Apache HAWQ Documentation (Incubating)

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Apache HAWQ (incubating) End-User Documentation

This repository provides the full source for Apache HAWQ (incubating) end-user documentation in MarkDown format. The source files can be built into HTML output using Bookbinder or other MarkDown tools.

Bookbinder is a gem that binds together a unified documentation web application from markdown, html, and/or DITA source material. The source material for bookbinder must be stored either in local directories or in GitHub repositories. Bookbinder runs middleman to produce a Rackup app that can be deployed locally or as a Web application.

This document contains instructions for building the local Apache HAWQ (incubating) documentation. It contains the sections:

Bookbinder Usage

Bookbinder is meant to be used from within a project called a book. The book includes a configuration file that describes which documentation repositories to use as source materials. Bookbinder provides a set of scripts to aggregate those repositories and publish them to various locations.

For Apache HAWQ (incubating), a preconfigured book is provided in a separate branch named book. You can use this configuration to build HTML for Apache HAWQ (incubating) on your local system.


  • Bookbinder requires Ruby version 2.0.0-p195 or higher.

Building the Documentation

  1. Begin by cloning the book branch of this repository to a new directory that is parallel to asf/incubator-hawq-docs. For example:

     $ cd /repos/asf/incubator-hawq-docs
     $ git clone --branch book  http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator-hawq-docs.git ../hawq-book
     $ cd ../hawq-book
  2. The GemFile in the book directory already defines the gem "bookbindery" dependency. Make sure you are in the relocated book directory and enter:

     $ bundle install
  3. The installed config.yml file configures the Apache HAWQ (incubating) book for building locally. Build the files with the command:

     $ bundle exec bookbinder bind local

Bookbinder converts the XML source into HTML, putting the final output in the final_app directory.

  1. Because the final_app directory contains the full output of the HTML conversion process, you can easily publish this directory as a hosted Web application. final_app contains a default configuration to serve the local files using the Rack web server:

     $ cd final_app
     $ bundle install
     $ rackup

You can now view the local documentation at http://localhost:9292