Continuous Integration and other infrastructure code that servers Apache MXNet incubating. This repository is not intended for end-users.

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Apache MXNet (incubating) CI infrastructure

This repository serves the Apache MXNet (incubating) community by providing basic infrastructure like CI. It also contains utilities that make it easier to administrate the various underlying systems.

The productive CI can be found here. The test CI can be found here.

Initial contributors:

  • Marco de Abreu
  • Pedro Larroy
  • Kellen Sunderland
  • Anton Chernov
  • Per da Silva
  • Stanislav Tsukrov
  • Chance Bair
  • Jose Contreras
  • harshp8l@
  • Qing Lan
  • ChaiBapchya@
  • YuelinZhang0822@