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BRANCH=$(git branch | grep '^*' | sed 's/* //' )
if [[ $BRANCH == "master" ]]; then
location=$PWD # get current dir
printf "\nThe current directory is %s\n" $location # print current dir
cd website # change to website dir
printf "\nThis directory should end in ../website: %s\n" $PWD # echo website directory just to be safe
printf "\nThe script is going to build the website now, this make take a few minutes.\n"
npm run build # build website
# for i in ./*; do
# echo $i
# done
printf "\nThe script will make a temporary directory at /tmp/asf-site-prep/\n" $USER # describe action
mkdir /tmp/asf-site-prep/ # making temp director
printf "\nThe script will move the contents of the /build directory to /tmp/asf-site-prep/\n" # describe action
mv ./build/* /tmp/asf-site-prep/ # copy contents of directory
printf "\nThe script will make a temporary directory at /tmp/asf-site/ and will clone the asf-site branch into it.\n" # describe action
mkdir /tmp/asf-site # make directory
cd /tmp/asf-site # switch directory
git clone -b asf-site --single-branch # cloning website
cd incubator-milagro # into directory
printf "\nThe script will push the new asf-site branch and begin cleanup.\n\n" # describe action
git rm -r *
git commit -m "removing asf-site files"
cp -R /tmp/asf-site-prep/incubator-milagro\ /* /tmp/asf-site/incubator-milagro/
git add .
git commit -m "new asf-site"
git push origin asf-site
cd $location
printf "\nRemoving the /tmp directories.\n\n" # describe action
rm -rf /tmp/asf-site-prep
rm -rf /tmp/asf-site
printf "\nAll done!\n" # describe action
elif [[ $BRANCH != "master" ]]; then
printf "\nThis script must be run off the master branch.\n"