Apache Flagon TAP

NOTE: This project is not currently maintained and will be refactored. If you are interested in TAP, join the discussion on our dev list.

Apache TAP is part of the Flagon software stack. It‘s a React based app with a Django backend that allows you to access your applications’ usage data via custom D3 visualizations.

Configure TAP

To run TAP via Docker, you'll have to include a secret.py file like the one below:

Secret Django settings for tap project.

# SECURITY WARNING: keep the secret key used in production secret!
MY_SECRET_KEY = '<yoursecretkey>'
MY_DB_NAME = 'tapdb'
MY_DB_USER = 'tapuser'
MY_DB_PASSWORD = '<dbpassword>'
MY_DB_HOST = 'db'


Install and Run TAP on Docker Compose

  1. From the project directory, build the TAP and its dependencies docker images
$ docker-compose build
  1. Start up TAP and related images
$ docker-compose up
  1. Visit TAP on localhost:8000

  2. To stop services, shut down

$ docker-compose down


Contributions are welcome! Simply submit an issue report for problems you encounter or a pull request for your feature or bug fix. The core team will review it and work with you to incorporate.


TAP is released under the Apache v2.0 License. See the LICENSE and NOTICE file for more information.