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The Hop Orchestration Platform aims to facilitate all aspects of data and metadata orchestration.

Trying Hop

Hop is work in progress. After building, the UI can be started, but a lot of things will be broken.

There are various things you can do to help Hop moving forward as fast as possible:

  • log bugs, request features in the Hop JIRA
  • answer questions in the Hop forums
  • help with documentation
  • spread the word

Check our Contribution Guide and the Hop website for more information on how to contribute.

Build Hop


Clone Hop to a local repository:

$ git clone

Change into the clone repository and build:

$ cd hop 
$ mvn clean install 

Run Hop

After a successful build, the Hop UI can be started.

$ cd assemblies/client/target
$ unzip hop-assemblies-client-*.zip
$ cd hop 

On Windows, run hop-ui.bat, on Mac and Linux, run

Help us to improve Hop by logging issues in the Hop JIRA