Gateway Details


URL Mapping

The gateway functions much like a reverse proxy. As such it maintains a mapping of URLs that are exposed externally by the gateway to URLs that are provided by the Hadoop cluster. Examples of mappings for the WebHDFS, WebHCat, Oozie and Stargate/HBase are shown below. These mapping are generated from the combination of the gateway configuration file (i.e. {GATEWAY_HOME}/conf/gateway-site.xml) and the cluster topology descriptors (e.g. {GATEWAY_HOME}/deployments/{cluster-name}.xml). The port numbers show for the Cluster URLs represent the default ports for these services. The actual port number may be different for a given cluster.

  • WebHDFS
    • Gateway: https://{gateway-host}:{gateway-port}/{gateway-path}/{cluster-name}/webhdfs
    • Cluster: http://{webhdfs-host}:50070/webhdfs
  • WebHCat (Templeton)
    • Gateway: https://{gateway-host}:{gateway-port}/{gateway-path}/{cluster-name}/templeton
    • Cluster: http://{webhcat-host}:50111/templeton}
  • Oozie
    • Gateway: https://{gateway-host}:{gateway-port}/{gateway-path}/{cluster-name}/oozie
    • Cluster: http://{oozie-host}:11000/oozie}
  • Stargate (HBase)
    • Gateway: https://{gateway-host}:{gateway-port}/{gateway-path}/{cluster-name}/hbase
    • Cluster: http://{hbase-host}:60080

The values for {gateway-host}, {gateway-port}, {gateway-path} are provided via the gateway configuration file (i.e. {GATEWAY_HOME}/conf/gateway-site.xml).

The value for {cluster-name} is derived from the file name of the cluster topology descriptor (e.g. {GATEWAY_HOME}/deployments/{cluster-name}.xml).

The value for {webhdfs-host}, {webhcat-host}, {oozie-host} and {hbase-host} are provided via the cluster topology descriptor (e.g. {GATEWAY_HOME}/deployments/{cluster-name}.xml).

Note: The ports 50070, 50111, 11000 and 60080 are the defaults for WebHDFS, WebHCat, Oozie and Stargate/HBase respectively. Their values can also be provided via the cluster topology descriptor if your Hadoop cluster uses different ports.

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