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Apache Kyuubi site


The site is generated with Hugo.

To generate a site you need only one binary. Follow the install guide from the hugo site. (Typically all the package managers contain dedicated package, but as the hugo is written in go it's also possible to download the single binary from the release page).

After the installation you can generate the site with:


And the site will be generated to the content sub directory.

This repository contains both the source and the rendered version of the site. Always execute a hugo before the commit, to refresh the content folder.

To improve/develop the site, you can use

hugo server

which starts a standalone auto-refreshed web server.



To create a new release, create a file in src/release directory. The file name should be <version>.mdwhere version is the release version.

Example: src/release/1.2.0.md

title: release *** available
date: 2021-XX-XX
linked: true
For more information check ...

linked: true attribute means, that it will be displayed on the release page and under the documentation menu. Please remove it from the previous release.

To creat news, create a file in src/news directory with the similar way.

Note: date is used to sort the releases when the latests are displayed in the site.

Docs sub-dir

The docs are not generated as part of the website.

They are built separately for each release of Kyuubi from the Kyuubi source repository and then copied to the website under the content/docs directory.

The sub-dir name should like r<version> such as r0.0.1, please also update soft links latest and stable.