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+GOBBLIN 0.6.0
+* [Compaction] Added M/R compaction/de-duping for hourly data
+* [Compaction] Added late data handling for hourly and daily M/R compaction:; added support for triggering M/R compaction if late data exceeds a threshold
+* [I/O] Added support for using Hive SerDe's through HiveWritableHdfsDataWriter
+* [I/O] Added the concept of data partitioning to writers:
+* [Runtime] Added CliLocalJobLauncher for launching single jobs from the command line.
+* [Converters] Added AvroSchemaFieldRemover that can remove specific fields from a (possibly recursive) Avro schema.
+* [DQ] Added new row-level policies RecordTimestampLowerBoundPolicy and AvroRecordTimestampLowerBoundPolicy for checking if a record timestamp is too far in the past.
+* [Kafka] Added schema registry API to KafkaAvroExtractor which enables supports for various Kafka schema registry implementations (e.g. Confluent's schema registry). 
+* [Build/Release] Added build instrumentation to publish artifacts to Maven Central
+* [Retention management] Trash handles deletes of files already existing in trash correctly.
+* [Kafka] Fixed an issue that may cause Kafka adapter to miss data if the fork fails.
+* [Runtime] Added metrics for job executions
+* [Metrics] Added a root metric context to keep track of GC of metrics and metric contexts and make sure those are properly reported
+* [Compaction] Improve topic isolation in MRCompactor
+* [Build/release] Java version compatibility raised to Java 7.
+* [Runtime] Deprecated COMMIT_ON_PARTIAL_SUCCESS and added a new policy for successful extracts
+* [Retention management] Async trash implementation for parallel deletions.
+* [Metrics] Added tracking events emission when data gets published
+* [Retention management] Added support for parallel execution to the dataset cleaner
+* [Runtime] Update job execution info in the execution history store upon every task completion
+Note: these are new features which are under active development and may be subject to significant changes.
+* [gobblin-ce] Adding support for Gobblin Continuous Execution on Yarn
+* [distcp-ng] Started work on bulk transfer (file copies) using Gobblin
+* [distcp-ng] Added a light-weight Hadoop FileSystem implementation for file transfer from SFTP
+* [gobblin-config] Added API for dataset driven
+We would like to thank all our external contributors for helping improve Gobblin.
+* kadaan, joel.baranick: 
+    - Separate publisher filesystem from writer filesystem
+    - Support for generating Idea projects with the correct language level (Java 7)
+    - Fixed yarn conf path in
+* mwol(Maurice Wolter) 
+    - Implemented new class AvroCombineFileSplit which stores the avro schema for each split, determined by the corresponding input file.
+* cheleb(NOUGUIER Olivier)
+    - Add support for maven install
+* dvenkateshappa 
+    - bugifx to
+    - Added an excluding column list , which can be used for salesforce configuration with huge list of columns.
+* klyr (Julien Barbot) 
+    - bugfix to
+* gheo21 
+    - Bumped kafka dependency to 2.11
+* ahollenbach (Andrew Hollenbach)
+   -  configuration improvements for standalone mode
+* lbendig (Lorand Bendig)
+   - fixed a bug in DatasetState creation