User-ALE Dashboard

Fully running User-ALE

Getting Started

Install Dependencies

  • Install Vagrant (This may require downloading the newest version from their website rather than trusting apt-get)
  • Install VirtualBox

If behind a proxy, modify Vagrantfile

  • Modifiy the vagantfile to point to your proxy.
  • Don't forget to add “http://” as leaving that off may break apt-get in the vagrant vm
  • Example: config.proxy.http=“
  • If your host system is also the proxy (e.g. CNTLM): setting the proxy as or localhost may confuse the Vagrant VM and prevent net access

Start Vagrant

This will provision the base box which is an Ubuntu 14.04 machine.

vagrant up

SSH into Vagrant

vagrant ssh

Install necessary packages

bash /vagrant/scripts/
    See script comments if errors arise

Set indices in ElasticSearch

bash /vagrant/scripts/

(Re)Start Twisted Server

sudo twistd -y /vagrant/

Go to Kibana at http://localhost:9000/kibana

Send logs by going here: http://localhost:9000/test/