When contributing to this repository, please discuss the change you wish to make via issue or Gitter with the members/administrators of this repository before.

Get started

Clone the repository, install and run “marvin test” to confirm the installation.

Choose the issues that are labeled as “Good First Issue”.

Unit test

The unit test is very important and of course it's required for this project, you can use “marvin test” command to run your tests.

New issue and pull request

The community discusses and tracks known bugs and potential features in the Github Issue Tracker. If you have a new idea or have identified a bug then you should raise it there to start public discussion

This repository contains Issue Templates and Pull Request Templates, just follow the instructions described in templates.

Where to ask for help

  1. Github Issue Tracker: for discussions about new features or established bugs
  2. Gitter chat: for real-time discussion

Separate Code Repositories

Marvin-AI maintains all your code and documentation in multiple repositories on the Github. This includes the primary repository and several others repositories for different components.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is available at Here