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Development Tools

Gobblin Pull Request Tool

The gobblin-pr tool interactively guides committers through the process of merging GitHub PRs into Gobblin and closing associated JIRA issues.

It is very important that PRs reference a JIRA issue. The preferred way to do that is for the PR title to begin with [GOBBLIN-XX]. However, the PR tool can recognize and parse many other JIRA issue formats in the title and will offer to correct them if possible.

Please note: this tool will restore your current branch when it finishes, but you will lose any uncommitted changes. Make sure you commit any changes you wish to keep before proceeding.


Simply execute the gobblin-pr tool:

$ ./gobblin-pr
Usage: gobblin-pr [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...

  This tool should be used by Gobblin committers to test PRs, merge them
  into the master branch, and close related JIRA issues.

  Before you begin, make sure you have created the 'apache' and 'github' git
  remotes. You can use the "setup_git_remotes" command to do this
  automatically. If you do not want to use these remote names, you can tell
  the PR tool by setting the appropriate environment variables. For more
  information, run:

      gobblin-pr merge --help

  --help  Show this message and exit.

  close_jira         Close a JIRA issue (without merging a PR)
  merge              Merge a GitHub PR into Gobblin master
  setup_git_remotes  Set up default git remotes
  work_local         Clone a GitHub PR locally for testing (no push)


Execute gobblin-pr merge to be interactively guided through the process of merging a PR, pushing changes to master, and closing JIRA issues.

Execute gobblin-pr work_local to only merge the PR locally. The tool will pause once the merge is complete, allowing the user to explore the PR, and then will delete the merge and restore the original development environment.

Execute gobblin-pr close_jira to close a JIRA issue without needing to merge a PR. You will be prompted for an issue number and close comment.

Execute gobblin-pr setup_git_remotes to configure the default (expected) git remotes. See below for details.


Python Libraries

The merge tool requires the click and jira libraries to be installed. If the libraries are not found, the user will be prompted to install them:

pip install click jira

git Remotes

tl;dr run gobblin-pr setup_git_remotes before using the tool for the first time.

Before using the merge tool, users need to make sure their git remotes are configured. By default, the tool assumes a setup like the one below, where the github repo remote is named github and the Apache repo remote is named apache. If users have other remote names, they can be supplied by setting environment variables GITHUB_REMOTE_NAME and APACHE_REMOTE_NAME, respectively.

Users can configure this automatically by running gobblin-pr setup_git_remotes.

$ git remote -v
apache (fetch)
apache (push)
github (fetch)
github (push)
origin<USER>/gobblin (fetch)
origin<USER>/gobblin (push)


Users should set environment variables JIRA_USERNAME and JIRA_PASSWORD corresponding to their ASF JIRA login. This will allow the tool to automatically close issues. If they are not set, the user will be prompted every time.

GitHub OAuth Token

Unauthenticated users can only make 60 requests/hour to the Github API. If you get an error about exceeding the rate, you will need to set a GITHUB_OAUTH_KEY environment variable that contains a token value. Users can generate tokens from their GitHub profile.

Gobblin release signing tool

The release signing tool can be used to create the SHA512/MD5 and ASC files that required for Apache releases.


To create a release tar ball execute python sdist --formats=gztar from Gobblin's root. After that cd dist and execute ../dev/ <the_created_tar_ball.tar.gz. Signing files will be created in the same directory.