Native Java Client for Apache NLPCraft.

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What is Apache NLPCraft?

Apache NLPCraft is an open source library for adding a natural language interface to any applications. NLPCraft is free and developer friendly, it securely works with any private data source, and has no hardware or software lock-in.

Java Client

Native Java client provide easy-to-use Java-based API that wraps standard NLPCraft REST APIs. It can be used by any JVM language that provides Java interop such as Scala, Groovy, or Kotlin.

For any questions, feedback or suggestions:

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From any JVM-based application code:

// Get client instance with all defaults.
NCClient cli = new NCClientBuilder().build();
// Perform any necessary calls...
NCResult res = cli.askSync("", "Hey, isn't NLPCraft cool?");
// Close client & sign out at the end.


Copyright (C) 2020 Apache Software Foundation