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      - **UI**
-       The front-end page of the system provides various visual operation interfaces of the system. For details, see the **[System User Manual] (System User** section.
+       The front-end page of the system provides various visual operation interfaces of the system. For details, see the <a href="/en-us/docs/user_doc/system-manual.html" target="_self">System User Manual</a> section.
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 * **UI** 
-    系统的前端页面,提供系统的各种可视化操作界面,详见**[系统使用手册](系统使用手册.md)**部分。
+    系统的前端页面,提供系统的各种可视化操作界面,详见<a href="/zh-cn/docs/user_doc/system-manual.html" target="_self">系统使用手册</a>部分。
 #### 2.3 架构设计思想
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- some processes need to be processed before other processes. This can be configured at the start of the process or at the time of scheduled start. There are 5 levels, followed by HIGHEST, HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW, and LOWEST. As shown below
+ 有些流程需要先于其他流程进行处理。 可以在流程开始时或计划开始时进行配置。 有5个级别,依次为最高,高,中,低和最低。 如下所示
       <p align="center">
          <img src="" alt="Process Priority Configuration" width="40%" />
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          <img src="" alt="task priority configuration" width="35%" />
-##### VI. Logback and gRPC implement log access
+##### VI. Logback和gRPC实现日志访问
-- Since the Web (UI) and Worker are not necessarily on the same machine, viewing the log is not as it is for querying local files. There are two options:
-  - Put the logs on the ES search engine
-  - Obtain remote log information through gRPC communication
-- Considering the lightweightness of DolphinScheduler as much as possible, gRPC was chosen to implement remote access log information.
+- 由于Web(UI)和工作器不一定位于同一台计算机上,因此查看日志的方式与查询本地文件的方式不同。 有两种选择:
+  - 将日志放在ES搜索引擎上
+  - 通过gRPC通信获取远程日志信息
+- 考虑到DolphinScheduler的轻巧性,选择了gRPC来实现远程访问日志信息。
  <p align="center">
    <img src="" alt="grpc remote access" width="50%" />
-- We use a custom Logback FileAppender and Filter function to generate a log file for each task instance.
-- The main implementation of FileAppender is as follows:
+- 我们使用自定义的Logback FileAppender和Filter函数为每个任务实例生成一个日志文件。
+- FileAppender的主要实现如下:
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-Generate a log in the form of /process definition id/process instance id/task instance id.log
+以/ process definition id / process instance id / task instance id.log的形式生成日志
-- Filter matches the thread name starting with TaskLogInfo:
+- 过滤器匹配以TaskLogInfo开头的线程名称:
 - TaskLogFilter is implemented as follows:
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-### summary
+### 摘要
-Starting from the scheduling, this paper introduces the architecture principle and implementation ideas of the big data distributed workflow scheduling system-DolphinScheduler. To be continued
+从调度开始,介绍了大数据分布式工作流调度系统DolphinScheduler的体系结构原理和实现思路。 未完待续