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Build Status

Myriad is a Mesos framework designed for scaling a YARN cluster on Mesos. Myriad can expand or shrink the resources managed by a YARN cluster in response to events as per configured rules and policies.

The name Myriad means, countless or extremely great number. In context of the project, it allows one to expand overall resources managed by Mesos, even when the cluster under Mesos management runs other cluster managers like YARN.

Please note: Myriad is not yet production ready. However, the project is rapidly progressing with some very useful features.

Getting started

For up-to-date documentation, see Apache Myriad on the wiki.

Build Myriad

Please refer to the build section for steps to build Myriad.


Please keep checking this section for updates.

  • [x] NodeManager Profiles
  • [x] Scale up/down Node Managers via REST API/Web UI
  • [x] Framework re-conciliation & HA
  • [x] ResourceManager failover/discovery using Marathon/Mesos-DNS
  • [x] Fine-grained scaling
  • [x] Remote distribution of NodeManager binaries
  • [x] Framework checkpointing
  • [x] Launch Job History Server
  • [x] Constraints based Node Manager placement
  • [x] Docker support
  • [x] Support multi-tenancy for Node Managers
  • [ ] Configuration store for storing rules and policies for clusters managed by Myriad

Mailing Lists

Videos and Slides

  • MesosCon 2014 - Running YARN alongside Mesos (video) (slides)
  • Mesos User Group, March 2015 - Myriad: Integrating Hadoop into the Datacenter (video)
  • MesosCon, Seattle 2015 - Resource Sharing Beyond Boundaries (video) (slides)


Apache Myriad is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

For additional information, see the LICENSE and NOTICE files.