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+## Introduction
+Apache Milagro Distributed Trust Authority is a server application that enables you to generate and secure secret keys using the Milagro Cryptographic libraries. In future releases we aim to enable a wide range of keys to be generated including type 3 pairing keys that can be used to authorise MPIN authentication servers and as client secrets. Securing of keys is enabled in RC1 - and is the focus of this documentation. 
+## Safeguarding Secrets 
+Inorder to safeguard a secret a pair of Milagro DTA servers is required, a client (refered to as the Principal) and a server (refered to as a Fiduciary) in addition the third party can be nominated at the ultimate recipient of the secret (refered to as the Beneficiary). This can be imagined like a "network HSM". Here is a VERY simplified version of the process:
+![alt text](/img/dta/Figure1.png)
 Interested in becoming a contributor? Milagro is looking for you.
 [CONTRIBUTOR'S GUIDE](/docs/contributor-guide.html).
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