1. cd53dcf [GOBBLIN-1027] add metrics for users running gaas jobs by Arjun · 3 days ago master
  2. adb0efc [GOBBLIN-916] Make ContainerLaunchContext instantiation in YarnService more efficient by Zihan Li · 4 days ago
  3. c7e2c67 [GOBBLIN-1030] Refactor AbstractYarnSecurityManager to expose method for sending token file update message by sv2000 · 4 days ago
  4. 3e21a1b [GOBBLIN-1029] Maintain the last GC stats to accurately report the difference in each interval[] by sv2000 · 4 days ago
  5. 8df87fa [GOBBLIN-1024] Supporting Avro logical type recognition in Avro-to-ORC transformation by autumnust · 5 days ago
  6. f44ad4f [GOBBLIN-1015] Adding support for direct Avro and Protobuf writes in Parquet format by Shirshanka Das · 5 days ago
  7. ff0b417 [GOBBLIN-1016] Allow Gobblin Application Master to join Helix cluster … by sv2000 · 6 days ago
  8. f001e58 [GOBBLIN-1018] Report GC counts and durations from Gobblin containers … by sv2000 · 6 days ago
  9. 357d1db [GOBBLIN-1019] Change jcenter url to https by Jack Moseley · 7 days ago
  10. 64b0741 [GOBBLIN-1014] Fix error handling in gobblin.sh by Alex Prokofiev · 10 days ago
  11. d18783d [GOBBLIN-1012] Implement CompactionWithWatermarkSuite by zhchen · 2 weeks ago
  12. 4483268 [GOBBLIN-1008] Upgrading parquet dependency to org.apache.parquet. Fixing tests by Shirshanka Das · 4 weeks ago
  13. 1de3f7e [GOBBLIN-1011] adjust compaction flow to work with virtual partition by zhchen · 4 weeks ago
  14. 0700092 [GOBBLIN-1001] Implement TimePartitionGlobFinder by zhchen · 4 weeks ago
  15. dfef88e [GOBBLIN-988][GOBBLIN-897] Implement LocalFSJobStatusRetriever by William Lo · 4 weeks ago
  16. 313faa5 [GOBBLIN-571] Fix parquet schema for complex types by tilakpatidar · 5 weeks ago
  17. 9fc44bc [GOBBLIN-1006] Enable configurable case-preserving and schema source-of-truth in table level properties by autumnust · 5 weeks ago
  18. 9d5d666 [GOBBLIN-1004] Downgrade Helix version at compile time to fix slf4j dependency by William Lo · 5 weeks ago
  19. 7d94e47 [GOBBLIN-865] Add feature that enables PK-chunking in partition by Alex Li · 6 weeks ago
  20. a7ada3d [GOBBLIN-1003] HiveDataNode node addition to support adl and abfs URI for gobblin-se… by Pawan Teja Reddy · 6 weeks ago
  21. 2304f11 [GOBBLIN-1002] Set state id when deserializing state from Gobblin state store[] by sv2000 · 6 weeks ago
  22. 5ed61de [GOBBLIN-972] Make DEFAULT_NUM_THREADS in DagManager public by Chen Guo · 6 weeks ago
  23. 0469447 [GOBBLIN-998] ExecutionStatus should be reset to PENDING before a job retries by Chen Guo · 6 weeks ago
  24. 0a1debc [GOBBLIN-990] Don't allow creation of flow config that already exists by Jack Moseley · 6 weeks ago
  25. 9c02683 [GOBBLIN-997] Add serialVersionUID to FlowSpec for backwards compatibility by Jack Moseley · 6 weeks ago
  26. dcab375 [GOBBLIN-1000] Add min and max LogAppendTime to tracking events emitted from Gobblin Kafka Extractor[] by sv2000 · 6 weeks ago
  27. ded6ac1 [GOBBLIN-983] use java string library for string format by William Lo · 6 weeks ago
  28. 570f3d7 [GOBBLIN-932] Create deployment for Azure, clean up existing deployments by William Lo · 6 weeks ago
  29. bf8f7b1 [GOBBLIN-999] Separate Hive-Avro type related constants out of Avro2ORC specific module to make it re-usable by autumnust · 6 weeks ago
  30. 2bbf42b [GOBBLIN-996] Add support for managed Helix clusters for Gobblin-on-Ya… by sv2000 · 7 weeks ago
  31. 278a1c1 [GOBBLIN-995] Add function to instantiate the BulkConnection in SFDC connector[] by Alex Li · 7 weeks ago
  32. 1092a89 [GOBBLIN-993] Support job level hive configuration override by zhchen · 7 weeks ago
  33. b408b7b [GOBBLIN-994] fix wrong import org.testng.collections.Lists by welin · 7 weeks ago
  34. 6e55a16 [GOBBLIN-992] Make parallelRunner timeout configurable in MRJobLauncher by autumnust · 7 weeks ago
  35. 689a3f4 [GOBBLIN-989] Track and report record level SLA in Gobblin Kafka Extra… by sv2000 · 7 weeks ago
  36. bc6c440 [GOBBLIN-977] Update the misleading comments in BaseAbstractTask by Chen Guo · 7 weeks ago
  37. 00eb1f7 [GOBBLIN-986] persist the existing property of iceberg by Zihan Li · 7 weeks ago
  38. 20a5a36 [GOBBLIN-987] Reject unrecognized Enum symbols in JsonRecordAvroSchemaToAvroConverter by Ahmed Abdul Hamid · 7 weeks ago
  39. f3cf13d [GOBBLIN-822] Revert " Upgrade log4j to log4j2 for LogRouting use-case" by William Lo · 8 weeks ago
  40. ee59a96 [GOBBLIN-981][COBBLIN-981] Handle backward compatibility issue in HiveSource by Zihan Li · 8 weeks ago
  41. 1da1e40 [GOBBLIN-980] Fix AzkabanClient always throwing exception when cancelling flow by Jack Moseley · 8 weeks ago
  42. 10b7333 [GOBBLIN-978] Use job start time instead of flow start time to kill jobs stuck in ORCHESTRATED state[] by sv2000 · 8 weeks ago
  43. 48d2eb5 [Gobblin-975][GOBBLIN-975] Add flag to enable/disable avro type check in AvroToOrc by Zihan Li · 8 weeks ago
  44. 7ed39cc [GOBBLIN-822] Upgrade log4j to log4j2 for LogRouting use-case by Jay Sen · 8 weeks ago
  45. d85dc7e [GOBBLIN-976] Add dynamic config to the state before instantiating metrics reporter in MRJobLauncher[] by sv2000 · 9 weeks ago
  46. 9f50a25 [GOBBLIN-974] Avoid updating job/flow status if messages arrive out of order by Jack Moseley · 9 weeks ago
  47. 27e318c [GOBBLIN-897] adds local FS spec executor to write jobs to a local dir by William Lo · 9 weeks ago
  48. 18ed553 [GOBBLIN-973] Increase timeout for copying Gobblin workunits to the workunit state store in GobblinHelixJobLauncher[] by sv2000 · 9 weeks ago
  49. ae62669 [GOBBLIN-970] Pass metric context from the KafkaSource to the KafkaWor… by sv2000 · 9 weeks ago
  50. e41fd94 [GOBBLIN-962] Refactor RecursiveCopyableDataset. by Kuai Yu · 9 weeks ago
  51. afdc95c [GOBBLIN-971] Enable speculative execution awareness for RowQualityChecker by autumnust · 9 weeks ago
  52. 2ec0cde [GOBBLIN-963] Remove duplicated copies of TaskContext/TaskState when constructing TaskIFaceWrapper by Chen Guo · 9 weeks ago
  53. c9ff665 [GOBBLIN-964][GOBBLIN-964]] Add the enum JOB_SUCCEEDED to org.apache.gobblin.metrics.event.EventName] by Chen Guo · 9 weeks ago
  54. e24bc26 [GOBBLIN-969] Bump orc version for bug fixes by Jack Moseley · 9 weeks ago
  55. 6c099ff [GOBBLIN-967] Change token refresh method in YarnContainerSecirityManager by Zihan Li · 9 weeks ago
  56. 78bf163 [GOBBLIN-957] Add recursion eliminating code, converter for Avro by Shirshanka Das · 9 weeks ago
  57. 9f0218b [GOBBLIN-960] Resolving multiple templates in top-level by autumnust · 9 weeks ago
  58. 92bc47e [GOBBLIN-966] Check if no partitions have been processed by KafkaExtractor in close() method to avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException[] by sv2000 · 9 weeks ago
  59. 1b3a16e [GOBBLIN-961] Bypass locked directories when calculating src watermark by Zihan Li · 9 weeks ago
  60. a714c94 [GOBBLIN-958] make hive flow edge accept multiple tables by Arjun · 10 weeks ago
  61. 3e350ad [GOBBLIN-956] Continue loading dags until queue is drained by Jack Moseley · 10 weeks ago
  62. e967460 [GOBBLIN-953] Add scoped config for app launcher created by gobblin service by Jack Moseley · 10 weeks ago
  63. 3c1efb9 [GOBBLIN-948] add hive data node and descriptor by Arjun · 2 months ago
  64. 7ffc72b [GOBBLIN-954] Added support to swap different HiveRegistrationPublishers by vbohra · 2 months ago
  65. 2dd06a3 [GOBBLIN-955] Expose a method to get average record size in KafkaExtra… by sv2000 · 2 months ago
  66. 4efc5fb [GOBBLIN-933] add support for array of unions in json schema_new by Zihan Li · 2 months ago
  67. 66376ec [GOBBLIN-950] Avoid persisting dag right after loading it on startup by Jack Moseley · 2 months ago
  68. e785b02 [GOBBLIN-913] Add MySQL and configurations to cluster by William Lo · 2 months ago
  69. b685271 [GOBBLIN-946] Add HttpDatasetDescriptor and HttpDataNode to Gobblin Service by Haoji Liu · 2 months ago
  70. 8c7ff20 [GOBBLIN-945] Refactor Kafka extractor statistics tracking to allow co… by sv2000 · 3 months ago
  71. bf33b58 [GOBBLIN-940] Add synchronization on workunit persistency before Helix job launching by autumnust · 3 months ago
  72. 94a508b [GOBBLIN-941] Enhance DDL to add column and column.types with case-preserving schema by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  73. 60e3ab5 [GOBBLIN-937] fix help text and align it with variable names by Jay Sen · 3 months ago
  74. f60409e [GOBBLIN-924][GOBBLIN-922][GOBBLIN-909][GOBBLIN-923]GOBBLIN-923][GOBBLIN-906][GOBBLIN-921] Get rid of orc.schema.literal in ORC-ingestion and registration by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  75. 9ee4dca [GOBBLIN-938] Make job-template resolution available in all JobLaunchers by autumnust · 3 months ago
  76. d9e4f9a [GOBBLIN-925] Create option to log outputs to console, fix docker-compose by William Lo · 3 months ago
  77. 238f2e1 [GOBBLIN-928] Craftsmanship cleaning and bumping up ORC version by autumnust · 3 months ago
  78. 70937f6 [GOBBLIN-921] Make pull/push mode when registering partition to be configurable by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  79. da03be1 [GOBBLIN-906] Initializes kubernetes cluster for GaaS and Gobblin Standalone by William Lo · 3 months ago
  80. 2415173 [GOBBLIN-923]GOBBLIN-923] Fix Array and Map JsonElement converters to handle nullable elements by Ahmed Abdul Hamid · 3 months ago
  81. 14ff4e5 [GOBBLIN-909] Return error message for unresolved substitutions in explain query by Jack Moseley · 3 months ago
  82. f869a40 [GOBBLIN-922] fix start sla time unit conversion issue by Arjun · 3 months ago
  83. 28d3d7b [GOBBLIN-919] Using apache commons Pair API by vbohra · 3 months ago
  84. 178138f [GOBBLIN-917] kill orphan gaas jobs by Arjun · 3 months ago
  85. 1114284 [GOBBLIN-910][Gobblin-910][GOBBLIN-825][GOBBLIN-908][GOBBLIN-911][GOBBLIN-912][GOBBLIN-914][GOBBLIN-915] Added a unix timestamp recursive copyable dataset finder by vbohra · 3 months ago
  86. b92f516 [GOBBLIN-915] Allow user customize the Extract timezone. by Kuai Yu · 3 months ago
  87. 21459db [GOBBLIN-914] accept more tracking events in gaas by Arjun Bora · 3 months ago
  88. 338d6d5 [GOBBLIN-912] Enable TTL caching on Hive Metastore client connection by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  89. fe825c5 [GOBBLIN-911] Make profiling of HiveWritableHdfsDataWriter easier by injecting jobConf by autumnust · 3 months ago
  90. 7e2ecf0 [GOBBLIN-908] Customized Progress to enable speculative execution by autumnust · 3 months ago
  91. bce5cbc [Gobblin-902][GOBBLIN-902] Enable gobblin yarn app luncher class configurable by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  92. f5db96b [GOBBLIN-899] Add config in replication config to determine wheter schema cehck ena… by Zihan Li · 3 months ago
  93. ea524ed [GOBBLIN-905] Fixes issue where newly added jobs would crash in gobblin standalone's job conf folder by William Lo · 3 months ago
  94. 9e61969 [GOBBLIN-903] Initialize docker file for gobblin-standalone and fix docker compose by William Lo · 3 months ago
  95. 70afd6d [GOBBLIN-895] Fixes Gobblin Standalone configs and scripts so that the user guide is accurate by William Lo · 3 months ago
  96. baf2abe [GOBBLIN-894] Add option to combine datasets into a single flow by Jack Moseley · 3 months ago
  97. 928e018 [GOBBLIN-896] Clone schema and field props in AvroSchemaFieldRemover by zhchen · 3 months ago
  98. 1446694 [GOBBLIN-904] Provide an option to reuse an existing Helix cluster on Gobblin-Yarn application launch[] by sv2000 · 4 months ago
  99. 5b8af8c [GOBBLIN-888] Make yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm recognizable in TimeAwareRecursiveCopyableDataset by welin · 4 months ago
  100. ca940de [GOBBLIN-893] Make format-check in ORC-registration optional and by-default disabled by autumnust · 4 months ago