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# Watchers and contributors to Apache MXNet repo directories/packages/files
# Please see documentation of use of CODEOWNERS file at
# and
# Anybody can add themselves or a team as additional watcher or contributor
# to get notified about changes in a specific package.
# See how to setup teams.
# Global owners
* @apache/mxnet-committers
# Language bindings
/R-package/ @thirdwing
/scala-package/ @yzhliu @nswamy @pllarroy
/perl-package/ @sergeykolychev
/python/ @szha @pllarroy
/python/mxnet/ @eric-haibin-lin
/python/mxnet/optimizer/ @eric-haibin-lin
/python/mxnet/gluon/ @eric-haibin-lin
/contrib/clojure-package/ @gigasquid
/julia/ @iblis17
# C++ base
/src/kvstore/ @rahul003 @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/include/ @anirudh2290 @pllarroy @eric-haibin-lin
/src/c_api/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/common/ @anirudh2290
/src/engine/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/executor/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/imperative/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/io/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/ndarray/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/nnvm/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/operator/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/profiler/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/src/storage/ @anirudh2290 @eric-haibin-lin
/tests/cpp/ @anirudh2290
/cpp-package/ @nswamy @pllarroy
/src/ @pllarroy
/plugin/ @pllarroy
# CMake
CMakeLists.txt @szha @rahul003 @pllarroy
/cmake/ @szha @rahul003 @pllarroy
# MXNet CI @pllarroy
/ci/ @pllarroy
/tests/ci_build/ @marcoabreu
Jenkinsfile @marcoabreu
.travis.yml @marcoabreu
appveyor.yml @marcoabreu
# Build logic
Makefile @szha @szha
# Docs
/docs/ @szha @pllarroy
# Submodules
.gitmodules @szha
# Examples
/example/ @szha @pllarroy
# Tools
/tools/ @szha @pllarroy
# Github templates
/.github/ @szha