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Apache DevLake Website

This project keeps all sources used for building up DevLake's official website which is served at https://devlake.apache.org/.


Please also make sure your node version is 16.14+, version lower than 16.14.x is not supported yet.

💻 Start contributing from any browser or Chromebook

Start developing and make changes to the code via a single click without any prior setup for free Anytime-Anywhere!

Open in Gitpod

Some Recommendations while using Gitpod:


NOTE: You can follow the below instructions to setup your developer environment in your local machine or use the gitpod method specified above to code without any prior setup ⚡️ as suggested above as well!

  1. Run yarn install or yarn in the root directory to install the dependencies.
  2. Run yarn start in the root directory to start a local server, you will see the website in http://localhost:3000.

Make sure you have the node version >=16.14. If you have a lower version of node installed, you may consider setting up nvm to allow different versions of node coexisting on your machine.

  1. Follow the instructions to install and setup nvm
  2. Run nvm install v16.14 to install node v16.14
  3. Run nvm use v16.14 to switch the working environment to node v16

How to send a PR

  1. Do not use git add . to commit all the changes.
  2. Just push your changed files, such as:
  • *.md
  • blog.js or docs.js or site.js
  1. Send a PR to main branch.

For detailed steps to create a PR, please refer: Development Workflow page

Blog Submission

We'd love to hear your thoughts both in creating and using DevLake! To submit a blog post to DevLake Blog, please follow the instructions here.