id: plugin-dev-guide title: D-TA Plugins Developers Guide sidebar_label: Developers Guide

We have provided a template plugin that provides the same functionality as out-of-the-box milagro.

Thise instructions still aren't perfect

  1. Clone the repo and make sure that it works by following the Quick Start instructions
  2. Copy the plugin template
cp -r pkg/plugintemplate pkg/encryptastring
  1. Rename the package and service on a mac you could do this...
sed -i "" "s/template/encryptastring/g" pkg/encryptastring/service.go
  1. Now create a plugin regsitration file
sed -i "" "s/plugintemplate/encryptastring/g" plugins/encryptastring.go
sed -i "" "s/pluginTemplate/encryptAString/g" plugins/encryptastring.go
  1. Update the Config File
nano ~/.milagro/config.yaml


  service: encryptastring

  1. See your plugin in action!
go build -o target/service

Point your browser at: http://localhost:5555/status

you should see