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Starting with version 0.7.3 NLPCraft provides docker image for NLPCraft server. You can also prepare your own images following the instructions below.

Using Server Image

  1. Install docker.
  2. Pull actual NLPCraft server image: docker pull nlpcraftserver/server:0.7.4, where 0.7.4 is the desired version.
  3. Run image: docker run -m 8G -p 8081:8081 -p 8201:8201 -p 8202:8202 nlpcraftserver/server:0.7.4

NOTE: Default docker image run REST server with default configuration (see file build/nlpcraft.conf). See configuration documentation on how to override default configuration using environment variables.

Your Own Server Image

You can prepare your own NLPCraft server image following these instructions:

  1. Build the release with maven: mvn clean package -P release

  2. Prepare docker image with (modify it if necessary): ./ docker_acct server 0.7.4, where

    • 0.7.4 - maven build version, prepared on previous step.
    • docker_acct - change it to your own DockerHub account.

    Note that docker image name will be docker_acct/server:0.7.4

  3. Login to DockerHub: docker login

  4. Push prepared docker image: docker push docker_acct/server:0.7.4

  5. Logout from DockerHub: docker logout


  1. Under MacOS - increase docker limit resources configuration. NLPCraft server requires more memory than allocated by default to the docker containers. Set memory value to 8G (-m 8G).


Copyright (C) 2021 Apache Software Foundation