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#include <string.h>
#include "test.h"
#include "amcl/mta.h"
/* MTA Range Proof challenge unit tests */
#define LINE_LEN 2048
int main(int argc, char **argv)
if (argc != 2)
printf("usage: ./test_mta_rp_challenge [path to test vector file]\n");
int test_run = 0;
FILE *fp;
char line[LINE_LEN] = {0};
const char *TESTline = "TEST = ";
int testNo = 0;
MTA_RP_commitment co;
const char *Zline = "Z = ";
const char *Uline = "U = ";
const char *Wline = "W = ";
COMMITMENTS_BC_pub_modulus mod;
const char *NTline = "NT = ";
const char *H1line = "H1 = ";
const char *H2line = "H2 = ";
PAILLIER_public_key pub;
const char *Nline = "N = ";
char c[2*FS_2048];
octet C = {0, sizeof(c), c};
const char *Cline = "C = ";
char e_golden[MODBYTES_512_60];
octet E_GOLDEN = {0, sizeof(e_golden), e_golden};
const char *Eline = "E = ";
char e[MODBYTES_512_60];
octet E = {0, sizeof(e), e};
// Line terminating a test vector
const char *last_line = Eline;
/* Test happy path using test vectors */
fp = fopen(argv[1], "r");
if (fp == NULL)
printf("ERROR opening test vector file\n");
while (fgets(line, LINE_LEN, fp) != NULL)
scan_int(&testNo, line, TESTline);
// Read inputs
scan_OCTET(fp, &C, line, Cline);
scan_FF_2048(fp, mod.b0, line, H1line, FFLEN_2048);
scan_FF_2048(fp, mod.b1, line, H2line, FFLEN_2048);
scan_FF_2048(fp, mod.N, line, NTline, FFLEN_2048);
scan_FF_2048(fp, co.z, line, Zline, FFLEN_2048);
scan_FF_4096(fp, co.u, line, Uline, FFLEN_4096);
scan_FF_2048(fp, co.w, line, Wline, FFLEN_2048);
scan_FF_4096(fp, pub.n, line, Nline, HFLEN_4096);
// Read ground truth
scan_OCTET(fp, &E_GOLDEN, line, Eline);
if (!strncmp(line, last_line, strlen(last_line)))
MTA_RP_challenge(&pub, &mod, &C, &co, &E);
compare_OCT(fp, testNo, "MTA_RP_challenge. E", &E, &E_GOLDEN);
// Mark that at least one test vector was executed
test_run = 1;
if (test_run == 0)
printf("ERROR no test vector was executed\n");