Apache Milagro Crypto Library - Rust Version

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NOTE: Updated to Rust 2018

NOTE: This version of the library requires Version 1.31+ of Rust for 64-bit integer support and for Rust 2018.

Now AMCL version 3 is distributed as a cargo crate.

Namespaces are used to separate different curves.

To build the library and see it in action, copy all of the files in this directory and its subdirectories to a fresh root directory.

Then for example execute

cargo rustc --release --features “bn254 bls383 bls24 bls48 ed25519 nist256 goldilocks rsa2048”

This will create a build of the library for the current default target (be it 32 or 64 bits).

(To test a 32-bit environment you can follow the Web Assembly (wasm) readme instructions for rust)

Next copy the library from target/release/libamcl.rlib into the root directory and execute

rustc TestALL.rs --extern amcl=libamcl.rlib

rustc TestBLS.rs --extern amcl=libamcl.rlib

rustc BenchtestALL.rs --extern amcl=libamcl.rlib

rustc TestNHS.rs --extern amcl=libamcl.rlib

Finally execute these programs.

To add amcl functionality to your own programs, add a dependency to your Cargo.toml file. For example to use the curve bls48, add this dependency


amcl = { version = “0.2.0”, optional = true, default-features = false, features = [“bls48”]}

if published to crates.io, or

amcl = { version = “0.2.0”, optional = true, default-features = false, features = [“bls48”], path=“your_amcl_location” }

And to use primitives of the needed curve in your source code:

use amcl::bls48::{ECP, ECP8}; //any primitive you need

Full list of features:

  • Elliptic Curves

    • ed25519
    • c25519
    • nist256
    • brainpool
    • anssi
    • hifive
    • goldilocks
    • nist384
    • c41417
    • nist521
    • nums256w
    • nums256e
    • nums384w
    • nums384e
    • nums512w
    • nums512e
    • secp256k1
  • Pairing-Friendly Elliptic Curves

    • bn254
    • bn254CX
    • bls383
    • bls381
    • fp256BN
    • fp512BN
    • bls461
    • bls24
    • bls48
  • RSA

    • rsa2048
    • rsa3072
    • rsa4096