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<h1 class="page-header">Overview</h1>
<h1 id="background">Background</h1>
<p>The User Activity Logging Engine, or User-ALE, is a logging mechanism used to quantitatively assess the behavioural and cognitive state of a data analyst while interacting with Big Data Exploitation Systems (BDES).</p>
<p>To accurately measure the cognitive state of the user, tool developers associate model based workflow states with each user action. Did a user pan a map? Then they are exploring. Did a user click a search button? Then they are getting new data. These model based activities can then be processed to measure hidden empirical states that describe more accurately the user’s workflow and behaviour.</p>
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More complete descriptions of the model based workflow activities can be found to the left.
<h1 id="who-is-the-package-for">Who is the package for?</h1>
<p>This package is for developers creating <strong>User</strong> facing tools, and who would like to log the users interaction with this tool, in order to gain an insight into the behavioural and cognitive state of the user.</p>
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