Apache Milagro (Incubating)

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Milagro Logo

The Apache Milagro (incubating) website

Milagro is a set of crypto libraries and core security infrastructure applications, built for decentralized networks yet suitable for enterprises.

Milagro has several repos. The C and JavaScript versions of the core cryptographic libraries have had major releases, and are production ready, while the Rust version is under development:

Applications being developed on these cryptographic libraries include the Milagro ZKP-MFA server and the Milagro Decentralized Trust Authority (D-TA). The Milagro D-TA is now at an alpha release stage.

What's New

Website Detail

This repository contains the source for the website of Apache Milagro (incubating).

The Milagro website itself is completely static, being automatically generated by Docusauraus prior to deployment. The content of the website is written in a mixture of HTML and Markdown.


In this repository there's a docker-compose file which will start a local version of the website for development purpose. Just run

docker-compose up

and point your browser to http://localhost:3000