[STREAMCOMP-2885] broadcast GCC completition (#3330)

* amend gitignore

* decouple GCC post-save logic from stateful controller

* tmaster broadcast checkpoint completion

the message will be first sent to all stmgrs, and then each stmgr will forward
it to every heron instance it connects to.

* heron instance handles global checkpoint saved msg

* expose necessary API for the 2PC support

unit tests for this will be in the following commit

* test: refactor mock physical plan to a builder

* test preSave and postSave hook

* [STREAMCOMP-2916] block execute on postSave

* add stateful tests for spouts

* test preRestore

* rename interface to ITwoPhaseStatefulComponent

* block spout from reading data tuples as well

* fix log format

* do not check interface

this is because the boolean will only be set to true for tasks that implement ITwoPhaseStatefulComponent. No need to do the check again.
31 files changed
tree: 9cad270ef52b1bbffb2739120cec93ca31b43a9b
  1. .bazelrc
  2. .gitattributes
  3. .gitignore
  4. .gitmodules
  5. .htaccess
  6. .rat-excludes
  7. .travis.yml
  8. ADOPTERS.md
  9. BUILD
  12. NOTICE
  13. README.md
  15. bazel_configure.py
  16. config/
  17. contrib/
  18. deploy/
  19. docker/
  20. eco-heron-examples/
  21. eco-storm-examples/
  22. eco/
  23. examples/
  24. heron/
  25. heronpy/
  26. index.html
  27. integration_test/
  28. licenses/
  29. release/
  30. scripts/
  31. storm-compatibility-examples/
  32. storm-compatibility/
  33. third_party/
  34. tools/
  35. vagrant/
  36. website/
  37. website2/

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