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hugegraph-client is a Java-written client of HugeGraph, providing operations of graph, schema, gremlin, variables and traversals etc. All these operations are interpreted and translated into RESTful requests to HugeGraph Server. Besides, hugegraph-client also checks arguments, serializes and deserializes structures and encapsulates server exceptions.


  • Graph Operation, CRUD of vertexes and edges, batch load of vertexes and edges
  • Schema Operation, CRUD of vertex label, edge label, index label and property key
  • Gremlin Traversal Statements
  • RESTful Traversals, shortest path, k-out, k-neighbor, paths and crosspoints etc.
  • Variables, CRUD of variables


The client homepage contains more information about it.


The same as HugeGraph, hugegraph-client is also licensed under Apache 2.0 License.