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  2. api.gradle
  3. client.gradle
  4. gobblin-flow-config-service/
  5. gobblin-restli-utils/
  6. gobblin-throttling-service/
  7. server.gradle


This directory is intended for subprojects using

To create a subproject, create a directory under gobblin-restli with the name of your service, and create api, server, and client subdirectories under it. For each of those directories, create a soft-link to the corresponding gradle file in `gobblin-restli'. The directory structure would be:

\-- my-restli-service/
   |-- api/
   |   \-- build.gradle -> ../../api.gradle
   |-- server/
   |   \-- build.gradle -> ../../server.gradle
   \-- client/
       \-- build.gradle -> ../../client.gradle

The correct gradle properties will be automatically applied to generate the java classes, establish the correct dependencies between the submodules, and publish the artifacts.