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Marvin Engine Executor (Server)

This is the component responsable for coordinate execution of the steps (actions) in a Marvin engine. The engine-executor is able to communicate with engines through gRPC protocol. More details about the contract can be found on the protobuf file.

Last stable build v0.0.4 can be downloaded from here.

install requirements

  • Java 8 or +

how to build

From the root folder, run:

make package

how to run

java <OPTIONS> -jar path_to_jar_file.jar

the available options are:

  • marvinConfig.engineHome (path to the folder where the params and metadata file are located)
  • marvinConfig.ipAddress (the IP address to bind the server)
  • marvinConfig.port (the port to bind the server)

Example of direct invocation with options:

java -DmarvinConfig.engineHome=/path -DmarvinConfig.ipAddress= -DmarvinConfig.port=8080 -jar marvin_engine_executor.jar

Marvin is a project started at B2W Digital offices and released open source on September 2017. The project is donated to Apache Software Foundation on August 2018.