling as part of its normal protocol). The PIC32 USB Mass Storage
device is, however, still non-functional when debug is OFF.
* include/nuttx/fs: Move all file-system related files from include/nuttx to
* include/nuttx/serial: Move all serial-driver related files from include/nuttx to
* include/nuttx/clock.h and sched/clock_initialize.c: Add a new OS interface
called clock_sychronize() that can be used to re-synchronize the NuttX
system time with a hardware RTC. This function is called normally at power
up but may also need to be called when recovering from certain low-power
usage states where the system time is no longer accurate.
* arch/arm/src/calypso and arch/arm/include/calypso: Support for the TI "Calypso"
phone processor. Contributed by Denis Carilki and includes the work of Denis,
Alan Carvalho de Assis, and Stefan Richter.
* configs/compal_e88 and configs/compal_e99: Support for Compal e88 and e99 phones
Contributed by Denis Carilki and includes the work of Denis, Alan Carvalho de
Assis, and Stefan Richter.
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx: Several fixes for error that have crept in for the LPC17xx
DAC. Contributed by by Lzyy.
* graphics/nxconsole: Add a character driver that can be used as a console output
device for text output (still under development on initial check-in).
* graphics/nxmu: Fix several compilation errors that have crept into the multi-
user NX server because of lack of use.
* graphics/nxconsole: The NX text console is basically function (in multi-
user NX mode only).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: Correct a bug in the STM32 I2C driver. The
behavior of I2C status bits seems to be different between F1 and F4.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/nxconsole: New STM32 F1 configuration that runs the
NuttShell (NSH) within an NX window.
* graphics/nxconsole/nxcon_sem.c: Add protection from re-entrance with debug
is enabled.
* include/nuttx/ascii.h and vt100.h: Header files to centralize ASCII and
VT100 escape sequence definitions.
* graphics/nxconsole/nxcon_vt100.c: Add add framework to support VT100 escape
sequences in NxConsole.
* fs/fs_read.c: Fix read() return value for attempt to read from write-only
file or device. Was returning EBADF, should return EACCES.
* graphics/nxconsole.c: NxConsole now supports backspace and a cursor.
* Kconfig and arch/sim/Kconfig: Beginnings of support for a NuttX
configuration tool. Currently using the kconfig parser 'kconfig-frontend'
available at
(version 3.3.0-1 is also available in the NuttX SVN at
trunk/misc/tools/kconfig-frontends-3.3.0-1.tar.gz). Contributed by Lzyy.
* */Kconfig: Added skeleton Kconfig files to all directories that
may need them.
* include/nuttx/math.h: Moved include/math.h to include/nuttx/math.h
because it conflicts too often with the system math.h (and people aren't
inclined to read the documentation on how to handle this). Now, if
CONFIG_ARCH_MATH_H=y is defined, the top-level makefile will copy
the redirecting math.h header file from include/nuttx/math.h to
include/math.h. So for the architectures that define CONFIG_ARCH_MATH_H=y,
include/math.h will be in place as it was before; for the architectures
that don't select CONFIG_ARCH_MATH_H, the redirecting math.h header
file will stay out-of-the-way in include/nuttx/.
* Kconfig, sched/Kconfig, lib/Kconfig, libxx/Kconfig, arch/sim/Kconfig,
drivers/Kconfig, drivers/mtd/Kconfig, drivers/input/Kconfig
drivers/analog/Kconfig, drivers/lcd/Kconfig: Updated kernel
configuration support provided by Lzyy.
* Kconfig: Many more Kconfig updates (no longer tracking in the ChangeLog)
* arch/arm/src/Makefile, arch/x86/src/Makefile, arch/avr/src/Makefile,
arch/mips/src/Makefile, arch/sim/src/Makefile, arch/hc/src/Makefile,
arch/sh/src/Makefile: The libgcc.a in newer versions of GCC now
have an dependency on an external implementation of abort(). This
required modification to the Makefiles that do the final link: Now
libgcc.a must be included within the group of libraries that are
search recursively.
* arch/arm/srm/stm32/stm32_otgfsdev.c: A USB OTG FS device-side driver
for the STM32 F4 (and maybe F2 and F1 connectivity line).
* tools/cmpconfig.c: A tool for comparing two configuration files.
* include/nuttx/usb/usbdev.h, drivers/usbdev/*, arch/*/src/*/*usb*.c:
Extend the USB device side interface so that EP0 OUT data can be passed
with OUT SETUP requests.
* include/nuttx/watchdog.h: Add the definition of a standard watchdog
driver interface.
* drivers/watchdog.c: The "upper half" watchdog timer driver.
6.18 2012-05-19 Gregory Nutt <>
* Kconfig: Continued Kconfig file updates (no longer tracking on a per-file
basis in the ChangeLog)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_iwdog.c and stm32_wwdog.c: Add the STM32 IWDG
and WWDIG watchdog timer driver.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_lcd.c: Add LCD from for the STM3240G-EVAL (the
initial check-in is just a stm3210e-eval driver with renaming).
* sched/sched_setscheduler.c: Correct successful return value (Contributed
by Richard Cochran).
* include/fcntl.h and lib/stdio: Ignore CONFIG_STDIO_LINEBUFFER is the
file was opened in binary mode.
* lib/stdio/lib_fopen.c: Correct an error in parsing open mode string. The
plus sign may not appear right after the basic mode. For example, "r+", "rb+",
and "r+b" are all valid open strings and mean the same thing.
* lib/stdio/lib_fopen.c: Correct return errno value from f_open() and
f_fdopen() if the open mode string is invalid.
* drivers/serial/serial.c: Do not disable Rx interrupts on each byte.
Rather, only disable Rx interrupts when the Rx ring buffer may be empty.
* include/nuttx/usb/audio.h: USB Audio 1.0 definitions (in progress).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32fxx_dma.c: STM32 F4 DMA now supports circular
buffer mode (contributed by Mike Smith)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_serial.c: The serial driver can now support
Rx DMA into a circular buffer (contributed by Mike Smith)
* configs/pic32mx7mmb: Beginning of a configuration for the Mikroelektronka
PIC32MX7 Multimedia Board (MMB).
* net/recvfrom.c: Fix a compilation problem. Some UDP logic was conditioned
on TCP, not UDP.
* drivers/usbdev/cdcacm.c: Fix an infinite loop that occurs when the serial
device is unregisters.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_otgfs.c: The driver needs to reset the software (in
order to flush the requests) and to disable the software connection when the
device is unregistered.
* include/sys/prctl.h, sched/prctl.c, include/pthread.h: Add interfaces to
support getting and setting of the thread or task name.
* configs/ubw32: Added a configuration to support the Sparkfun UBW32 PIC32 board.
* configs/ubw32/nsh: Added an NSH configuration for the Sparkfun UBW32 PIC32 board.
* configs/ubw32/up_buttons.c: Added button support for Bit Whacker board.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nxconsole: Added a configuration to run the NSH
shell in an NX window for the STM3240G-EVAL board.
* include/cxx/cunistd: C++ header file to make sure that everything in
unistd.h is in the std:: namespace.
* configs/sim/nxwm: Added a configuration for testing the NuttX Window Manager
* fs/fs_fcntl.h: On success, always returned OK. However, some fcntl commands
require returning other values on success.
* Various files. Fix warnings about variables that were initialized by not used.
* configs/sim/*/defconfig: Changes to build a 32-bit simulation on a 32-bit
platform did not make into all of the Make.defs files.
* graphics/nxmu/nx_move.c: Wrong opcode was being used in the server message;
Also there was an error in the offset calculation.
* graphics/nxglib/fb/nxglib_moverectangle.c: Offset argument is really a
position, not an offset.
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_drawframe.c: Framed windows are now drawn in three
colors (instead of just two).
* drivers/input/stmpe811_*: Added a driver to support the STMicro STMPE811
IO Expander and touchscreen driver.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nxwm: Added to configuration for testing the NxWM
window manager on the STM3240G-EVAL board.
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_toolbarbounds.c: Added an interface to get the toolbar
bounding box.
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_drawframe.c: Fix an error in drawing the window frame.
inability to read from the LCD is a property of the LCD, not of NxConsole.
Then add CONFIG_NX_WRITEONLY which is the more generic way of saying that
no NX component should try to read from the underlying graphic device (LCD
or other).
* configs/stm3240g-eval/src/up_stmpe811.c: Add board-specific support for the
the STMPE811 I/O expander on the STM3240G-EVAL board. Verfied that the
STM3240G-EVAL touchscreen is now fully functional.
* include/cxx/cfcntl: Added std:: header file.
* graphics/nxbe/nxbe_filltrapezoid.c and graphics/nxglib/fb/nxglib_filltrapezoid.c:
Fix several errors in the trapezoid fill logic.
* include/nuttx/input/touchscreen.h, configs/hymini-stm32, configs/stm3240g-evel,
* configs/sam3u-ek, configs/sim, arch/sim/src/up_touchscreen.c, and
apps/examples/touchscreen: Standardize the board-specific, touchscreen
initialization interfaces.
* drivers/input/stmpe811_base.c and configs/stm3240g-eval: The STMPE811-based
touchscreen seems to work better with edge (vs. level) interrupts
* drivers/input/stmpe811_tsc.c: Fix some status checks so that the touchscreen
interrupt handling logic does not read data if the fifo is not at the
threshold level.
* include/nuttx/wqueue.h: Add macro work_available() to determine if the
previously scheduled work has completed.
* drivers/stmpe811_tsc.c: Correct errors: (1) Since all interrupt logic is done on
the worker thread, disabling interrupts does not provide protected; Need to
disable pre-emption. (2) Fix handling of touch ID and (2) add some logic to
prevent certain kinds of data overrun.
* include/nx/nxtk.h and graphics/nx/nxtk/nxtk.h: Move setting
of configuration defaults from the internal header file to a place where
other logic can use the defaults.
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_events.c: Fixed an important but in the logic that
translates the mouse/touchscreen position data for framed windows and toolbars.
* drivers/input/stmpe811_tsc.c, tsc2007.c, and ads7843e.c: Need to keep track of
when if positional data is valid. When the touch is released, the X/Y position
of the release must be the same as the X/Y position of the last touch (se that
the release occurs in the same window as the last touch).
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_events.c: Fix an error in mouse/touchscreen input logic:
Was autoraising the window AFTER processing the mouse press. This raises havoc
if the result of processing the mouse click was to raise some other window!
* graphics/nxtk/nxtk_events.c: I had to disable the whole autoraise feature
for multi-user case because it does not work correctly. In a scenario where (1) there
are multiple queued touchscreen events for the same window and (2) the result of the
first input was to switch windows, then the autoraise implementation will cause the
window to revert to the previous window. Not good behavior.
* sched/sched_mergepending.c: Add task switching instrumentation. There is a case
here where instrumentation was missing. Contributed by Petri Tanskanen.
* CONFIG_STMPE811_THRESHX, CONFIG_STMPE811_THRESHX, and drivers/stmpe811_tsc.c: Add some
thresholding controls to all slow down processing of touchscreen samples.
This is a problem with NX in multi-user mode: touchscreen data gets sent
via a message and when the message queue gets full the sender blocks and
touch events are lost. Basic data overrun. The badly effects touchscreen
human factors.
* include/sched.h: Fix a typo (missing semicolon) in prototype of on_exit();
* sched/on_exit.c and include/nuttx/sched.h: Fix some old typos that caused
compilation errors when CONFIG_SCHED_ONEXIT is defined.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nxwm/defconfig: The default NxWM now uses the STMPE811
* include/cxx/csched: Added
* graphic/nxmu/nxmu_sendserver.c, nxmu_sendwindow.c, and nxmu_sendclient.c:
Refactor NX messaging logic in preparation for a new message control
* graphics/nxtk, graphics/nxmu, include/nuttx/nx: Add a new window communication
to support blocking and flushing of client window messages. If there are
stale, queue window messages at the time that a window is destroyed, very bad
things happen.
6.19 2012-06-15 Gregory Nutt <>
* graphics/nxconsole/nxcon_kbdin.c: If selected, the NxConsole will take
input from the NX keyboard input callback. If this option is set, then
the interface nxcon_kdbin() is enabled. That interface may be driven by
window callback functions so that keyboard input *only* goes to the top
window. If CONFIG_NXCONSOLE_NXKBDIN is not selected, then the NxConsole
will receive its input from stdin (/dev/console). This works great but
cannot be shared between different windows. Chaos will ensue if you
try to support multiple NxConsole windows without CONFIG_NXCONSOLE_NXKBDIN
* graphics/nxmu/nx_kbdin.c: Fix pointer argument. This is a error
introduced in changes leading up to the 6.18 release. This error will
cause crashes or perhaps simply not work when you try to handle window
keyboard data in multi-user mode.
* graphics/nxconsole/nxcon_kdbind.c: Fixed unmatched sem_wait and sem_post.
Fix some conditional compilation that included a few too many lines of code.
* drivers/input/stmpe811_tsc.c and stmpe811.h: Add a timeout to catch missed
pen up events. Now the STM3240G-EVAL touchscreen works very smoothly.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nxwm/defconfig: Enable support for NxConsole keyboard
input. Increasing spacing of icons.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/nxwm/defconfig: Use a larger font for the calculator.
* include/nuttx/lcd/ssd1289.h, drivers/lcd/ssd1289.c and .h: Generic LCD
driver for LCDs based on the Solomon Systech SSD1289 LCD driver. This
of this as a template for an LCD driver that will have to be cusomized
for your particular LCD hardware.
* configs/stm32f4discovery/src/up_extmem.c and up_ssd1289.c: Add support to
STM32F4Discovery for than an external, SSD1289-based LCD.
* configs/stm32f4discovery/nxlines: Add an STM32F4Discovery configuration
to thest the SSD1289-based LCD.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/src: Add USB GPIO initialization logic needed
in board-specific boot logic.
* configs/stm32f4discovery/src: Add USB GPIO initialization logic needed
in board-specific boot logic.
* drivers/usbdev/pl2303.c and cdcacm.c: Fix the request size used for sending
packets. It was not using the maximum request size, but instead the previous
request size. As a result, packets get smaller, and smaller, and ... This
is an important USB serial fix.
* arch/arc/src/stm32_otgfsdev.c: Bug fix: Don't process TXFE if we have
already processed an XFRC interrupt. We have already done what needs
to done in that case.
* arch/arc/src/stm32_otgfsdev.c: Fixed some status settings in queuing of write
messages. Added a "hack" to work around missing TxFIFO empty interrupts. The
hack is basically to poll for space in the TxFIFO instead of of setting up
the interrupt.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32f2* and chip/stm32f2*: Update all STM32 F2 file so
that they are equivalent to F4 files. This is kind of a maintenance nightmare.
* configs/stm3220g-eval/: Update existing configurations to the same level
as the corresponding STM3240G-EVAL configurations. This adds FSMC SRAM,
touchscreen, and LCD support.
* configs/stm3220g-eval/: Add a NxWM configuration for the STM3220G-EVAL.
* stmpe11*: Fix a massive naming problem. All references to STMPE11 should be
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_otgfsdev.c: Need to enabled USB reset interrupt
(contributed by Erik Van Der Zalm).
* sched/sleep.c: Fix the return value from sleep(). The correct behavior is
to return the number of unwaited seconds; the implementation was always
returning zero.
* sched/usleep.c and include/unistd.h: Was a void function, but should return
0 on success. usleep() needs to check the return value from sigtimedwait().
sigtimewait() returns the signal number that awakened it and an error (EAGAIN)
if the timeout expired (normal case).
* sched/sig_timedwait.c: Fix sigtimedwait() return value. On a timeout, it was
setting the 8-bit si_signo field to -1 and eded up reported successfully awakened
by signal 255! Now detects the timeout and errors -1 with errno == EGAIN. If
sigtimedwait() is awakened by an unblocked signal, but it is not one of the
signals in the waited-for set, it will return -1 with errno == EINTR.
* arch/arm/src/stm32_i2c.c: Fix STM32 F2 I2C. It is apparently bug-for-bug
compatible with the F4 and needs the same work-around for the missing BTF
signal that was needed for the F4.
* drivers/lcd/ssd1289.*: Fix some of the initial register settings.
* configs/stm32f4discovery/src/up_ssd1289.c: FSMC address bit 16 is used to
distinguish command and data. But FSMC address bits 0-24 correspond to ARM
address bits 1-25, se we need to set bit 17 in order generate output on
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_epi.h and lm3s_timer.h: LM3S header files
(contributed by Max Neklyudov).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_irq.c: Some of the interrupt priorities were
not be initialized (F2 and F4 only). Thus, the very high numbered
interrupts (like UART6) and cause nested interrupts. This leads to
some very difficult to debug crashes. Fix contributed by Mike Smith.
* arch/mips/src/pic32/pic32_head.S and pic32_config.h and
configs/pic32mx7mmb/include/board.h: Extended PIC32 device configuration
capabilities and change board.h to support unique clocking requirements
of the Mikroelektronika PIC32MX7 MMB. That board now works!
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/nsh: Added and verify a NuttShell configuration
for the Mikroelektronika PIC32MX7 MMB board.
* arch/mips/pic32/pic32mx-ethernet.c: Fix logic that guesses PHY address;
the search loop missed the PHY address needed by the Mikroelektronika
PIC32MX7 MMB board.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/nsh: Configuration now supports a network by default.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/src: Add support for the MMC/SD slot on board
the Mikroelektronika PIC32MX7 MMB board (not working on initial check-in).
* arch/mips/src/pic32/pic32mx-spi.c: Add support for very low-level,
register access debug output.
* configs//pic32mx7mmb/include/board.h: Reduced peripheral clock to
4MHz to match other PIC32 configurations.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/src/up_nsh.c: SD card needs to operate in SPI
mode 2.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/nsh/defconfig: MMC/SD card support is now
enabled by default in the PIC32MX7 MMB board configuration.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/nsh/defconfig: Verified the USB Mass Storage
Class (MSC) using MMC/SD card as the logical unit. Updated the default
PIC32MX7 MMB board configuration so that USB and the mass storage class
are enabled by default.
* drivers/lcd/mio283qt2.c and include/nuttx/lcd/mio283qt2.h: Add generic
support for the MIO283QT2 LCD.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/src/up_mio283qt2.c: Add support for the MIO283QT2
LCD on the PIC32MX7 MMB board.
* configs/pic32mx7mmb/src/up_touchscreen.c: Add an ADC-based touchscreen
driver for the PIC32MX7 MMB board. Kind of works, but needs more
verification and tuning.
* arch/mips/src/common/up_idle.c: Strange but important fix. For some still-
unknown reason, interrupts are left in an unhealthy state in the IDLE
when the work queue is enabled. This is partially because some interrupt
related logic is not built in that case. Simply disabling then re-
enabling interrupts restores the proper state.
* graphics/nxglib/lcd/nxglib_filltrapezoid.c and fb/nxglib_filltrapezoid.c:
Fix an error when the trapezoid is only 1 line high. In this case, a
divide by zero error would occur. The fix is to draw the 1 line high
trapezoid as a run.
* drivers/usbdev/pl2303.c: Fix a cut'n'paste error that snuck into
the PL2303 emulation driver several months back.
6.20 2012-07-12 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src and arch/arm/src/stm32/: Add beginnings of
power management support for the STM32 and the STM3210E-EVAL board, in
* Documentation/NfsHowTo.html: Add a How-To document for the new NFS
client feature.
* arch/mips/include/pic32mx and arch/mips/src/pic32mx: Add support for the
PIC32MX1 and PIC32MX2 families.
* configs/mirtoo: Add a board configuration to support the DTX1-4000L
"Mirtoo" module from
* tools/pic32mx: All of the duplicate directories containing the same
same PIC32 tools were move to this single location.
* configs/mirtoo: The basic Mirtoo port is now functional.
* configs/mirtoo/ostest: Added support for the microchipOpen toolchain
* configs/mirtoo/nsh: Added a NuttShell (NSH) configuration for
the Mirtoo module.
* configs/mirtoo/scripts: Move all Mirtoo linker scripts to a common
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx-gpio.c: All digital inputs were being
configured as outputs. This is a *critical* bug fix and needs to be
incorporated by any PIC32 users.
* drivers/mtd/sst25.c: Added a driver for the SST 25 SPI-based FLASH
* configs/mirtoo/src/up_nsh.c: The Mirtoo NSH configuration can now
mount the SST 25 devices so that it can be used for a FAT file system.
There are are, however, some NSH memory usage issues if this configuration
enabled now. Some tuning is still needed.
* configs/mirtoo/nxffs: Add an alternative NSH configure for the Mirtoo
module for testing the on-module SST 25 chip using the NXFFS file system.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx and arch/arm/include/lpc43xx: The NXP LPC43xx port
is slowly evolving in these directories.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/pm: Add a new configuration for testing STM32 power
* configs/stm3210e-eval/scripts: Moved all of the duplicate ST3210-EVAL
linker scripts into one set of linker scripts at this location.
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_buttons.c, up_lcd.c, and up_pm.c: New logic
for testing STM32 power management.
* configs/lincoln60: Add a configuration to support the Micromint Lincoln60
* configs/ekk-lm3s3b96: Add a configuration to support the TI/Stellaris
EKK-LM3S3B96 development board. Contributed by Jose Pablo Rojas V.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/chip: Created header files for *all* (really)
lpc43xx registers and all bit-fields.
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer: Added a configuration for the NXP LPC43XX
Xplorer board. This is just to facilitate testing of the LPC43xx
port but will, with any luck, become proper board support for that
* arch/arm/src/lm3s/lm3s_syscontrol.c: Fix an optimization related problem
by adding a volatile qualifier to a timing loop. Oddly, the consequence
of the bug is that when debug was off, the LM3S platform too a long time
to boot. It now boots rapidly whether debug is on or off.
* arch/*/include/limits.h: Change all values in all limits.h for all
architectures to signed decimal; the hex values were not sign extending
appropriate in most uses (reported by Lorenz Meier).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip/stm32f103/7vc_pinmap: Fix typographical error in
two pinmap definition files.
* lib/net/lib_inetntoa.c: Fix typographical error that cause compilation
failure on platforms that do not support passing of structures as
* arch/arm/*/lpc43xx and configs/lpc4330-xplorer and code complete and
ready for testing. Hopefully, verified LPC43xx support will appear
in NuttX-6.20.
* include/nuttx/stdarg.h: If CONFIG_ARCH_STDARG_H=y is defined, the top-level
makefile will copy the generic (GCC-only) stdarg.h header file from
include/nuttx/stdarg.h to include/stdarg.h. So for the architectures
that cannot use their GCC toolchain's stdarg.h file, they can use this
alternative by defining CONFIG_ARCH_STDARG_H=y. If CONFIG_ARCH_STDARG_H,
is not defined, then the redirecting stdarg.h header file will stay
out-of-the-way in include/nuttx/.
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer/nsh: Add an NSH configuration for the LPC4330
Xplorer board.
6.21 2012-08-25 Gregory Nutt <>
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer/up_nsh.c: Add support for a basic SPIFI block
driver for use by NSH. Does not work! Crashes on first SPIFI write.
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer/*/defconfig: Calibrate delay loops (this is
based on the current "slow" 72MHz M4 clock and will need to be
re-calibrated when this is increased).
* configs/stm3220g-eval/include/board.h and configs/stm3240g-eval/include/board.h:
The SDIOCLK frequency in the F2 and F4 derives for PLL48CLK and not HCLK
so that the SDIOCLK input frequency should always be 48MHz.
* sched/os_internal.h, sched_setupidlefiles.c, sched_setuptaskfiles.c, and
sched_setupidlefiles.c: Detangle some conditional compilation. Allow for
a perverse configuration that has socket descriptors and streams but no file
descriptors (sure, why not?).
* sched/: Stylistic clean-up of all files. Some of these files are pretty old
and do not follow current NuttX coding standards in detail.
* fs/: More stylistic file clean-up.
* mm/: More stylistic file clean-up.
* drivers/ and drivers/serial/: More stylistic file clean-up.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_clockconfig.c: Fix PLL1 bit manipulation logic.
Critical bugfix! This would often cause the LPC43xx to fail to boot.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_rgu.c: The soft reset logic called from the
beginning of __start seems cause problems. A magic delay seems to improve
the logic some. But I suspect that real fix is to get rid of all of the
soft reset logic. This would also be a critical bugfix if I believed
that it really fixed all of the issues.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/chip/lpc43_cgu.h: Fix a bit mask in the PLL1
control register. Critical bugfix.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_clockconfig.c and configs/lpc4330-xplorer/include/board.h:
Implement PLL1 ramp-up logic; Now the LPC43xx is running at 204MHz.
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer/*/defconfig: Re-calibrated delay loops using
the 204MHz clock. The LPC43xx ripping rips! This calibration was performed
with symbols enabled and all optimization disabled. It will need to be
better recalibrated again down the road.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_exti.c: Renamed to rch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_exti_gpio.c
to make a little room in the file name space.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_exti_alarm.c: Add initial logic to attached the
RTC alarm EXTI interrupt. This is work be performed mostly by Diego Sanchez.
* include/: More stylistic file clean-up.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_spifi.c, lpc43_spifi.h, and chip/lpc43_spifi.h: Add
logic to configure and initialize the SPIFI device (does not yet work).
* configs/lpc4330-xplorer/include/board.h: Reduce SPI SCLK value.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_spifi.c, lpc43_spifi.h, and chip/lpc43_spifi.h:
Logic completely redesigned. It now creates an MTD driver to access SPIFI...
but the driver still does not work.
* arch/arm/src/stm32 and arch/arm/include/stm32: Make name of RTC ALARM interrupt
common on STM32 F1,2,4
* arch/arm/src/stm32 and arch/arm/include/stm32: Add support for the
STM32F100x "Value Line" devices. This includes changes to stm32F10xx_rcc.c that
add the ability to run the chip off the internal oscillator. There is no open
board configuration for this part yet (the STM32VLDiscovery would be a candidate).
Contributed by Mike Smith.
* arch/arm/src/stm32: Fixed typos in conditional compilation in the CAN and DMA
and some pin configuration. This would have caused problems for STM32 F107xx.
Typos noted by Mike Smith.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_serial.c: Add support for certain RS-485 features
* lib/termios/lib_cfsetispeed.c, lib_cfsetospeed.c, lib_tcflush.c: Add
simple implementations of cfsetispeed(), cfsetospeed(), and tcflush().
* include/sys/str_tty.h, lib/lib_setspeed.c, lib_getspeed.c, and lib_resetspeed.c:
Add APIs to support setting non-standard BAUD values not supported by POSIX
termios. These are non-standard interfaces but have a precedence: There are
similar interfaces in AIX.
* include/sys/str_tty.h, lib/lib_setspeed.c, lib_getspeed.c, and lib_resetspeed.c:
Sigh... removed. We don't need any more almost standard interfaces! (SVN
revision 4968 if you want the short-lived code).
* include/termios.h and lib/termios/*: Open the existing, standard termios
interfaces to permit some non-standard baud settings. The new termios definitions
still supports the POSIX standard except that it does not strictly enforce
baud rate settings, permitting some non-portable, but useful baud rate settings
(this is what the short-lived AIX-like interfaces would have accomplished as well).
* include/termios.h and lib/termios/*: Redesigned yet again (this is getting
painful. NuttX now supports the BOTHER baud setting just as Linux does. termios
Bxxx definitions are again encoded; cf[set|get][o|i]speed now deal with only the
encoded values. If the encoded baud is set to BOTHER, then the values in the (non-
standard) c_ispeed and c_ospeed baud values may be accessed directly.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_serial.c: Add minimal termios support for the STM32
(BOTHER style baud settings only). Contributed by Mike Smith.
* configs/lpc4343-xplorer/src: Clean up SPIFI-library based build to that it
actually works.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xx/lpc43_spifi.c: Add support for verification to writes.
Add debug option to dump buffers. Several bugfixes... almost works.
* include/termios.h, lib/termios/*, and arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_serial.c: :
BOTHER is gone again.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_sdio.c and chip/stm32f20xx_pinmap.h: STM32 F2 SDIO
fixes from Gary Teravskis and Scott Rondestvedt.
* include/termios.h and lib/termios/*: Replace cfsetispeed and cfsetospeed with
cfsetspeed (with definitions for the input/outputs in termios.h).
* configs/stm32f4discovery/src and configs/stm32f4discovery/pm: Add a power
management configuration for the STM32F4Discovery and supporting logic. This
check-in also includes some fixes for the F4 RTC alarm logic.
* drivers/input/pga11x.c and include/nuttx/input/pga11x.h: Add support for the
TI PGA112/3/6/7 amplifier/multiplexer parts.
* configs/mirtoo/README.txt, nsh/defconfig, and nxffs/defconfig: Add support
for the PGA117 on the Mirtoo module.
* drivers/analog/pga11x.c and include/nuttx/analog/pga11x.h: These belong in
the analog subdirectories, not input.
* configs/compal_e99/src/ssd1783.c and /ssd1783.h: Drivers for the SSD1783
LCD found in the Motorola C155 telephone. The driver is specific to the C155
because it uses the uwire transport. Contributed by Denis Carilki and
Alan Carvalho de Assis.
* drivers/power/pm_changestate.c. Correct a case where interrupts were not
being re-enabled. Found by Diego Sanchez.
* configs/mirtoo/nxffs/defconfig: This Mirtoo NXFFS configuration now uses the
open Pinguino toolchain by default. This is necessary because the free C32
toolchain does not support any optimization and the unoptimized NXFFS image
hits the PIC32MX2 FLASH size (128K). There is plenty of room to grow using
the Pinguino toolchain with -O2 optimization.
* configs/mirtoo/src/up_adc.c. This is just a stub for now, but this is
where Mirtoo ADC logic will eventually need to go.
* arch/mips/src/pic32mx/pic32mx-gpio.c: Now supports the PIC32MX1/2 ANSEL
IOPORT register.
* lib/string/lib_memchr.c: Add support for memchr() (contributed by Mike Smith)
* lib/string/lib_memccpy.c: Add support for memccpy()
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_serial.c: Now supports ioctl commands to change
the baud using tcsetattr() (contributed by Chris Taglia).
* arch/*/src/*_serial.c: Fix ioctl method return values. These methods
should return a negated errno value; they should not set the errno
* sched/on_exit.c, sched/task_exithook.c, and include/nuttx/sched.c: Add
support for multiple registered on_exit() functions if CONFIG_SCHED_ONEXIT_MAX
is defined.
* drivers/syslog/ramlog.c: Move the RAM SYSLOG device into drivers/syslog
so that it will be in the same directory as some new SYSLOGing devices
in the works.
* include/nuttx/syslog.h and drivers/syslog/ramlog.c: The SYSLOG putc function
now has a common name that is independent of the device that provides the
* include/nuttx/syslog.h and drivers/syslog/syslog.c: This is a new, generic
SYSLOG device that can redirect debug output to any character device or file.
So you can log debug output to a file or you can put the console on /dev/ttyS0
and the debug output on /dev/ttyS1.
* arch/arm/src/lpc43xxl/lpc43_spifi.c: Correct an addressing error in the LPC43
SPIFI MTD driver
* drivers/syslog/syslog.c and fs/fs_syslog.c: Moved the generic syslog logic
from drivers/syslog to fs/ where is belongs. Especially after realizing that
the syslog logic is going to have to some internal FS operations in order
to realize a totally thread-independent SYSLOG interface.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32*_rcc.c and .h: If CONFIG_PM is defined, add a
function called stm32_clockenable() that can be used by PM logic to re-start
the PLL after re-awakening from deep sleep modes.
* fs/fs_foreachinode.c and fs/fs_foreachmountpoint.c: Add logic to traverse
inodes and mountpoints in the NuttX pseudo-file system.
* fs/fat/fs_fat32.c: Max. filename length reported by statfs() was wrong
if FAT long file names were enabled.
* lib/stdio/lib_libvsprintf.c: Fieldwidth and justification were not
supported for the %s format. As a result, %s, %12s, and %-12s all
produced the same output.
* lib/stdio/lib_libdtoa.c: Fix several issues with presenting floating
point numbers (conversions are fine, but presentation was bad). This
is a critical bug fix if you use printf or sprintf to deal with floating
point numbers.
* lib/stdio/lib_libdtoa.c and lib_libvsprintf.c: Correct some floating
point options.
* arch/arm/lpc43xx/lpc43_usb0dev.c: Add framework for development of
an USB0, device-side driver for the LPC43XX. The initial check-in,
however, is simply for the LPC31xx driver with name changes. The
LPC31xx has the same USB IP, but will require some additional initialization
(and lots of testing) before it can be used with the LPC43xx.
* nuttx/Documentation/NuttShell.html: Added a section covering ways to
customize the behavior of NSH.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/chip/stm32f1*_pinmap.h: STM32 CAN TX/RX pins reversed;
inconsistent conditional compilation. Reported by Max Holtzberg.
* arch/arm/*/stm32: Add support for STM32 F107 "Connectivity Line"
Ethernet (contributed by Max Holtzberg).
* configs/olimex-stm32-p107: Add board support for the Olimiex STM32-P107
board (contributed by Max Holtzberg).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32f2xx_dma.c, stm32f4xx_dma.c, stm32_serial.c, and
stm32_spic.c: DMA priority was getting zeroed by STM32 F2/F4 DMA drivers
so that all DMAs ran at the lowest priority.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/include/board.h and configs/stm3220: Drop SD card
frequency from 24 to 16 MHz. Apparently 24 MHz is too fast for the board.
This (plus the change to the STM32 DMA (above) fixes SDIO DMA on the
STM3240G-EVAL (and probably STM3220G-EVAL -- untested).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32f2xx_dma.c and stm32f4xx_dma.c: Backed out the
DMA priority change just above. The reduced SD card frequency was
necessary and sufficient to resolve the problem.
* drivers/serial/serial.c: open, read, write, and poll methods may now
abort return EINTR (or a short transfer size) if a signal is received
while waiting to receive or send serial data. This behavior is required
* include/sys/types.h: Define NULL to be (0) if __cplusplus is defined.
(contributed by Mike Smith)
* include/ctype.h: Remove a stray semi-colon in a definitions (Thanks
Mike Smith).
* configs/.../Make.defs. Fix C++ include path set-up in Make.defs file
for all 8-bit AVR platforms (Thanks Richard Cochran).
* lib/stdio/lib_*stream.c: Revised to handle new error return values from
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_spi.c: SPI driver can now service re-
initialization (Mike Smith).
* tools/mkconfig.c: If CONFIG_DRAM_END is not specified, this tool
will provide default definition of (CONFIG_DRAM_START + CONFIG_DRAM_SIZE)
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_otgfshost.c: Renamed from stm32_usbhost.c.
This is nearly code complete and, with any luck, will be available
in NuttX-6.21.
* configs/*/defconfig: Update all defconfig files to remove syntax
that is incompatible with the mconf configuration tool.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_otgfshost.c: This driver now appears to be
functional (although more testing is necessary).
6.22 2012-09-29 Gregory Nutt <>
* include/semaphore.h, sched/sem_holders.c, and lib/semaphore/sem_init.c:
Fix some strange (and probably wrong) list handling when
This list handling was probably causing errors reported by Mike Smith
* sched/sched_waitpid.c: Fix a possible issue with logic logic that
should be brought into a critical section (suggested by Mike Smith)
* sched/sched_setuptaskfiles.c: Should be 'struct socket' not
'struct sockets'. How did this compile before? (found by Kate)
* syscall/syscall.csv: Fix prototype for usleep() and prctl() (also
from Kate).
* arch/arm/src/lpc17xx/lpc17_ethernet.c: Conditionally elide setting PHY
speed/duplex. This does not work for certain PHYs. Still some unresolved
issues (also from Kate).
* tools/, Makefile, configs/*/Make.defs: Add a new Makefile
fragment to de-quote certain strings from the Kconfig logic that
need to be used at path segments (Richard Cochran).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbotghost.c: The STM32 USB host driver only
works with debug turned on. The problem appears to be that with debug
OFF, there are more NAKs occuring in more places than before and this
reveals a variety of errors. This check in improves NAK robustness
for control transfers but does not resolve all of the issues.
* configs/stm3220g-eval/*/defconfig: Calibrated delay loop. It had
never been calibrated was way off.
* sched/sem_holder.c: Add logic to handler some priority inheritance
cases when sem_post() is called from an interrupt handler. The
logic is clearly wrong, but it is not known if this is the
cause of any known bugs.
* lib/stdio/lib_perror(): Add perror(). Contributed by Kate.
* lib/string/lib_strerror(): Add option CONFIG_LIBC_STRERROR that
is now required to enabled strerror(). Add an option
CONFIG_LIBC_STRERROR_SHORT that can be used to output shortened
strings by strerror().
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_usbotghost.c: Finally... the USB OTG FS
appears to handle NAKing correctly.
* configs/stm32f4discovery/*: Added and verifed support for USB OTG FS
host on the STM32F4Discovery board.
* configs/*/defconfig: Remove configuration documentation from config
files. It is redundant, error-prone, and difficult to maintain.
Configuration documentation is available in configs/README.txt for
common configurations and in configs/*/README.txt for board and MCU-
specific configurations.
* configs/stm3240g-eval: Add USB host support.
* sched/os_bring.c, configs/*/defconfig, tools/mkconfig.c, and others: Added
configuration variable CONFIG_USER_ENTRYPOINT that may be used to change
the default entry from user_start to some other symbol. Contributed by
Kate. NOTE: This change does introduce a minor backward incompatibility.
For example, if your application uses NSH as its start-up program, then your
build will now fail because it will be unable to find "user_start". The fix
for this link failure is to add the following to your configuration file:
* libs/stdio/lib_libfread.c and lib_*flush*.c: Correct a couple of
error cases where the lib semaphore was not be released on error
exits (thanks Ronen Vainish). Also, improved some error reporting:
the generic ERROR was being used instead of the specific errno
value; the errno variable was not always set correctly.
* tools/ The uIP web server CGI image making perl script was
moved from apps/netutils/webserver/makefsdata to nuttx/tools/
(Part of a larger change submitted by Max Holtzberg).
* configs/stm3240g-eval/script/ld.script: All of the identical ld.script
files for the STM3240G-EVAL were replaced by one version in this directory.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/webserver: Configuration submitted by Max Holtzberg
for testing the changes to the uIP web server (see apps/ChangeLog.txt).
* lib/stdio/lib_perror.c: Remove CONFIG_LIBC_PERROR_DEVNAME. What was I
thinking? Arbitrary streams cannot be shared by different tasks.
* tools/mksyscall.c, csvparser.c, and csvparser.h: Separate CSV parsing
logic from mksyscall.c into files where it can be shared.
* tools/mksymtab.c: Add a tool that can be used to convert a CSV file
into a NuttX-style symbol table.
* sched/work_cancel.c: Fix a bad assertion (reported by Mike Smith)
* configs/stm3210e-eval/src/up_idle.c: Correct some power management
compilation errors (reported by Diego Sanchez).
* include/nuttx/wqueue.h, sched/work*, and others: Added logic to support
a second, lower priority work queue (CONFIG_SCHED_LPWORK).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_dma.c, chip/stm32*_memorymap.h: FSMC SRAM is
only 16-bits wide and the SDIO DMA must be set up differently.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_dma.c: Back out the 16-bit DMA change. It
is incorrect.
* configs/: Make use of UART4/5 vs USART4/5 consistent in all places.
* Kconfig: Serial 2STOP setting must be integer 0/1, not a boolean.
* lib/misc/sendfile.c and include/sys/sendfile.h: Add a Linux style
sendfile() (non-standard!)
* Kconfig: Refactor serial settings (moved from chip to drivers/serial).
AVR "teensy" now builds with Kconfig (contributed by Richard Cochran).
* Kconfig: Add configuration settings for the LPC17xx
* Kconfig: Add configuration settings for the LM3S (from Richard Cochran).
* Kconfig: Verify configuration settings for the STM32. This includes
changes in the way that the external SRAM is configured: Define
CONFIG_HEAP2_SIZE (decimal) instead of CONFIG_HEAP2_END (hex).
* tools/ Don't append the apps directory path setting
if the correct setting is already in defined in the defconfig file.
* fs/fat/fs_utils.c: Improperly constructed bool expression. This
would cause many unnecessary writes to FLASH (Thanks Ronen Vainish).
* Kconfig: Verify configuration settings for the LPC43xx. This includes
some corrections to configuration variable names and defconfig settings.
* Kconfig: Add and verify configuration settings for the LPC31xx.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_uart.h and stm32_serial.c: Add logic to
re-initialize the console UART as needed to enable DMA on the
console UART (contributed by Mike Smith).
* net/recvfrom.c, net/Kconfig, include/nuttx/net/uipopt.h: Remove delay
after receiving data. That has historical reasons to be there (it
was needed before read-ahead buffering was added), but kills performance.
(Noted by Max Holtzberg).
* configs/shenzhou: Add beginnings of a board configuration for the
Shenzhou STM32107 board (see Very little is in
place as of this initial check-in.
* QEMU: Fixes from Richard Cochran to build QEMU with Kconfig files.
* arch/*/src/Makefile: Remove some old logic that was kicked off
when CONFIG_BOOT_RUNFROMFLASH=y. The old logic used to use
objcopy to move sections. Newer logic changes the load position
of sections in the linker script. As far as I can tell, there
is nothing in the source tree now that depends on the old way of
doing things (if I am wrong, they will need a change to the linker
* configs/fire-stm32v2: Configuration for the M3 Wildfire board. I
don't know very much about this board other than is has an
STM32F103VET6 chip, LCD, touchscreen, and ENC28J60 network. Very
little is in place on the initial check-in.
* configs/shenzhou: Coding for the Shenzhou board port is complete,
but tested has been deferred until I get the right tools.
* arch/arc/include/stm32/chip.h and arch/arm/src/stm32/chip.h:
Add support for the STM32F103VET6.
* fs/fs_fdopen.c: Bad check for failure to allocate memory. (Noted
by Ronen Vainish).
* drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_sdio.c: If the MMC/SD driver were ever
uninitialized then there would be a double release of memory
(Noted by Ronen Vainish).
* fs/mmap/fs_rammap.c: Fix logic error and errno check (contributed
by Kate).
* arch/avr/src: Fixes from AVR32 build errors that have crept in
over the time; incorporated Kconfig for AVR3 (Richard Cochran).
* fs/fat and include/nuttx/fs/fat.h: The FAT file system allocates
memory for sector I/O buffers used to exchange data with the
configured block driver. In some contexts, the block driver may
require DMA-capable memory. If CONFIG_FAT_DMAMEMORY is defined,
then the FAT FS will use platform-provided DMA memory allocators
to allocate the block driver I/O buffers.
* CONFIG_NET_ENC28J60 renamed CONFIG_ENC28J60 to be consistent
in all places.
* drivers/enc28j60.c, include/nuttx/net/enc28j60.h, and
olimex-strp711/src/up_enc28j60.c: No longer passes IRQ number
as a parameter. Instead now passes a call table to manage
ENC28J60 GPIO interrupts. That is because GPIO interrupts are
handled in different ways by different MCUs and some do not
support IRQ numbers for GPIO interrupts.
* mm/mm_gran* and include/nuttx/gran.h: Add a simple granule-
based allocator. The intent of this allocator is to support
simple allocation of DMA I/O buffers. The initial check-in
is code complete but untested (not event built into the
mm/Makefile yet.
* configs/fire-stm32v2: The board port is basically functional.
Not all features have been verified. The ENC28J60 network
is not yet functional.
* configs/stm3240g-eval/discover: A configuration for testing
the UDP discovery utility. Contributed by Max Holtzberg.
* mm/README.txt: Add a new README file.
* include/nuttx/usb/usb.h, arch/*/src/*usb.c, and arch/*/src/*otg*.c:
Add hooks to to use common, external DMA buffer allocation
* net/recvfrom.c: Don't block in recvfrom if (1) read-ahead buffering
is enabled and (2) some data was obtained from read-ahead buffers.
Blocking is a bad idea in that case because there is no timeout!
(submitted by Max Holtzberg).
* configs/stm3240g-eval/xmlrpc: An example configuration for the
Embeddable Lightweight XML-RPC Server at apps/examples/xmlrpc.
an-embeddable-lightweight-xml-rpc-server/184405364 for more info.
Contributed by Max Holtzberg.
* configs/*/nxwm/defconfig and sched/task_exithook.c: Fixes for
bugs that crept in during recent changes. (Submitted by Max
* arch/arm/include/armv7-m/irq.h: Fix a critical bug in irqsave().
It looks like sometimes the compile will re-order some instructions
inapproapriately. This end result is that interrupts will get
stuck off.
* drivers/mtd/w25.c: Beginning of a driver for the Windbond SPI
FLASH family (W25x16, W25x32, and W25x64). The initial check-in
is basically just the SST25 driver with some name changes.
* arch/arm/include/armv7-m/irq.h and arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_spi.c:
Back out the last change in irq.h. It is (most likely) fine the
way it was. The really interrupt related problem was in stm32_spi.c:
When SPI3 is not enabled, then the irqrestore() falls in the
else clause.
* include/nuttx/compiler.h and other files: Moved always_inline
and noinline __attributes__ here. Also replaced all occurrences
of explicit __atributes__ in other files with definitions from
this header file.
* drivers/mtd/w25.c: The Windbond SPI FLASH W25 FLASH driver is
code complete (but still untested).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_i2c.c: I2C improvements from Mike Smith.
Unified configuration logic; dynamic timeout calculations;
I2C reset logic to recover from locked devices on the bus.
* configs/*/*/Make.defs, tools/, Makefile: Refactor all
common make definitions from the various Make.defs files into
the common tools/ Add support for a verbosity options:
Specify V=1 on the make command line in order to see the exact
commands used in the build (Contributed by Richard Cochran).
* drivers/net/enc28j60.c: The ENC28J60 Ethernet driver is
now functional.
* configs/fire-stm32v2: Add support or the fire-stm32v3 board as
well (untested because I do not have a v3 board).
* lib/stdio/lib_sscanf.c: Add %n pseudo-format (from Kate).
* lib/stdio/lib_sscanf.c: There is an issue of handling input
when (1) no fieldwidth is provided and (2) there is no space
seperating the input values. No solutions is in place for this
case now (either space or a fieldwidth must be provided). But
at least some of the bad logic that attempted to handle this
case has been removed (noted by Kate).
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_eth.c: DMA buffer sizes must be an
even multiple of 4, 8, or 16 bytes.
* arch/arm/src/stm32/stm32_idle.c: Fixes STM32F107 DMA issues:
We cannot go into sleep mode while Ethernet is actively DMAing.
* configs/shenzhou/src/up_ssd1289.c: Add infrastructure to support
SSD1289 LCD. Initial checkin is just a clone of the
STM32F4Discovery's FSMC-based LCD interface. The Shenzhou
will need a completely need bit-banging interface; this
initial check-in is only for the framework.
* configs/shenzhou/src/up_ssd1289.c: Bit-banging driver is