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Marvin Toolbox v0.0.5

Quick Start


Marvin is an open-source Artificial Intelligence platform that focuses on helping data scientists deliver meaningful solutions to complex problems. Supported by a standardized large-scale, language-agnostic architecture, Marvin simplifies the process of exploration and modeling.

Getting Started

Creating a new engine

  1. To create a new engine
workon python-toolbox-env
marvin engine-generate

Respond to the prompt and wait for the engine environment preparation to complete. Don't forget to start dev box before if you are using vagrant.

  1. Test the new engine
workon <new_engine_name>-env
marvin test
  1. For more information
marvin --help

Working in an existing engine

  1. Set VirtualEnv and get to the engine's path
workon <engine_name>-env
  1. Test your engine
marvin test
  1. Bring up the notebook and access it from your browser
marvin notebook

Command line interface

Usage: marvin [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]


  --debug       #Enable debug mode.
  --version     #Show the version and exit.
  --help        #Show this command line interface and exit.


  engine-generate     #Generate a new marvin engine project.
  engine-generateenv  #Generate a new marvin engine environment.
  engine-grpcserver   #Marvin gRPC engine action server starts.
  engine-httpserver   #Marvin http api server starts.
  hive-dataimport     #Import data samples from a hive databse to the hive running in this toolbox.
  hive-generateconf   #Generate default configuration file.
  hive-resetremote    #Drop all remote tables from informed engine on host.
  notebook            #Start the Jupyter notebook server.
  pkg-bumpversion     #Bump the package version.
  pkg-createtag       #Create git tag using the package version.
  pkg-showchanges     #Show the package changelog.
  pkg-showinfo        #Show information about the package.
  pkg-showversion     #Show the package version.
  pkg-updatedeps      #Update requirements.txt.
  test                #Run tests.
  test-checkpep8      #Check python code style.
  test-tdd            #Watch for changes to run tests automatically.
  test-tox            #Run tests using a new virtualenv.

Running a example engine

  1. Clone the example engine from the repository
git clone
  1. Generate a new Marvin engine environment for the Iris species engine
workon python-toolbox-env
marvin engine-generateenv ../engines/iris-species-engine/
  1. Run the Iris species engine
workon iris-species-engine-env
marvin engine-dryrun 

Marvin is a project started at B2W Digital offices and released open source on September 2017. The project is donated to Apache Software Foundation on August 2018.