Contributors of Apache MXNet (incubating)

MXNet has been developed by a community of people who are interested in large-scale machine learning and deep learning. Everyone is more than welcomed to is a great way to make the project better and more accessible to more users.


Committers are people who have made substantial contribution to the project and being active. The committers are the granted write access to the project.

  • Bing Xu
    • Bing is the initiator and major contributor of operators and ndarray modules of mxnet.
  • Tianjun Xiao
    • Tianqjun is the master behind the fast data loading and preprocessing.
  • Yutian Li
    • Yutian is the ninja behind the dependency and storage engine of mxnet.
  • Mu Li
    • Mu is the contributor of the distributed key-value store in mxnet.
  • Tianqi Chen
    • Tianqi is one of the initiator of the mxnet project.
  • Min Lin
    • Min is the guy behind the symbolic magics of mxnet.
  • Naiyan Wang
    • Naiyan is the creator of static symbolic graph module of mxnet.
  • Mingjie Wang
    • Mingjie is the initiator, and contributes the design of the dependency engine.
  • Chuntao Hong
    • Chuntao is the initiator and provides the initial design of engine.
  • Chiyuan Zhang
    • Chiyuan is the creator of MXNet Julia Package.
  • Junyuan Xie
  • Qiang Kou
    • KK is a R ninja, he makes mxnet available for R users.
  • Tong He
    • Tong is the major maintainer of MXNetR, he designs the mxnet interface and wrote many of the tutorials on R.
  • Yizhi Liu
    • Yizhi is the main creator on mxnet scala project to make deep learning available for JVM stacks.
  • Zixuan Huang
    • Zixuan is one of major maintainers of mxnet scala package.
  • Yuan Tang
    • Yuan is one of major maintainers of mxnet scala package.

Become a Committer

MXNet is a opensource project and we are actively looking for new committers who are willing to help maintaining and leading the project. Committers come from contributors who:

  • Made substantial contribution to the project.
  • Willing to actively spend time on maintaining and leading the project.

New committers will be proposed by current committers, with support from more than two of current committers.

List of Contributors