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#!/bin/env /usr/bin/python2.6
from datetime import date,timedelta
import json
import httplib
from string import Template
import sys
import urllib
def search_issues(query_terms, sortBy=None, orderDir=None):
conn = httplib.HTTPSConnection("")
params_map = {"q": "+".join(query_terms)}
if None != sortBy:
params_map["sort"] = sortBy
if None != orderDir:
params_map["order"] = orderDir
# Note we don't do urlencode because the output is not compatible with the q syntax, e.g. : and / should not be escaped
# params = urllib.urlencode(params_map)
params = "&".join(str(i[0]) + "=" + str(i[1]) for i in params_map.items())
#print params
headers = {"User-Agent": "Python App"}
conn.request("GET", "/search/issues?" + params, headers=headers)
response = conn.getresponse()
if response.status != httplib.OK:
sys.stderr.write("Query error: %s %s: %s" % (response.status, response.reason,
result = json.loads(
return result
def get_created_issues_since(day):
return search_issues(query_terms=["repo:linkedin/gobblin", "is:open", "is:issue", "created:>=" + day],
def get_created_issues_last_days(n = 10):
since_day = ( - timedelta(days = n)).strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
return get_created_issues_since(since_day)
def simple_issue_list(issues):
HEADER_TEMPLATE = Template("$total_count issues found")
ISSUE_TEMPLATE = Template("""------------------
ISSUE $number : HTML: $html_url JSON: $url
\tCREATED ON: $created_at
\tCREATED BY: $user_login ( $user_name ) $user_html_url
\tASSIGNED TO: $assignee_login ($assignee_name) $assignee_html_url
\tCOMMENTS: $comments
\tUPDATED ON: $updated_at
\tCLOSED ON: $closed_at
print HEADER_TEMPLATE.substitute(issues)
for issue in issues["items"]:
user_data = issue["user"]
for user_attr in user_data:
issue["user_" + user_attr] = user_data[user_attr]
assignee_data = issue["assignee"]
for assignee_attr in assignee_data:
issue["assignee_" + assignee_attr] = assignee_data[assignee_attr]
print ISSUE_TEMPLATE.safe_substitute(issue)
def main(argv):
issues = get_created_issues_last_days(7)
print simple_issue_list(issues)
if __name__ == "__main__":