Replace all test images with images from public domain. (#36)

* Add new pose estimation test images.

runners.jpg: from
bikes.jpg: from
tennis.jpg: from
soccer.png: from

* Add license data for test images with licenses.

* Add test data for action recognition models.

* Use only test images in public domain and update license to reflect this.

Co-authored-by: Joe Evans <>
23 files changed
tree: d18003243f73c5ae23f8a8035482bf60996e935c
  1. services/
  2. test-data/
  3. tools/
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Apache MXNet (incubating) CI infrastructure

This repository serves the Apache MXNet (incubating) community by providing basic infrastructure like CI. It also contains utilities that make it easier to administrate the various underlying systems.

The productive CI can be found here. The test CI can be found here.

Initial contributors:

  • Marco de Abreu
  • Pedro Larroy
  • Kellen Sunderland
  • Anton Chernov
  • Per da Silva
  • Stanislav Tsukrov
  • Chance Bair
  • Jose Contreras
  • harshp8l@
  • Qing Lan
  • ChaiBapchya@
  • YuelinZhang0822@