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 ## Docker
 The easiest way to see a D-TA in action is to run it in a Docker container. The default settings will run a single D-TA that acts as Principal, Master Fiduciary and Beneficiary. The default settings include an embeded IPFS node connected to a Public IPFS network. This will get you up and running quickly but will turn your D-TA into a public IPFS relay. **Not recommended for production use!**
+Please see the repo's [README](https://github.com/apache/incubator-milagro-dta) for alternative build instructions.
 git clone https://github.com/apache/incubator-milagro-dta.git
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 docker run -it -p 5558:5556 milagrodta -service safeguardsecret
-**To Run Bit Coin Wallet**
+**To Run Bitcoin Wallet**
 Bitcon Wallet uses the public key to create a Bitcoin address. When you want to spend your bitcoins you can get the secret key from the Master Fiduciary
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 You can confirm that the plugins have loaded by hitting [http://localhost:5558/v1/status](http://localhost:5558/v1/status)
+**IMPORTANT:** Currently, the Bitcoin wallet plugin only supports creating a Bitcoin wallet address where beneficiaryIDDocumentCID is set to NodeCID (the identity of the node itself which can be seen in the status endpoint as described above)
 ## Hitting the API
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