HugeGraph toolchain - include a series useful graph modules

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hugegraph-toolchain is the integration project of a series of utilities for HugeGraph, it includes 4 main modules.


  • hugegraph-loader: Loading datasets into the HugeGraph from multiple data sources.
  • hugegraph-hubble: Online HugeGraph management and analysis dashboard (Include: data loading, schema management, graph traverser and display). We can use docker run -itd --name=hubble -p 8088:8088 hugegraph/hubble to quickly start hubble.
  • hugegraph-tools: Command line tool for deploying, managing and backing-up/restoring graphs from HugeGraph.
  • hugegraph-client: A Java-written client for HugeGraph, providing RESTful APIs for accessing graph vertex/edge/schema/gremlin/variables and traversals etc.

Maven Dependencies

You could use import the dependencies in maven like this:



The project homepage contains more information about hugegraph-toolchain.


hugegraph-toolchain is licensed under Apache 2.0 License.

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