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hugegraph-commons is a common module for HugeGraph and its peripheral components. hugegraph-commons encapsulates locks, configurations, events, iterators, rest and some numeric or collection util classes to simplify the development of HugeGraph and its components.


  • Lock: atomic lock, key lock, lock group and lock manger
  • Config: register and load config option with security check
  • Event: listening and notification, do something asynchronously
  • Iterator: some iterators with extra functions, map, filter, extend etc.
  • Rest: RESTful client implemented on Jersey, POST, PUT, GET and DELETE
  • Util: performance analyzer, version checker, numeric and Collection utils, log and exception utils etc.
  • Rpc: rpc component for inner module communication, currently it's based on Sofa-RPC


The same as HugeGraph, hugegraph-commons is also licensed under Apache 2.0 License.