Changes log


  • Docs.yaml file update for metrics api
  • Some adjustments in toolbox and template makefiles #104
  • Removing some commands by install mode (dev and prod) #104
  • Moving autocomplete and notebook extension from toolbox setup to engine template setup. Close #107
  • Separating tests dependencies and creating a new make command. close #100
  • Metrics as json and Keras serializser to Closes #86 and Closes #98
  • Saving and loading metrics artifacts as json files to Fix #98
  • Adding a symlink to the data path on engine generate. close #93
  • Marvin is now installable with pip. fix #84
  • ASCII encode error fix for accented words in predict message
  • Add Jupyter Lab command. Fix #85
  • Cli parameter conflit fix
  • New param to force reload #80
  • Improving test coverage
  • New python binary parameter to be used in the creation of virtual env
  • Fix tornado 4.5.3 and pip 9.0.1


- Python 3 support general compatibility refactoring (#68)
- Add marvin_ prefix in artefacts getters and setters to avoid user code conflicts   
- Fixing #66 bug related to override the params default values
- Refact artifacts setter and getter in engine templates
- Making marvin.ini from toolbox be found by default
- Making "params" as an execute method parameter to be possible to overriden default values in runtime
- Enabling to inform extra parameters for executor's jvm customization. Fix #65
- Improve spark conf parameter usage in cli's commands to use SPARK_CONF_DIR and SPARK_HOME envs.
- Not use json dumps if response type is string. Fixed #67
- Adding gitter tag to README file.
- Remove deploy to pipy from build
- Install twine in distribution task
- Add --process-dependency-links in pip install command
- General bug fixes


- change executor vm parameter from modelProtocol to protocol
- Generic Dockerfile template and make commands to be used to build, run and push containers    
- fix spark conf dir parameter bug
- create distribute task to simplify the pypi package distribution.


  • initial version